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The Matchmakers episode 16
The Matchmakers episode 16

The Matchmakers Episode 16 Recap and Ending Explained: Did Jungwoo and Soondeok get caught in the wedding room? Did Jungwoo and Soondeok die?

Matchmakers’ much-anticipated last episode was finally aired. With the stakes as high as possible, we anxiously waited a whole week for this. The preview of this episode didn’t help much. Episode 15 of the Matchmakers showed Jungwoo and Soondeok taking the place of the missing bride and groom, but their lie is almost exposed when the head of the Dongro fraction goes around the wedding rooms checking the groom’s faces. Jungwoo and Soondeok are shown almost to get caught as they hear the door opening, as they try to run away. 

The Matchmakers Episode 16 Recap: Did Jungwoo and Soondeok get caught in the wedding room?


This episode’s interviewee is Jungwoo and Soondeok, who are together in their wedding attire. Jungwoo talks about his plans to be a matchmaker in Ming. Even though Soondeok is sceptical of his plan, he states it is because her family will never let her be. Soondeok promises to devise a solution allowing them to live together in Joeson. 


Sujin and Bu Kyum surprisingly returned home and were greeted by Lady Park’s maid who started scolding Sujin for running away from home. Neither of the servants reached them in time, but they had decided to return on their own because Bu Kyum did not want Sujin to suffer the humiliation of being a runaway. 


At this point, Sujin realised that her mother would never let them be together if they returned. She was trying to turn away from the door, but Soondeok’s maid arrived at that moment and declared that the Lady had asked for them both. 


The Officer had reached the door of Jungwoo’s room and almost opened the door but was stopped by Lady Park who refused to let him pass. Meanwhile, Soondeok’s maid tells her that it was, in fact, Lady Jung who had asked for them and not Lady Park. They entered the room and were greeted by the sight of Jungwoo and Soondeok in their wedding dresses. 


Without wasting any time, she instructs them to show their faces when the officer comes to check to ensure their marriage is finalised. Unable to win the battle of wits with Lady Park, the officer forces his way in to see Sujin with Bu Kyum. The other matchmakers also came in to see the show and realised the groom of Sujin was not, in fact, the Defense Minister’s son. 


Realising what Soondeok has done, Lady Park throws the Officer out of the house and later comes back to face them all. She slaps her, eliciting a reaction from all in the room. As she expected the most from her Lady Park was livid that despite knowing how important this decision was for the family, she still decided to change the couples. Soondeok reasoned that the people’s feelings were more important to her, which angered Lady Park even more. 


Even though Lady Park is livid, Jungwoo clarifies that since the wedding is done, if Lady Park wants to protest against the matching, she must admit that Sujin has run away. This instantly cooled her down. 


Yeoju was finally starting to have a stable life. The Officer who had looked for all these years proposed to her. His sweet gestures finally won her over. Quite contrary to Jungwoo’s life. Realising the gravity of the situation, he asked Soondeok to leave with him, but she refused, opting instead to stay back and help the family. She reasoned that since her brother was here, she would be safe, at least for now. 


That night, Sujin convinces Soondeok to talk to her mother. On their way, Soondeok confessed her feelings for Jungwoo. Even though she was hurt at present, she promised to get over it and support her fully since she had always supported her. Sujin was in for a worse surprise as Lady Park, assuming Soondeok had come alone, confessed to killing her brother and husband in her anger. Unbeknownst to her, Sujin was also waiting right there and heard everything. She left the place in tears, leaving behind a speechless Lady Park. 


Sunjin wanted to leave after this, but Bu Kyum convinced her that if she left, both Soondeok and Geun Seok would suffer. She breaks down in tears but decides to remain in the house. Soondeok sits on the balcony of her house, looking at the stars, and Lady Park comes to see her. She doesn’t speak to her, but on her way back, she crushes the flowers, indicating that she might be planning something sinister.


Jungwoo visits the King, who complimented him on bringing the best possible results even though initially seemed a little chaotic. The King joked that he was so good at it that he could take it up as his profession, much to Jungwoo’s dismay. The King becomes sober the next moment to say that he will grant Jungwoo’s appeal to annul his marriage with the Princess. Therefore, he should start looking into what he wants to do. 


Lady Park sets the trap in motion. She lured Jungwoo into Soondeok’s room and then surrounded the room with maids. She informed them both that she had told the Justice Department of this, and if Jungwoo tried to deny the blame, Soondeok would suffer. Thus, Jungwoo accepts the blame for violating Soondeook even though the King tried to convince him to admit it was a trap by Lady Park. 


The Maeng sister and their husbands try to find a way to save them but can’t find a way. They receive the news that Jungwoo has decided to accept the death penalty through poison. Lady Park visits Jungwoo to gloat at him, but he remains calm. He receives his punishment and passes out. Lady Park, on the other hand, tries to force Soondeok to commit suicide with the news of Jungwoo’s death. 

The Matchmakers Episode 16 Ending Explained: Did Jungwoo and Soondeok die?

The matchmakers Episode 16: Jung woo and Soondeok embark on a new journey. Via VIU
The Matchmakers Episode 16: Jungwoo and Soondeok embark on a new journey. Via VIU


They had both apparently died, but we see a delirious Jungwoo seeing Soondeok by his side. He wakes up to the news that he has been unconscious for 10 days, but the King has secretly ordered the physicist to save him. He again passes out when he learns that Soondeok has passed away. 


The four couples Jungwoo and Soondeok had set up lived happily together. The truth about Jungwoo’s life is released through a book, like Inhyun’s secrets were revealed. The King visits Jungwoo, who had been holed up in the secret room of the inn with a new identity and a mission to get all the spinsters and bachelors married. The King directs Jungwoo to a new matchmaker. 


The address of the matchmaker turns out to be Soondeok’s old house, which they had visited before, albeit it looked more lively now. He enjoys the feeling when he sees Soondeok approaching him. Initially, he assumed he was dreaming, but then he realised it was Soondeok. 


The King had informed Soondeok about everything, and she had been waiting for him to recover. She tells him that even though Lady Park had tried to force her to kill herself by citing different reasons, she refused to do so as she wanted to live on to protect the family and her son, even Lady Park, who would surely be blamed for Soondeok’s death by everyone. 


Even then, the king had sent someone to protect her that day in case something like this actually happened, so she was safe. As for her funeral, she had tricked everyone with a false body. Her son knew about it. She admitted to him that she would not be seen as his mother anymore, but Geun Seok, much to her surprise, only wished his mother well, who, according to the fairytale, had found her “winged clothes”


Lady Park is the only one left in the haunted house while still being convinced that she did the right thing. On the other hand, everyone else is happy, even Geun Seok, who was learning under Bu Kyum and visited Soondeok. Doori and Si Yeol were expecting a baby; Samsoon was so content in her life that she could not write very well, and the Crown Prince and Crown Princess’s intellectual discussions were a dread to all the servants who had to stay up with them. 


Jungwoo and Soondeok were also heading towards their happy ending as they panned to tour the country together, bringing together couples. 

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