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The Matchmakers Episode 15
The Matchmakers Episode 15

The Matchmakers Episode 15 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Su Jin marry Si Yeol? Will Jungwoo’s plan succeed?

The last episode’s ending left us with a whirlwind of emotions. Jungwoo lies to Lady Yeoju and the lieutenant so that they can hide behind the “fated match” to continue their life together. On the other hand, the work regarding the weddings of the three spinsters was finalised, albeit with a few heartbreaks. What threw us off guard, though, was the fact that somehow, during the wedding, Jungwoo and Soondeok had taken the place of one of the couples.

The Matchmakers Episode 15 Recap: Will Su Jin marry Si Yeol?

Lady Yeoju seems to have started her sweet life with the officer. Her daughter gave the interview today. She is thankful towards the matchmakers for their help.

Guen Seok was also interviewed. He talked about his mother, who he thinks is from the story The Woodcutter and the Fairy. Like the fairy, he believes she is there because she had lost her winged clothes, and even though he would want her to stay, he was willing to find the clothes for her.

The preparation for the wedding started in earnest. The kitchen staff from the place came to help with the preparation, and the nobles sent their gifts, scampering to get attention now that the crown prince was to attend the wedding. Sujin dons her wedding dress, but she is melancholic as she stares at the flower ring that she made—a part of a pair which she and her lover had. Geun Seok visits her and reminds her of their moments with Bu Kyum.

The fall of melancholy is everywhere as Bu Kyum laments the loss of Sujin, while Duri and Si Yeol regret that they have to marry someone they don’t love that day.

The only one who seems to be happy in this situation is Samsoon, who meets with Soondeok. Even though the meeting started in an awkward manner, Soondeok eased the tensions with her.

All the officials come in before the ceremony begins. The head of the district office seems to be particularly happy. As the grooms start to file into the house, Jungwoo recognises Si Yeol as the man he saw on the street with Duri. The problem starts when Bachelor number 16 does not attend the wedding. The situation becomes even more serious when people discover that Sujin has run away.

Lady Park falls into a tough situation. While Soondeok offers to postpone the wedding Lady Park adamantly insists on it. She knew about Su Jin’s lover but refused to accept that her love was reason enough for marriage. She planned on proceeding with the wedding ceremony with a stand-in and getting Su Jin back in time for the wedding night.

In the meantime, the Crown Prince arrived the Chief District official tried to curry favour with him, but he preferred to stay with Jungwoo. Lady Park later sent a servant to fetch Su Jin and another to get a ceremonial robe from the noble consort.

The guests were all seated around the Crown Prince, who remarked on how close the atmosphere was to his sister and Jungwoo’s wedding. While talking bout the incident, he lets it slip that on the day, he had passed his Yakgwa to the princess. It turns out Lady Park had poisoned the sweet which he gave to the Princess, which eventually led to her death.

Jungwoo later faced off with Lady Park in private. She tried to dismiss it as misfortune, but Jungwoo got offended by it. He tells her the whole truth about how and why their family was forgiven. He explained to her why her greed had led to her son’s death. With this, he leaves Lady Park alone, fumbling with her thoughts.

Soondeok decided to tell Si Yeol the truth. O Bong went out to look for the missing bachelor, and it turns out he was married the day before, and secretly at that. It was under the instructions of the chief district officer. Jungwoo admits to Officer Jung and Si Yeol that the bachelor had married. Si Yeol is angry and accuses Jungwoo of being too callous.

Soondeok arrived just then to tell him that his bride had also run away. Soondeok apologises to Yi Seol when she notices the embroidery on his beoseon. Meanwhile, Jung-woo notices that Si Yeol seems to be happy that his wife ran away, and it suddenly strikes him that, according to his powers, Yi Seol was supposed to be with Duri.

All three of them exclaim that it is for them better. Yi Seol admits his feelings for Duri, and Soondeok explains that since Duri had stitched the same butterfly pattern for Yi Seol and herself, it means she had feelings for Yi Seol.

Soondeok planned to marry Si Yeol with Duri and use a stand-in for the third couple. As long as they could get the Su Jin and BuKyum back in time for the wedding night, the ceremony could be handled by the brides and the grooms hiding their faces. After the meeting, Jungwoo privately asks Soondeok to run away with him after dealing with this affair.

Meanwhile, Su Jin reaches Bu Kyum and asks why he rejected the marriage. Bu Kyum admits it is because he loved her. Su Jin asks him to elope with her.

The ceremony starts with the Crown Prince’s speech about Jungwoo’s contribution to the society. The preparations for stand-in are underway as the clothes arrive. The only problem is that the maid, who was supposed to pretend to be Su Jin, is too scared to do so, and Soondeok is asked instead. On the other hand, Jungwoo’s clothes are far too big for O Bang; thus, he himself has to be the stand-in.

Jungwoo and Soondeok face each other at the ceremony. And it ended well. During the time for the wedding night, the officer realises that Jungwoo must have used a stand-in. He almost loses hope, but then he realises that the royal Son-In-law in the bed chamber with another woman is a punishable offence.

He thus goes around looking for Jungwoo. The Matchmaker beat him to it. They were looking for Si Yeol, and Bok Hee directed them towards the correct room. Even though Duri was thoroughly confused about Si Yeol’s appearance, he instilled in her a sense of urgency to look at the hole poked through the screen together. The scene was quite a treat for the matchmakers, who simply assumed the original rumour of Su Jin’s marriage was just a rumour.

The Matchmakers Episode 15 Ending Explained: Will Jungwoo’s plan succeed?

Matchmakers Episode 15
The Matchmakers Episode 15

After the posing, Si Yeol wanted to undress Duri, but she pushed him off. The officer announced his arrival, and Si Yeol exclaimed they might miss their chance at marriage now. Not willing to let go of this, Duri pulls him on top of her. The Officer sees the lewd scene of them entangled. Duri pusses him off and swears at the officer while Si Yeol sits in a corner, contemplating the loss of his first kiss.

He next goes to the room of Samsoon and Officer Jung. Officer Jung, ever nervous, starts to drink profusely, but Samsoom pushes aside the table. She undresses to show him something much to Officer Jung’s awkwardness. She wanted to show him the garment, which was so sheer that it would turn transparent in the rain. The garment was in one of her books, and she wore it to show him that it existed.

The Officer came in to inspect just then, and Officer Jung threw a chopstick that embedded itself inches from his face. He scampers away.

Jungwoo and Soondeok talk about their past weddings. Soondeok mentions that she would only be able to follow him after 5 to 7 years when her son would be married. Jungwoo protested, but their fight was cut short when they heard Lady Park asking the officer to leave. The Episode ends as they are trying to escape the place.

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