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Matchmakers Episode 13
Matchmakers Episode 13

The Matchmakers Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Lord Jo and Lord Park survive the acquisitions of treason? Can Lady Park save the Jo family?

Episode 12 of The Matchmakers ends with a series of very fast-paced events. Lord Park and Minister Jo decided to kill Jungwoo, and Seondeok ran away from her house to save him despite her Mother-in-law’s warnings. While she did manage to save him, they instead discovered that Jungwoo had figured out their plot to murder the Crown Prince. On their way back, he came across the portrait of Soondeok, which he takes with him.

The Matchmakers Episode 13 Recap: Will Lord Jo and Lord Park survive the acquisitions of treason?

Episode 13 of The Matchmakers starts with an interview with the chief royal secretary. He believed that if it were not for Minister Park and Minister Jo, he would be the one who would be leaving the fraction today.

The other interview is with Minister Park. He admits that he was indeed planning to kill the crown prince 8 years ago but also reveals that he does not have any idea why it was the Princess who had died instead. In any case, his faith in his older sister was unwavering.

Instead of going to the minister Jo with the portrait, he went to his sister, Lady Park, telling her everything. On the other hand, Jungwoo starts to panic, thinking that Seondeok will face trouble if she goes back.

She asks him if he is really going to punish her family for treason. He reassures her, saying that only Minister Jo and Minister Park would be punished for murder to save the rest of the family. That being said, he still wanted Soondeok to run away with him. Soondeok refuses and says she must stay back to help her family.

Lord Park wanted to use Jungwoo’s love for Soondeok to have him killed, but Lady Park refused to do so and dismissed him. As soon as he leaves his sister’s room, he is faced with Officer Jung, who was there to arrest him for murder. He tried to evade capture by showing his status, but Officer Jung had come with the degree of the King therefore, no negotiation could be brokered.

Minister Jo, who was having drinks with the rest of the Dongro fraction, faced a similar predicament. Soondeok reached her house while they were being captured and taken away. Soondeok is locked in her room by her Mother-in-law, who came to know what he did.

Minister Jo admitted to his attempt to kill the Crown Prince when faced with the King in the dungeon, but he justified it by saying that Prince Jinsung would be a good King. The King said while what he said was true, it was only because of him and his power-hungry family that Jinsung would never get the throne. The King asks him to decide if he wants to die for treason or murder.

Jungwoo visits the inn where Soondeok’s maid comes to deliver her letter. He stops the maid to ask her about Soondeok and her son, and she informs him that she is locked up. Jungwoo visits her house to see her locked in her annex.

Jungwoo meets the King, who promises to exile both of them. Jungwoo raised concerns, saying that the Dongro fraction would want to have them reinstated, but the King proclaimed that as the King, he had enough power to make sure they couldn’t come back even after his death.

The Chief Secretary came to meet the King right then to inform him that the court was awake, and he even managed to catch the head Sharman. Thus, the treason committed by Minister Jo can be proved now. Jungwoo and the King stared awkwardly at each other, not knowing how to deal with this.

The news of the intended treason spreads, and the Consort thinks that she and her son will be poisoned. She reaches out to Lady Park for help. Lady Park was already on the move, and she had sent letters to all the fraction members to meet that day. They all pretend they don’t want to do it, but go anyway.

Jungwoo is also invited. In fact, much to everyone’s surprise, Lady Park asks him to lead the meeting and even gives him the head seat. Jungwoo appeases the leader of the fraction somehow and later when everyone has left, asks Lady Park what her intentions are. She said it was to help the King accuse Minister Jo and Park of murder and not treason, and since he was in love with Soondeok, it would help everyone if they went on this path.

Lady Park later calls for Soondeok. Lady Park asks her to take care of Sujin and her son while she takes care of the problem. She asked her to act as Lady Yeoju one last time to coerce Lady Jung into consenting to her son’s marriage to Sujin.

Jungwoo informs the King of Lady Park’s wishes. She would take care of the problem herself in a few days, but in return, she wants the King to allow the Maeng sisters to get married on the same day as her daughter Sujin in her house.

The crown Prince visits Jungwoo and, with a pure heart, asks him to protect Prince Jinsung for his sake. He reads the letter sent by Soondeok that talks about their day in the Sunhwan temple. He writes his reply to the letter, but he puts it in his desk drawer, deciding never to send it.

Samsoon visits Officer Jung in the secret room. He was trying to tell her to call off the marriage, but she refused to do so, saying that if worst came to worst, she would provide for him. Sujin meets BuKyum, who had made an excuse to visit them and break down in front of him.

Lady Park visits her husband. Even though Minister Jo was initially optimistic about her visit, it quickly turned sour when she asked about the death of their daughter-in-law. He tried to turn it around, but she mentioned the death of their son, and he didn’t deny which confirmed her suspicions. She left the prison after disgusted with him for killing her son.

Soondeok convinces Lady Lee to continue with Sunjin’s marriage. She visits Jungwoo, who is worried for her, but she mentions that Lady Park knows that she is here. She mentions her trust in Lady Park, which Jungwoo doesn’t support, owing to the stern warning she had given him regarding their relationship.

That night, Lady Park asks Soondeok to get a pill and prepare food for Lord Park. The pill was poison, which she put in the wine. Lady Park visits the prison and gives Lord Park the wine while comforting him. She visits her husband along with Consort Park and strangles him while making it seem like a suicide to protest against the unfair acquisition. Since the late words of the dying man were taken as the truth during that age, his acquisitions against his own son as the traitor and his murder to save the country from his own son were taken as the truth. 

Things worked out perfectly for Lady Park. The King acquits Minister Jo, who, in his last letter, blamed the treason on his son. Minister Park was branded a murderer but nothing more. In reality, the King acquitted Minister Jo because he knew about his son’s loyalty to the nation.

Soondeok confronts her Mother-in-law about the murders, but she reminds her of the alternative. She puts Soondeok in charge of the Sunjin’s marriage. Jungwoo visits Hana’s mother to talk about Hana’s marriage. The lady already knew of Hana’s fate with the Crown Prince, which is partially why she insisted on stopping the marriage years ago.


The Matchmakers Episode 13 Ending Explained: Can Lady Park save the Jo family?

The Matchmakers Episode 13 via VIU
The Matchmakers Episode 13 via VIU

Lady Park writes an appeal to the King under the guise of her late husband’s wishes. She asks for a fast funeral for her husband and a successive wedding for her daughter. The request to allow the Meang sisters’ marriage in her house was to show her influence amongst the nobility after the tumultuous time, cementing Sujin’s wedding under royal command. The King accepts her requests but later shudders at the sharp mind.

Jungwoo asks the King not to annul her marriage after the wedding of Maeng’s sister. He reveals that he wanted to get a government post to align with the Princess’s last wish. It brings tears to the King’s eyes to realise yet again how much Jungwoo had loved his daughter.

Jungwoo goes to Soondeok’s house, and as he is about to jump over the wall, Soondeok appears. She is on the way to meet him, but Jungwoo asks her to stop writing letters to him and asks her not to meet him again since his feelings for her have died down.

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