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The Matchmakers episode 12
The Matchmakers episode 12

The Matchmakers Episode 12 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Lady Park discover Soon Deok’s secret identity? Can Soon Deok save Jung Woo?

The last episode ended with Lady Jo reviewing Jung Woo’s strange symptoms. His erratic chest pains when he saw young couples had long confused doctors, except this time, we realise those were signs of being an Agent of Love.

The tension between Left State Minister Jo and his wife, Lady Park, also rises as she all but takes over the command of the Dongro fraction. Moreover, the fact that Mnister Jo had killed his own son comes to light. Even though he could not admit it to Lady Park, she starts to suspect him due to his odd behaviour and willingness to kill Jung Woo.


The Matchmakers Episode 12 Recap: Will Lady Park discover Soon Deok’s secret identity?


With the shocking revelation that Jung Woo had the powers of the Agent of Love and not Soon Deok fresh in the characters’ minds, Episode 12 starts with the mockumentary of Jung Woo and Soon Deok. They both squabble over who is a better matchmaker with no conclusive end.

Our matchmakers followed Jung Woo’s lead, this time supporting the Crown Prince as Hana’s prospective husband. Soon Deok, still curious about the mysterious kid, asks about his family. Seeing Jung Woo being uncharacteristically tightlipped, she guessed it might be the crown Prince. Jung Woo’s hiccups confirmed her suspicions.

Soon, Deok revels in the fact that people from such different social classes have somehow met and fallen in love. She inquires about Jung Woo’s story with the Princess.

He had met the Princess when she was out in the clothes of a commoner. Even though Jung Woo had assumed her to be a court lady, he could not keep his distance from her and spent the day with this woman who had inexplicably charmed him. He had protested against his marriage to the Princess, not knowing it was the same woman, but one day, he met the Princess during his regular visit to the King.

Ecstatic that he was to marry the woman he loved, all excuses against the marriage fell through. Soon Deok looked at him with an odd expression on her face. Jung Woo assumed she was sad because she was not the first woman he had loved, but in reality, his selfless love for the Princess softened her heart towards Jung Woo further.

Lady Park visited the temple to check why Lady Yeoju was there. When she asked to meet the monk Yeoju had met, the chief priest replied that he was no longer there, but since Minister Jo had asked for him already, they would be looking into it. This piqued her interest, and she decided to visit Lady Yeoju herself.

Since Jung Woo was the new Agent of Love, they decided to go with his original hunch for Duri. He turns out to be right on this count, as the man had passed the state exam and was set on marrying Duri himself.

With the problem of Duri solved earlier than expected, Soon Deok took Jung Woo to her old house. It was a shabby house, and she confessed that their father had no knack for making money. Much to her surprise, Jung Woo admitted that his father was the same, so he thought his father had used his marriage to the Princess to gain a better position.

He later came to know that his father had forced his marriage to save him from his own character. Jung Woo was now filled with remorse for holding his father accountable for something he did out of goodwill and not letting him know his feelings for the Princess.

Their stories played on, and they started to imagine a life where they had met before they met their respective spouses. The story was cut short, however, as the actual owner of the house arrived, and they had to leave. They almost came face to face with Lady Park, who was in search of Lady Yeoju.

They ran away from the place, but Soon Deok realised where Lady Park was headed and ran towards Yeoju’s house. She reached a little too late. Lady Park had already talked with her, and since he didn’t know anything about the monk, she could not answer her.

Jung Woo reads through all the books in the royal library to find a way to remarry a noble widow. Aghast with no way out, he expresses his despair, which is joined by the sighs of the Crown Prince. Seeing the sad Crown Prince, Jung Woo assures him that he had visited an Agent of Love regarding his marriage and assured him that Lady Hana was destined to be with the Crown Prince.

Lady Park rereads the letters from her oldest son when Soon Deok visits her with the ledger. Lady Park expresses her sadness for not being there when her son died. Soon Deok is guilt-ridden but doesn’t say anything. Lady Park informs her that they will be visiting Consort Park soon.

Jung Woo, meanwhile, has found the person who had brought the Golden Silkworm Poison into the country and was sure that it was, in fact, Minister Jo who had tried to kill the Crown Prince. He planned on telling the King everything when he visited the place.

Soon Deok drinks with Sujin, and seeing her drinking so much, she asks if it’s because Sujin is still not over her past love. She expresses her regret for missing out on her love but also says that a relationship between the two of them would not be possible since she has responsibilities as the daughter of the family. With both he brothers gone, she would have to step up and marry a powerful man for their family’s benefit. This makes Soon Deok feel bad about being selfish.

The next day, she tried to tell Jung Woo that they would have to stop meeting, but Jung Woo made an excuse and walked away. They both promise to give themselves a few more days.

The next day at the Palace, Jung Woo tells the King the whole truth. How In Hyun had discovered the letters concerning the poison thus, he was killed by his own father, and the Princess was killed instead of the Crown Prince. The plot was in motion again, but they could prove the treason if they caught the translator this time.

The King agreed to it but was worried since a traitor’s whole family would be annihilated, including Prince Jinsung. Meanwhile, the ConsortConsort meets Soon Deok and her son, along with Lady Park. Lady Park. The meeting went well, but at the end, Lady Park mentioned some documents to the ConsortConsort. Soon Deok later asks if the papers are related to In Hyun’s death, and Lady Park says yes. She appreciates Soon Deok’s habit of asking questions.

Minister Jo and Park Bokgi plan to kill Jung Woo themselves without informing Lady Park. Meanwhile, Jung Woo comes across Lady Park and Soon Deok together. Finally, understanding which family she is from leaves them in a rush and meets Officer Jung. He begged him to help him find some crimes of Minister Jo and Park Bokgi so that he could save Soon Deok from death.

Seeing Lady Park distressed, Soon Deok tells her the whole truth about In Hyun and herself. While Lady Park appreciates her honesty, as a punishment, she asks her to stay back home until she allows her to leave.

Officer Jung and Jung Woo jump to look for some crimes they might have committed and stumble upon the weird case of In Hyun’s wife, whose death was also not explained. They started to look into it, and after talking to the innkeeper, they realised that Minister Jo killed her to silence her since she knew the truth about In Hyun’s death.


The Matchmakers Episode 12 Ending Explained: Can Soon Deok save Jung Woo?

Matchmakers Episode 12. Jung Woo kisses a worried Sun Deok to stop her from fussing over him. Via VIU
The Matchmakers Episode 12. Jung Woo kisses worried Soon Deok. Via VIU

Jung Woo meets the King the next day to suggest the alternative of charging them with murder. This would force them both to give up their titles but wouldn’t implicate their families. With such an amicable option at hand, the King readily agreed.

That night, Soon Deok is surprised to see the guests carrying swords. She heard them conspiring to kill someone, and in addition to the news that her maid gave, she understood that they were planning to kill Jung Woo.

She rushed to his side, and they hid behind a screen just in time. Park Bokgi almost catch them, but he stops when he sees the wall where Jung Woo had traced out all the clues for the Crown Prince’s murder case.

Realising Jung Woo is upon them, they return, but Park Bokgi trips on Jung Woo’s painting of Soon Deok and takes it with him. Reelived that Jung Woo had lived through it Soon Deok hugs him. Jung Woo instead worries about Soon Deok which makes her fuss over him even more. Unable to help himself he kisses Soon Deok. 

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