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My demon episode 6
My demon episode 6

My Demon Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained: Does Do Hee marry Gu Won? Will Do Hee and Gu Won find the person behind the murder attempts?

In episode 5 of My Demon, the killer strikes again. Due to a fight between Do Hee and Gu Won, he was not present when the killer struck, but fortunately, during the struggle between the killer and Do Hee, she managed to call her emergency contacts and Gu Won was informed of the situation. He rushed to her house even though he almost failed to save her since the elevator was out of order and he had to take the stairs. In any case, he arrived in time to save her.

My Demon Episode 6 Recap: Does Do Hee Marry Gu Won?

In Episode 6 of My Demon, Do Hee is hung from the railing as the killer slowly cuts the bedsheets holding her from falling, relishing her fear, but he had to stop midway. When Gu Won arrived, the killer hid away, and Gu Won jumped over the railing to catch Do Hee. Seeing them both in a precarious situation, the killer came out and slashed at Go Won, making them both fall. Thankfully, Go Won teleported them to the staircase. 


Finally safe, Do Hee started to sob in earnest, clutching onto Go Won. Seok Hoon also arrived soon after, but he had to stop himself when he saw Do Hee in Go Won’s arms.

They return to Do Hee’s house, where she tries to revolver from the shock. Seok Hoon takes care of Do Hee while Go Woon checks through the house. He returns to Do Hee to declare the house safe, but the lock is broken. He had retrieved Do Hee’s phone on which they all watched the CCTV footage. The guy looked different from the one who had attacked them previously, but Go Won noticed the odd scratch mark on his neck and realised that it might be the same person who was changing faces to attack them. 

Do Hee realises that the guy was a true psychopath, seeing how much he enjoyed trying to kill her. This and the fact that they couldn’t track him down yet shook Do Hee very severely. Seeing Do Hee in this state, Seok Hoon called Go Won aside to discuss a few matters with him. 


He had noticed that they had somehow appeared on the staircase when they fell from the balcony. In addition, their relationship seems too odd. But Go Won refused to give him any more information. Seok Hoon tried to justify his need for information, saying that he cared about Do Hee and he might be the only one. Go Won corrected him by saying that he was not the only one. 

Do Hee made her way to the balcony, reliving the incident. Seok Hoon arrived soon, and seeing her feeling so lonely, he offered to marry her, which shocked her. What was more surprising was that Go Wonn came in soon to propose to her as well. 

She didn’t answer either of them straight away. Go Won sulked the entire next day. Bok Gyu came to visit him, and he gave him an update on the situation. What scared Bok Gyu the most was Ga Young’s impending rage when she learned that Go Won proposed to Do Hee. 

Seok Hoon came to Do Hee’s office with a flower pot. The meeting was awkward initially, but it soon ended when they both burst out laughing at the situation. Seok Hoon later confessed his true feelings for Do Hee even though she only considered him as her family. 

On his way out, Seok Hoon met Go Won to warn him not to play with Do Hee’s feelings. Go Won assured him that he was not doing any such thing. This fight was just waiting to happen, but it was cut short as Go Won was called to escort Do Hee. 

On their way, Gu Won asked why he and Seok Hoon were her emergency contacts. Do Hee said that Gu Won was her bodyguard and Seok Hoon was family, much to Gu Won’s disappointment, who was waiting for something a little bit more profound. Do Hee asks why he returned and blatantly states there was no particular reason. 

Do Hee crashed into one of the publicity meetings that the Noh family held to promote factory construction. She used this opportunity to inform the family of her wedding that would happen the next day. On her way back, she was distracted by one of the construction workers who looked like the killer. She almost tripped and fell due to her panic but was saved by Gu Won. 

The next day, Do Hee is haunted by the memories of her grandmother as she gets ready to get married. The Noh family came to the wedding, which surprised her. They greet each other politely. Soo An later reveals that the family was planning on something; they were just waiting for the wedding to be over.  

It is revealed that she chose to marry Gu Won. They had signed a premarital bond that the couple would ideal in front of others but maintain distance in private. The other clause was that they would both help each other meet their goals. 

While their marriage and vows were completed without any issue, there seemed to be an issue the moment they went to take the first step as the officiant, as mentioned for the rest of their lives, and Gu Won was not ready with that term. 

There was an overall feeling of cheer except for the broken hearts due to the couple and the two secretaries who took to competing with each other to show their loyalty towards their masters. 

The couples took pictures, and when they were asked to kiss, Gu Won slyly put his thumb in between only to make it look like a kiss. After the pictures, Do Hee took a moment to assure Seok Hoon.

Their married life started soon after. Gu Won was appalled at the state of Do Hee’s house, so their life as newlyweds began with Gu Won magically cleaning the house and retrieving her old blouse. Seok Hoon was still suspicious of Go Won and thus looked into the old articles on the Suwool Foundation. 

My Demon Episode 6 Ending Explained: Will Do Hee and Gu Won find the person behind the murder attempts?

My demon episode 6: Go Won and Do Hee in the photo booth. via Netflix.
My Demon episode 6: Go Won and Do Hee in the photo booth. via Netflix.

The night was awkward for both, but they escaped to their rooms. That night Gu Won had another dream of his past life’s memory where he saw a woman performing Geommu. The next day, the battle for Gu Won began. Not only did he have to hide his growing feelings towards Do Hee, but now she had announced that she wanted to look for the culprit herself. 

The search began with shadowing Noh Do Kyung. They transported themselves to places near her, and at the very first instance, they got to know about his murderous tendencies. It did not get any better from there, as he spent the day suspiciously lurking from one place to another as if to throw off anyone tailing him. True to his nature, Gu Won managed to get a cup of espresso even as Do Hee fretted over being discovered.

They finally teleport to the photo booth of a subway station, and they see him opening a locker. They almost get spotted, so they decide to teleport away, but as the photo booth starts taking pictures, Go Won’s powers stop working. As  Do Kyung approaches, Do Hee’s fear rises, but Go Won is struck by the clauses of the prenup he has signed and kisses Do Hee. 


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