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My demon Episode 5
My demon Episode 5

My Demon Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained: Is Gu Won falling for Do Hee? Will Gu Won reach in time to save Do Hee?

In episode 4 of My Demon, Gu Won is attacked by gangsters. Powerless Without Do Do Hee, he is beaten up pretty severely when Do Hee arrives to save him. He uses her powers to beat up the people while dancing with her under the flashing lights.

My Demon Episode 5 Recap: Is Gu Won Falling for Do Hee?

After the fight, Gu Won drops Do Hee back at her house. After they get to her home, he abruptly leaves without giving Do Hee a chance to thank him. As the elevator door closed in her face, Do Hee was left staring at the wall. Meanwhile, Go Won clutches his chest in the elevator, not understanding his suddenly overflowing emotions towards Do Hee.

Ga Young cuts her hand while preparing for her Geommu performance. She sits with Bok Gyu to voice her concerns regarding Gu Won’s behaviour towards Do Hee. But Bok Gyu is convinced that Gu Won will not have any feelings towards her, considering he has never taken a liking to anyone in the past 200 years, not even Go Young. This only makes Ga Young more anxious as she returns to her practice.

Go Young’s Feeling was spot on as Gu Won is pretty agitated about his developing feelings towards a human, but he could only down his feelings in wine. He ultimately settles on blaming his tattoo for his feelings. Do Hee is just as agitated by Gu Won’s sudden disappearance. While initially trying to ignore it, she eventually gives in and decides to visit him to gauge his feelings towards her.

As Do Hee walks up to his office, she tells herself that it is a sort of experiment. His reaction to her sudden arrival will show his true feelings towards her. She stops in front of a painting and is lost in it when she senses someone behind her. She gets ready to fight with a taser gun, only to see Ga Young pointing a sword towards her.

Ga Young initially suspects her of being a witch, but she soon realises her identity. In any case, she tries to ward her off by saying outsiders are not allowed to see her at night, but Do Hee says she has a special relationship with Gu Won and leaves Ga Young flabbergasted.

Do Hee enters Gu Won’s office, but he is not there. He looks around the office and is intrigued by the clocks, but the book on demons grabs her attention. It was placed a little too high for her to reach it. Fresh out of the shower, Gu Won stopped her from getting to it. Do Hee was distracted by the pendant Gu Won was wearing, but he assumed she was staring at his chest since he did not have time to button down his shirt.

Ga Young was listening outside the door, and Gu Won opened it to let her in. Ga Young displayed her close relationship with Gu Won and left. After she had gone, Do He tried to inquire into their relationship, but Gu Won snapped at her, annoyed with his own feelings. Do Hee was severely hurt and left without a word. Still, since he cared for her, he asked his assistant to ensure Do Hee returned home safely.

Do Kyung was undergoing treatment, and during his consultancy, he off-handedly mentioned that he had killed someone to get a reaction out of the doctor. The doctor brushed it off as a joke, but on his way out, Do Kyung heard the doctor call him crazy.

Seokmin set up a meeting with the heads of the Mirae group, who had stopped the audit team started by the late chairwoman Joo. He threatened them to support him since they had taken bribes to stop the audit team. Even though they were a little hesitant, they eventually agreed.

Do Kyung, true to his nature, attacked the doctor who had called him crazy and beat him close to death. He comes back home along with his father. Seokmin noticed his blood-spotted shirt but didn’t comment on it. Sera is trying to relax with music playing in her headphones, but she is haunted by the thoughts of her mother-in-law’s death. Seokmin pulls off the headphones, suddenly startling her.

Both Gu Won and Do Hee are affected by their last interaction. Gu Won is more prickly and listless, while Do Hee feels cold and angry. The mysterious person who hired the killer watches the video of Gu Won’s fight, but the footage gets cut off when he starts to use his powers.

He is angry at the killer for not being able to complete the task and now even failing to get the footage. He admits that Gu Won is not entirely human considering his action, although he promises to bring to Do Hee as soon as she is out of Gu Won’s reach.

The next day, Gu Won and Do Hee are cold towards each other, and the whole office notices. Bo Kyu comes in in the guise of a delivery man to check up on Gu Wom, but when he tries to call Do Hee, his suspicious attire gets him beaten up by Secretary Shin.

The misunderstanding gets cleared up, but the killer enters the building with a new prosthetic, looking like an office worker. A board meeting of all the heads of the Mirae Foundation is held, and all of them unanimously vote for Seokmin as the interim chairman, except for Seok Hoon and Do Hee. Seok Hoon confronts his cousins about their dirty play but doesn’t get much done.

On their way to the basement, they both meet Gu Won. Seok Hoon tried to assert his right over Do Hee by calling her “our” Do Hee, which got son Gu Won’s nerves. Gu Won stands guard outside when they reach the car while Seok Hoon gives Do Hee information. H had looked into the accounting and found that there was an accounting fraud.

Do Hee took it to a lawyer to get assessed. The lawyer informed her that while it is pretty fishy but, since there was no actual evidence, it might even lead to her death. Things start looking even bleaker for Do Hee because the police officer informed him that the man who attacked him could not be found and even the bike used was untraceable.

She goes on a date with the guy she was initially supposed to meet. It was a pretty awkward meeting. He talked about Do Hee’s values and was too weird with his actions. Gu Won stood in through the meeting and made a lobster attack the man when he was too annoyed.

My Demon Episode 5 Ending Explained: Will Gu Won reach in time to save Do Hee?

My demon Episode 5 via Netflix
My Demon Episode 5 via Netflix

Even so, she informed him they should marry later that day. Gu Won is disturbed by this, but he doesn’t press the matter. On their way back, Do Hee asks Manager Shin to take care of everything. Seeing her pained expression, Gu Won finally breaks. He transports them to the place of the gand leader and threatens him to look for the killer, almost killing him in the process.

It is only when Do Hee pulls herself away from him, cutting off his power source, that he stops attacking the poor man. She confronted him about his extreme behaviour, and Gu Won burst out in anger, saying it was all her fault for messing up his life. She let him go, informing him he doesn’t need to remain her bodyguard.

Do Hee is severely hurt by this and roams the streets listlessly, only to be finally discovered by Secretary Shim, who takes her home. The killer was waiting for her in her house. The killer makes her unconscious with chloroform. On the other hand, Gu Won is disturbed by his own outbursts and decides to visit Do Hee.

Do Hee wakes up to her dangling from the balcony with only a bedsheet to hold her up. He maniacally laughs as he cuts off the bedsheet. Just as she is going to fall to her death, Gu Won comes in to save her.

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