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The Matchmakers Episode 11.
The Matchmakers Episode 11.

The Matchmakers Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained: Will the Crown Prince survive Lady Park’s trap? Is Jung Woo an Agent of Love as well?

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In Episode 10 of Matchmakers, Jungwoo and Soondeok start their plan to get the Maeng sisters married during the May festival. But their plans fall off track from the get-go. Samsoon’s bachelor no. Twenty-three did not show up, and Duri ran off with Siyeol instead of Bukyum. Their only hope was Hana, who was seemingly performing her part perfectly. At the end of the Episode, Jungwoo offers to spend his life with Soondeok.

The Matchmakers Episode 11 Recap: Will the Crown Prince survive Lady Park’s trap?


Episode 11 of Matchmakers starts with the monk Socheon visiting the innkeeper. During his interview, the innkeeper explains his reason for helping Lady Yeoju. Socheon had brought them to him, and the innkeeper, hopelessly in love with Secheon, accepted it.

Oblong reaches him soon after asking for the clan genealogy of the Heo clan. Since it was a noble family, it could turn someone into a noble by making them a part of that family. Obong refused to say who he wanted to use it on, though.

The Crown Prince dresses up as a woman to sneak out of the palace. Minister Jo’sJo’s people followed him. On the other hand, Hana had started her match with Bachelor No. 12. The Crown Prince saw the swing ropes above the wall and rushed towards it.

During Hana’sHana’s match, she saw the Crown Prince getting kidnapped over the wall. She jumps off the wing to pursue the kidnappers. Her sister, Duri, was watching a street performance with Yiseol. As usual, they start squabbling, during which Duri reveals that she will also get married, much to Yiseol’s disappointment.

Officer Jung and Samsoon share a meal and discuss their past relationships. While Samsoon’s previous experience hurts Officer Jung, he sweetly reveals that she was his first experience in love.

Jungwoo also has moments when he gives the Heo clan genealogy to Soondeok, asking her to convert and offers to spend his life with her. While she is moved to the point of tears, a commotion breaks out before she can confess the truth, and they look down in time to see Hana running away from the swings.

Bachelor No. 12 also tries to follow but falls and is saved by a woman. Jungwoo and Soondeok follow them. Jungwoo feels chest pain when the bachelor and the lady are together and almost instinctively warns Bachelor No. 12 not to leave the lady who saved him.

Hana manages to save the Crown Prince and escape the kidnappers. On the way to Hana, Jungwoo and Soondeok meet the slave hunter. While Jungwoo was willing to protect Soondeok by calling her his wife, the slave hunter ignored them and walked straight to the real Lady Yeoju, who was waiting for him with tears in her eyes.

It turns out that the man cared for Lady Yeoju and had let her get away. They have a teary reunion, but now that Lady Yeoju’s identity is revealed, Jungwoo questions Soondeok. Soondeokk was yet again prevented from answering because she saw Hana running away from the kidnappers.

Hana and the Crown Prince are cornered by the kidnappers who were there to kill them both. Jungwoo and Soondeok arrive there and decide to attack them as well. Jungwoo and Soondeok put their lives on the line to save each other, and Hana jumped to save the Crown Prince. They were all saved by the slave hunter. They all run away.

Meanwhile, in the palace, the King figures out that the Crown Prince is missing, but Jungwoo arrives with the Crown Prince before he can panic. The news that he had saved the Crown Prince reached the consort and Lady Park, who were concerned since Jungwoo was supposed to be one of them.

Jungwoo updates the King on the state of the unconscious maid. He speaks for Hana, saying that she didn’t write the letter, but the people who had set this up might be the same who were after the Crown Prince and the murderers of the princess. While he cannot say who the killers were, he did manage to track down the buyer of the poison.

Minister Jo and the others learned about Jungwoo’sJungwoo’s activities and decided to eliminate him. Meanwhile, Lady Yeoju finally clears the story for Soondeok and the innkeeper. After they had left, Soondeok opened the Geonology left to her, and there she found a letter from Jungwoo confessing his feelings.

Jungwoo arrives at the inn later, and Soondeok, in her noble clothes, finally tells Jungwoo the truth about her identity. She clarifies that since she is a widowed noblewoman, she will never be able to remarry thus, they should stay away.

Soondeok waits for Sujin and her son. Sujin lies about meeting Siyeol and shows her the hairpin as proof.

Jungwoo is quite lifeless. As he walks around the market, he sees the men intended for the Maeng Sisters coming up to him to apologise to him for not being able to marry the sisters as promised. But Jungwoo, much to Obong’s surprise, didn’t scold the happy couples. That night, while Obong is setting up his bed, Jungwoo informs him that Soondeok is a noblewoman; therefore, there is no point in trying to annul his marriage.

The fact that the Maeng sisters’ marriage was annulled spread relatively fast, and Samsoon blamed her sisters for stopping her from getting married. Soondeok yet again starts to hallucinate, seeing Jungwoo as she works.

Minister Jo and his two subordinates discuss the monk whom Jungwoo met. The person responsible for getting him reported him missing, but he revealed the man’s true identity, which shocks both. Minister Park blurts out that Jungwoo might know what Minister Jo had done to his son. Lady Park hears this discussion while hiding behind the door. She thinks back to the time when her son had died, and her husband and brother told her that it was an assassination to stop him from protecting the Dongro fraction.

Soondeok asks Hana for the identity of the kid they had saved, but she refuses all knowledge. Since she had no other option, she wrote to a very sick Jungwoo. He was unconscious for three days but woke up at the mention of Soondeok.

The Matchmakers Episode 11 Ending Explained: Is Jung Woo an Agent of Love as well?

Matchmakers Episode 11 - Via Viu
The Matchmakers Episode 11 – Via Viu

He meets Soondeok, who tries to ask about the kid’s family, but Jungwoo refuses, saying that even though Hana and the child are perfect for each other, the kid’s family will not support this decision. This piques Soondeok’s interest, and she asks how he knows that they are perfect for each other.
He mentions his heartache, and Soondeok thinks back on Lady Jo’sJo’s talk about agents of love. Since they have to deal with the marriage, Jungwoo proposes they should work together till the end of the contract.

Soondeok takes Jungwoo to Lady Jo, who, after listening to Soondeok, agrees to her. He refutes Lady Jo with all the information he has gathered but fails every time. He then says that as an agent of love, he has no idea how to assemble a couple that is meant to be, but then he thinks that since the whole problem is to get the Crown Prince married, he can easily do that.

The Dongro fraction decides to kill Jungwoo, but Lady Park refutes Minister Jo in front of everyone, saying that the death would call for too much attention. Additionally, the King’s inactivity through all these issues is suspicious.

Privately, Minister Jo tried to berate Lady Park for her act of insubordination. But she didn’t relent, asking if there was something more she should be aware of that might ask for Jungwoo’s death. Since he couldn’t tell her the truth, the topic was shut.

Since Jungwoo is now the “Agent of Love.” Sooneok blames Jungwoo for their mission’s failure. She also promises to follow his lead going forward. Jungwoo addresses Soondeok as a noblewoman, which makes her uncomfortable, but she doesn’t protest. She confesses that she wanted to be an “agent of love” because it would justify her actions, but now that she realises that she is not the one, she will have to stop being a matchmaker for good.

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