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Matchmakers Episode 10
Matchmakers Episode 10

Matchmakers Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained: Who killed In Hyun? will the Maeng sisters find their match?

In Episode 9 of The Matchmakers, Jungwoo and Soondeok investigate Soondeok’s brother-in-law’s death and the consequent prosecution of Lady Yeoju. They go to the Sunhwa temple to talk to an author-turned-monk who penned down a story that matches the incidents of the murder a little too well. Before they meet the monk, they get caught in the rain and hide in an empty house where Jungwoo confronts Soondeok about lying regarding her feelings under the guise of the fox spell rain.

Matchmakers Episode 10 Recap: Who killed In Hyun?


Episode 10 of The Matchmakers starts with Officer Jung’s interview, where he explains his reason for staying single. He had misunderstood the situation of his sister’s marriage, thinking she was forced into marrying a sick man so that he could be promoted to an officer. Blaming his own ability and his father’s selfishness, he chooses celibacy as a punishment for both.

Samsoon, our next interviewee, talks about how she is over Officer Jung. She now wants a story like those the ones that her mother, an agent of love, had told.

Returning to the story, Jungwoo confronts Soondeok about her lie, hiding under the laughable guise of a fox spell. As logical as he is, he lists his reasons, ticking off all the times she showed remarkable concern for him. At the end, he adds how, during her admission, Jungwoo, who was holding her wrist, could feel her pulse, which did not match her calm and composed denial.

Soondeok finally caves, admitting her feelings for Jungwoo, but she adds with tears in her eyes that she will never be able to let go of her late husband.

They left the house and met the monk they sought on the way. It turns out he was the monk who helped Jungwoo procure the dead body previously. They inquire into the story he had written and how he had been able to know it since both the characters commit suicide in the story. He reveals that he, too, was a part of the story. There was a massive change in the plot. The person who fell in love with In-Hyun was not a woman from the opposing fraction who dressed as a man instead, he, as a man, fell in love with In Hyun.

They were discovered by Minister Jo, In Hyun’s father, who killed his son on sight while the author survived somehow. To hide his son’s homosexuality, both the fraction made up the story of an assassin. There was more than that, though. Before the death, the author had found evidence of stolen tribunals which could lead to Minister Jo and Minister Park’s dismissal, but In Hyun saw the letters and said that they contained information about treason and the possible assassination of Prince Unhae which would lead to his whole family being annihilated.

On their way out, Soondeok asked the monk why he decided to stay in the temple sponsored by Minister Jo. Jungwoo explained that even if a person dies, if you genuinely love that person, they will find ways to stay close like the monk is trying to stay close to In Hyun memorial tablet.

Jungwoo later tells Soondeok that even though she might not be the murderer, it would be hard to clear her name. In an uncharacteristically serious voice, he also said that the lovesickness was his problem and Soondeok should ignore it. Someone was monitoring them.

Jungwoo’s memories haunt Soondeok while Jungwoo is busy figuring out how the cases are related. Officer Jung visits Soondeoka, and she updates him on the situation. She is genuinely distraught with Minister Jo’s actions, and her brother agrees with her, saying that honour can never be more important than life. He confesses his guilt regarding her marriage, and she clears up the misunderstanding, saying their father never forced her but rather discouraged her from marrying her late husband. It was she who insisted on the match.

The man who was monitoring our Matchmakers reported to Minister Jo, who, even though he was confused about Jungwoo’s intentions, asked to meet the woman and the monk.

Hana starts exchanging letters with the crown prince while Shi Yeol pays Bukyum to practice wrestling with him, but he is hopelessly inadequate. He gets distracted by Duri and almost leaves the practice to follow him but is tripped by Bukyum.

The Drongro fraction unites to discuss the following line of action, and the topic of Jungwoo rises. Even though Minister Park tried to laugh it off as Jungwoo’s interest in the swinging contest, Minister Jo realised Jungwoo’s true intention behind getting the Maeng sisters married. A Hush falls over the meeting as they realise that Lady Prk was correct, so Minister Park and Minister Jo consult her the following day.

She takes an unexpected stance, refusing to hurt Jungwoo, and instead commends him for his contribution to the nation. She says she has other ways to ensure the Crown Prince is not married. It turns out the correspondence between the Crown Prince and Hana goes through her, and she had written a letter to the Crown Prince pretending to be Hana, asking him to come to the May festival.

Soondeok visits her son before his class. They discuss his poetry and Jungwoo as his teacher. Her real intention was to listen to their lesson that day, so she hid inside. Seeing Jungwoo slightly perturbed, Geunseok asked him what was bothering him, and he admitted it was his wife’s memory.

Geunseok comments on how people assume his marriage was forced, but Jungwoo corrects him and says that, in reality, he loved the late princess enough to give up on his dreams of becoming a premiere. This came as a shock to Soondeok. Seondeok mentions his grief for his birthparents, but he also says his love for Soondeok, his mother. Lady Park visits him during his lessons and commends him on his effort on the Maeng sisters.

On the day of the May Festival, Soondeok leaves Geunseok with Sunjin to work on the Maeng sister. She was warned to return early as they were to meet the noble consort that day. Sunjin was supposed to meet Siyeol, her intended that day but she left with Geunseok to go out of town to meet Bukyum.

It turns out she had met Siyeol the night before, and they both planned on letting each other off the hook for the May festival. They even exchanged gifts so that they could have souvenirs. Sunjin visited Bukyum and asked him to teach them how to fish.

Soondeok meets Jungwoo, who seems uncharacteristically calm as compared to Soondeok, who appears jittery. Samsoon meets Officer Jung on her way to her spot, and she ignores him the whole way until he is bared to enter from the valley where only girls are allowed.

She rethinks her decision and returns, but Officer Jung has already left instead. Soondeok waits for her and pulls her to the valley. Junngwoo, Officer Jung and OBong sit on the cliff, waiting for Bachelor 23, who isn’t there yet. He was late because he was cooking for Samsoon, but he met a woman harvesting the wrong herbs on the way.

Matchmakers Episode 10 Ending Explained: Will the Maeng sisters find their match?

Matchmakers Episode 10
Matchmakers Episode 10. Officer Jung proposes to Samsoon . Via Viu

Meanwhile, Samsoon falls into the river, and Officer Jung jumps into the river to save her. Samsoon, in Officer Jung’s arms, vows only to marry him in this life. Jungwoo starts getting his chest pain, but that oddly starts to ease away.

Samsoon warms himself as Soondeok blames Jungwoo for the Bachelor 23 not showing up. Oddly, Jungwoo turns to Officer Jung and asks him to take responsibility, who proposes to Samsoon. Samsoon agrees. Jungwoo comments on how they are a better match, and Soondeok realises that Jungwoo’s chest pain might be because he, too, was an agent of love.

Bachelor 23 also found his happy ending with the woman who was picking herbs.

Bukyum also didn’t attend the festival, choosing to spend the day with Sujin. Duri visits the ssireum match with Jehotang, but instead of Bukyum, he finds Siyeol. Siyeol declares that he would win the game for her but loses the match. Duri still offers her the Jehotang she had prepared.

As Bukyum dried Sujin’s hair, she told him her goodbye and well wishes. When Soondeok and Jongwoo visit the match, one of the other matchmakers informs them that Duri has left with a man, and they assume it is Bukyum and leave them to look for Hana.

Hana plays her part perfectly, and her beauty enamours her target and everyone else there. Jungwoo pulls Soondeok away to a secluded place, looking over the field. He confesses that while they both will never be able to forget their past partners, he still wants to spend the rest of his life with her and finally, Soondeok agrees.



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