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Why Did Mikey Kill Everyone in Tokyo Revengers?
Why Did Mikey Kill Everyone in Tokyo Revengers?

Why Did Mikey Kill Everyone in Tokyo Revengers?

Ah, Mikey! The very mention of that name conjures up images of an unstoppable force, a true embodiment of invincibility. Mikey has an otherworldly aura that draws people in and commands attention. His presence is truly captivating and unforgettable.

While Takemichi is indeed the protagonist of the series, it’s undeniable that Mikey plays a crucial role in shaping the story and its outcome. It’s as if the universe revolves around Mikey, making them the central axis of the narrative. Without Mikey, Tokyo Revengers simply wouldn’t be the same. Mikey is truly the glue that holds the whole tale together, and their impact is felt throughout the story.

Now imagine this. What if the very character that happens to lay the foundation of the story goes spiralling? I mean, what happens when the person who is himself the embodiment of strength, unity, power, and spirit flips off his humanity switch? He becomes the walking devil incarnate. Mikey is one of those people.

Why Did Mikey Kill Everyone in Tokyo Revengers?

In Tokyo Revengers, the plot took an unexpected turn in the Black Dragon Arc when Mikey could no longer constrain the devil that was growing within him. The question that arises here is why Mikey turned into such an evil character. What made him kill every one of his friends and become a brutal serial murderer? 

The people who encountered the wrath of Mikey and suffered at his hands were not just his close friends but also the members of his Tokyo Manji Gang. The fact that they were friends did not spare them from the brutal fate Mikey had written down for them when he decided to shut everyone off and erase their very existence from his life.

Mikey brutally killed the captions of each squad of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Let’s see how he did so.

An unknown guy assassinated Draken. Mitsuya was strangled to death. Hakkai was burned to death. Chifuya was shot dead. Haruki, Kazutora, and Kisaki were also victims of the brutal death play Mikey had prepared for them. Mikey orchestrated their deaths in a very brutal fashion. Takemichi later discovered all of these deaths during one of his time leaps. 

Returning to the burning question of why he suddenly decided to silence his friends perpetually, it persists. However, our article will reveal the true reasons for Mikey’s unexpectedly outrageous actions. 

In the aftermath of this shocking and grisly revelation, Mikey’s actions have had mixed reactions from fans. Some understand that he has committed heinous crimes that cannot be ignored or forgiven. They were very swift to brand him as an irredeemably despicable character who does not deserve to be forgiven, shown any kind of mercy or given a chance for redemption.

Some readers weren’t pleased with the sudden, unbelievable, and shocking deterioration of one of their favourite characters. This development led to various misunderstandings about how Mikey transformed from a kind and lovable individual to a ruthless serial killer. 

Mikey’s transformation from a bright and lovable person to a cold-blooded killer caused many to question our initial feelings towards him and lose the affection he once had. As a result, Mikey’s reputation among readers took a hit, as he went from being seen as the shining star (or “sunshine”) of “Tokyo Revengers” to a criminal figure.

Fans started to despise him. His actions caused fans to detest him with every part of their hearts. In Tokyo Revengers, he went from being one of the most loved and favourite characters to one of the most despised villains.
Do you find any resemblance with any of the characters from the anime world who were victims of the same fate? 

Readers tried to understand the situation, and justifications were also made to explain why Mikey turned into a devil incarnate in the story. They came up with their own reasons to make sense of his “morally-grey” behaviour.

Some believed that the tough circumstances took a toll on him, leading him to make such an intense and dark decision to walk down the criminal path. Those traumatising situations had a deep-seated psychological impact on him, and hence, he lost his sanity. His internal battles with harsh and pitiful reality, as well as the agony of emotional turmoil, had gradually gnawed at him from within, forcing him to surrender to his dark side. 

His emotional pain and turmoil have taken a heavy toll on him, blurring the lines between good and bad, right and wrong. It’s almost as if he’s become lost in his own mind, succumbing to the greed of power and control despite knowing deep down that it’s wrong. 

Yeah, it’s easy to see why he would fall prey to these temptations, given the amount of suffering he’s endured. But still, it’s heartbreaking to see someone so dearly loved and once filled with hope and compassion now being led astray by their own despair. 

In the series, it turns out that Mikey was cursed. Everything changed when a mysterious curse befell him at the time when Shinichiro killed the first-time leaper, slowly consuming his mind and heart. The curse was manifested after its death.

It was subtle at first, barely noticeable, but it quickly became impossible to ignore. Mikey’s actions and decisions were dictated by the curse, which had crept into every aspect of his life.

Mikey found himself drawn to the shadows as the curse tightened its hold on him. He began to enjoy and relish the sense and taste of power that come from wreaking the lives of innocent people. It was as if he had lost control of his own body and was being forced to act on impulses he could not understand.

Inside Mikey’s mind, a fierce battle raged on. He fought against the curse, trying to regain control of his own identity. But it was a losing battle, as the darkness seemed to have a will of its own. Mikey felt like a puppet on strings, being manipulated by unseen forces. Despite his best efforts, Mikey continued to sink deeper into the abyss. 

So, when you see Mikey acting in evil ways, it is not because he wants to. He’s actually a pawn in a larger game, caught up in a mysterious curse that compels him towards darkness. It’s really tragic—poor Mikey, stuck in this never-ending cycle of torment without any way out. 

In that infinite, dark abyss, he wanted to reach out to somebody who could help him escape the curse that had taken him prisoner. Then, the superhero with a yellow cape, Hanagaki Takemichi, arrives to save the day! 

Takemichi is the hero Mikey needs to break free from the curse’s grip, much like a knight in shining armour swoops in to rescue the damsel in distress. Mikey can finally overcome the negative influences in his life with Takemichi’s help and return to being the good person he truly is, the captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang. 

Takemichi’s positive presence seemed to counteract the dark magic of the curse, chipping away at the curse’s hold on Mikey’s mind. Slowly but surely, Mikey began to reclaim his true self, like a flower blooming in the light.

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