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Vigilante Episode 8
Vigilante Episode 8

Vigilante Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained: Can Jiyong save Miryeo? Does Vigilante have a happy ending?

With Episode 8 of Vigilante, we come to an end of a thought-provoking drama following the life of our Anti-hero, Kim Jiyoug, as he takes the law into his own hands when the law system has failed him and countless others again and again. Episode 7 of Vigilante ends with Mr Bang abducting Choi Miryeo.


Vigilante Episode 8 Recap: Can Jiyong save Miryeo?


His secretary informed Gangok that Miryeo had been missing for the last few days. Miryeo was with Mr. Bang, who had been torturing her for the previous few days. He had been trying to get her to tell who the Vigilante was, but they were failing miserably as Miryeo was laughing through it. In fact, she started to interrogate Mr. Bang. Even Mr Bang admitted she was challenging to deal with.

Gangok breaks into Miryeo’s house to realise she was abducted. He tells Jiyong this, and he says this is bound to happen. It’s time for them to act. They both break into the Siwool foundation. While Gangok lured the men away, pretending to be the Vigilante, Jiyong attacked the man who was calling Samdoo. He made him tell Samdoo to come to the World Cup Stadium at 7 p.m. the next day with mIryeo in exchange for the cryptocurrency he had stolen.

This made Samdoo because he assumed the Vigilante did not know they didn’t have Miryeo. He called Mr Bang to ask him to bring Miryeo to the venue. Samdoo offered him money for the job and a chance to kill the Vigilante. Samdoo orders his secretary to gather all the men to kill Vigilante and Mr. Bang.

Jiyong and Gangok sit in an empty parking lot to plan their next move. They see Samdoo gather all his men on the cameras placed outside his office. Seonwook had also reached the place, and he saw them planning something. When Jiyong was on his way back, Seonwook stopped him. Even though he didn’t say anything outright, he alluded that Jiyoung should stop whatever he was doing.

Jiyong doesn’t reply. He returns to his empty house and sees the picture of him with his mother. As he intently stares at their photographs, we can only assume he is making up his choice.

Jo Heon goes to Chief Nam’s funeral and decides on his path as well. He returns to visit the two hostages he had with food and soju in exchange for their help. Mr Bang Gets Miryeo a fresh set of clothes and tells her the Vigilante wants her. She laughs maniacally, and Mr Bang concludes she is crazy.

Everyone prepares for the final showdown, and Samdoo’s men take over the stadium’s control room. They lay waiting for a man in a black hoodie, but they start to appear in the hundreds. It turns out there was an EDM festival in the stadium that day, so everyone would wear a black hoodie. Jiyong and Gangok enter the crowd, but surprisingly, Seonwook follows.

Mr Bang arrives with Miryeo and chuckles at the scene, admitting Jiyong’s wits. He tells Miryeo to go with Seodol and stop when she sees the Vigilante. Seodol and Miryeo also wear black hoodies. Gankok and Jiyong look at everything from a balcony. Jiyong asks Gangok to lure in Samdoo when everything begins. In a flashback, it is revealed that Jiyong knew that Mr Bang had Miryeo, but he wanted them all to come to kill them all in one go. They both go different ways.

Mr Bang and Samdoo watch the crowd from the balcony seats. Miryeo sees the Jiyong and stops. Seodol tries to catch him but misses him, and Yijong mixes into the crowd. Miryeo takes this chance to escape. Yijong takes her hand mid-way and runs with her. Seodol follows them, but as soon as Samdoo and his men are going to follow, Gangok appears and lures them away.

In another flashback, it is revealed that Jiyong plans on broadcasting everything live through Miryeo, which will lure in Jaehyub and Heon. Jiyong and Miryeo hide in the parking lot, and Jiyong gives her a phone to broadcast everything while he calls away Seodol and Mr Bang to a fight. Heon gets the notification and rushes to the place with his hostages.

Gangok reaches Jiyong soon, Samdoo and his men in tow. The fight starts in earnest when it feels like Jiyong will lose, Miryeo reveals herself and declares she is broadcasting everything, and if they kill the Vigilante, they will lose the source of their money.

Jaehyub was at a dinner with the assemblyman when he got the news and was immediately ordered away. Meanwhile, Heon arrives in the fight. Samdoo attacks Yijong with a knife and stabs him. Another man in black saves him. Samdoo stabs the other man. The man who saved Jiyong turns out to be Seonwook. Yijong held his bleeding friend while crying, not understanding why he was there. Seonwook says that he thought what Jiyong was doing was right. Seeing the fight, Jiyong requests Miryeo to take Seonwook to the hospital.


Police arrived, and Samdoo and Mr Bang ran away. Jiyong and Heon follow them, and they all end up in an underground empty tank. They start to fight each other but stop when Jaehyub arrives. He dropped the trap door, trapping them all in and stood on the overhead bridge. Samdoo tried to talk to him, but he stopped him. The rest of them hide to avoid gunshots, and soon, his bullets run out. Frustrated, he opened the valves, flooding the room. They all struggle to survive as Jaehyub reloads his gun.

He tries to shoot into the water, but they all dive underwater. Jiyong finds the steps to the overhead bridge with Heon’s help. They both climb up and Jiyong attacks Jaehyub, whose gun has stopped working. Joyong beats him to a pulp and only stops when Heon physically pulls off. Heon reads out Jaehyub’s crimes to him, but he still tries to bribe him and asks him to arrest Jiyong instead.

Jiyong again tries to attack Jaehyub, but he asks him to stop finally. He has achieved everything around him, and now it is time for the law to dish out justice. At this point, Mr Bang climbs the stairs, and they both become occupied with fighting him. Meanwhile, Jaehyub finds his gun and shoots at them. Heon gets hot multiple times but somehow manages to get to Jaehyub to stop him.


Vigilante Episode 8 Ending Explained: Does Vigilante have a happy ending?

Vigilante episode 8 : Heon pats Jiyong's head after the fight
Vigilante episode 8: Heon pats Jiyong’s head after the fight

He punches Jaehyub hard enough that he passes out, and Jiyong manages to kill off Mr. Bang. Heon and Jiyong sit together, tired out of their wits, and Jiyong passes out. Heon pats his head.

Miryeo reports the incident, making Seonwook the Vigilante who had passed away during the fight. Since the police had nothing against her, they had to let her go despite the complaints of the police commissioner, who was angry with the ruined image of the police.

Seonwook was heralded as a hero, but the assemblyman managed to cover the tracks of Jaehyub, who had died during the fight. As Jiyong sits at the bus station, he hears the assemblyman say that the reports against Jaehyub were false and that he was being promoted for his work posthumously. He looks in, seething with anger, seeing Seonwook’s death in vain.

As Jiyong looks at Seonwook’s shrine, Heon and Miryeo look at him. They realise the fight isn’t over. Miryeo tells the story of her father, who committed suicide because of a false accusation and because no one saved him. She wanted to change that with Vigilante.

Gangok also has a vested interest in the endeavour to take down a chairman. He presently decides to take a rest. Jiyong’s batch graduates, but he doesn’t take a vow or salute. He looked straight at his professor, who avoided his eye contact. He is unwilling to bow to the law, which has failed him yet again.

Looking as things are, this is not a happy ending. Jiyong and the other main characters survive, but none of them achieve what they want. With how things have panned out, we can only guess that they would continue their work against the criminals. 

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