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Vigilante Episode 7
Vigilante Episode 7

Vigilante Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained :Will the new Chief discover Jiyong’s identity? Will Jo Heon join Jiyong?

In episode 6 of Vigilante, Jo Heon stops Mi Ryeo from presenting the information Kang Ok gave her. On his way out, he was attacked by Mr Bang and Seodol. Even though he fought well, Heon almost died during the fight. Kim Jiyong comes in just in time to save him.


Vigilante Episode 7 Recap: Will the new Chief discover Jiyong’s identity?


After Jiyong saved Heon, the news spread all over the media. Dashcam videos showing the fight were broadcast, and even civilians gave interviews saying they had witnessed the incident. The fact that Vigilante saved a police officer tipped the public sentiments in his favour. Kang Ok called him to ask why he had diverted from the plan to save Heon, who had thus far proved to be a roadblock.

Jiyong says that was a part of the plan, the plan to turn Heon into a Vigilante as well. Kang Ok was utterly impressed with him.

Mi Ryeo tried to visit Heon but was turned away by the police stationed at his door. Eom Jaehyub arrived there with Heon’s doctor just as Ryeo was about to leave. She called after him to pass on her well wishes to Heon. Heon was still unconscious, but his vital organs were okay, leading the doctors to believe that he would wake up.

Jaehyub goes to dinner with an assemblyman who assures him that as long as he stays out of trouble for the time being, he will be brought back into the police force in a good position.

Samdoo calls Mr Bang to shout at him for failing to kill Heon, but Mr Bang instead threatens to kill him if he tries to interfere in his way of doing things.

Meanwhile, the office where Samdoo was storing his QQ coins catches fire. Jiyong had broken into the building to steal the phones with the private key. He encashed the money and donated it to an orphanage.

News about an orphanage that was suddenly helped spread. Mi Ryeo, though, reported the other side of the incident. She reported that the fire was also Vigilante’s doing since he had also left a message there. The letter stated that he had stolen the money which he would donate. Meanwhile, Eon Jaehyub, Kim Samdoo and the thugs should turn themselves in. She underlined the implications of them put together yet again with the mention of QQ coins.

Bang watches the interview of the head of the orphanage. At the same time, Jaehyub watches the news with his family, where they mention Samdoo’s resources have been seized due to the ongoing investigation, although Jaehyub doesn’t suffer.

Samdoo visits his house at that moment. He tries to threaten him by reminding him that he was a part of his plans from the beginning and, therefore, knows whose political funds the money was for, but Jaehyub denies all responsibility. He advises him to spend 6 months in jail, during which they would make all the allegations against him look petty. On the other hand, if he names Jaehyub, his jail time would be extended. Samdoo hits his secretary in frustration and asks him to take care of this mess.

Bang kills the head of the orphanage that Jiyong had helped to bait him. This works as Jiyong is seriously affected by the news to the point that Seonwook notices his attitude shift. It did not help that Kang Ok called him consistently throughout the day.

He waits the whole day to find some time alone at night. When he thinks Seonwook is asleep, he goes to the terrace to pick up Kang Ok’s call, but he is not actually asleep and follows him upstairs. Kang Ok was panicking because he did not know what to do, knowing well enough that it was a trap. Jiyong, being the person he is, decided to step into the web to save innocent lives. He tells Kang Ok to keep an eye on Miryeo since she is essential for the climax.

Jiyong was right, as Mi Ryeo’s office basement gets swamped with Samdoo’s men looking for Mi Ryeo. Kang Ok prepares to save her when he sees this on the CCTV footage. Mi Ryeo looked into her dash cam footage where Jiyong was captured. She also notices the people, but instead of running away, she sets up cameras around the office and waits for them.

She had started to broadcast everything live. The public and police quickly learned about it and tried to get there in time to save her. The people discovered the hidden cameras and started to destroy them soon after Mi Ryeo was also found. Before they can hurt her, Kang Ok arrives on the scene to save her. The police were not far behind.

Jiyong tried to reach the scene, but by the time he did, the police were already escorting Mi Ryeo away. Chief Nam questioned Mi Ryeo about her involvement with Vigilante, thinking this to be a lure to gain popularity. Mi Ryeo refuted saying the cameras were there because she was regularly threatened and the man who saved her was not Vigilante since he was using a weapon which the Vigilante does not.

Mi Ryeo is allowed to go back home. While she was taking a bath, she thought back on the time she was saved. Kang Ok warned her to run away instead of pulling a stunt because the Vigilante was too busy. Just then, the light of her apartment is cut.

Chief Nam pulls Jiyong out of the class the next day because he suspected him. He asked about his activities the day before but refused to speak. With Professor Lee protecting him, Chief Nam had to let him go. Chief Nam had found the signal from one of the phones with the QQ coins in the police academy and was waiting on the location of the forensics to confirm who it was. Even though Professor Lee saved Jiyong, he suspects him.

Chief Nam visits an unconscious Heon and asks for his understanding as a fellow police officer. Heon wakes up as Chief Nam leaves.
Jiyong visits Kang Ok the next day to update him on the situation. Seonwook calls him to inform him of Chief Nam’s raid on Professor Lee’s office and that it would extend to the men’s quarters. He wanted to ask if Jiyong was okay with that, but Jiyoung was pretty confident.

Chief Nam got the location of the signal from the forensics, and it was in Jaehyub’s office. He barged into the office. It turns out Jiyong planted the phone in his office, but while he was doing it, he also found a burner phone Jaehyub used to call Samdoo. Chief Nam finds both the phones as Jaehyub enters the room. He warns Jaehyub to admit his faults in the time it takes for him to drop the phones in the forensics.

Sadly, he never makes it to the forensics because Jaehyub commissions someone to kill him. He thus dies in a car accident. Jiyong was informed of this Seonwook, and he is very stressed because this seriously sets back his plans. Another problem arises in his plans that he was not aware of. Mr Bang abducted Mi Ryeo.

Vigilante Episode 7 Ending Explained: Will Jo Heon join Jiyong?

Vigilante Episode 7: Jiyong confronts Jo Heon via Disney+ hotstar
Vigilante Episode 7: Jiyong confronts Jo Heon via Disney+ Hotstar

On his way back, he meets Heon. Jiyong confesses to him that he had tried to lead Chief Nam towards Jaehyub, but he was not the one behind his death. Before he could elaborate, Heon punched him.

Heon is actually emotionally invested in Jiyong, as it seems he had asked him to stop out of care for him, but Jiyong declares that he has made up his mind to kill them. Heon loses his cool and shouts at him that they will kill Jiyong mercilessly if he tries. He says that after Jiyong’s death, no one will know he has died, and no one will even care for his death.

Jiyoung says that Chief Nam had died because he was a good cop, and if he were to meet the same fate, he would not be sad about it because even if no one knew of his death, Heon would, and that would be enough. He challenges Heon to kill him now to stop him from committing further crimes or to let him go. Jiyong leaves Heon with the words that this is the time to show the “justice” Heon had spoken of. Heon is left alone on the street with tears sparkling in his eyes. It seems like Jiyong would actually succeed in having Heon as well.

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