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The Matchmakers episode 9
The Matchmakers episode 9

The Matchmakers Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained: Can Soondeok prove her innocence to Jungwoo? Will Soondeok work with Jungwoo again?

Episode 8 of The Matchmakers ends with a misunderstanding between JungWoo and SoonDeok. Lady Yeoju, whose identity Soondeok had borrowed, was wanted for the murder of Jo In Hyun. Someone came looking for her, and Obong saw the poster. He told Jungwoo about it, and he assumed that she was a murderer and asked her to end their partnership.

The Matchmakers Episode 9 Recap: Can Soondeok prove her innocence to Jungwoo?

Arguably, what we all wait for the most, the mockumentary of the characters, yet again grace us in Episode 9. Today, we get the interview of Soondeok, who thought Jungwoo had called her at the harbour to confess his love and elope. Soondeok admits she knew that Jungwoo liked her.

Jungwoo wallows in his house, thinking all the Soondeok had said was obviously a lie. Her lies hurt him more than the truth about her being a murderer. He pretends to be an upright man by saying he will not elope with her but then eats his words when asked why he hasn’t reported her yet.

Jungwoo tells Soondeok it is over and runs away from the harbour, crying. Obong gave her the promised amount and left as well. Soondeok visits the innkeeper, who is writing a letter to Lady Yeoju warning her of the man looking for her. She asks if Lady Yeoju was indeed a murderer, but the innkeeper says she was falsely accused.

Soomdeok asks Bongi about the history of her brother-in-law, who couldn’t give her more than rudimentary information. While Jungwoo tries everything he can to forget about Soondeok, she visits her brother and asks him to look into the case.

Soondeok says that after her husband had died, she spent a few days in her parent’s house, where she had grown increasingly depressed and was longing for death. Lady Yeoju had come to her then with makeup, asking her to live for herself. That is the reason she uses her name.

She tells Officer Jung that a slave hunter had come looking for Lady Yeoju and Lord Gyeongunjae knows about her crimes.

Meanwhile, Sungwoo had become so depressed that a doctor was called. He declared Jungwoo had lovesickness and might die if he did not see the one who had sained his fingernail with balsam flowers. Soondeok was staining someone else’s finger then, Sujin’s.

She tries to pry out information on Bukyum’s bride-to-be. Soondeok points out similar qualities between Sujin and Duri, which annoys Sujin more as she considers herself a better match. Soondeok hits the nail on the head, saying she will not marry him even though she likes him, so there is no reason to be sad. It turns out Soondeok had figured out their connection already.

Jungwoo wakes up early the following day to train the bachelors. Obong, who was seriously considering Jungwoo might die, informs him that Lady Yeoju had returned the money and is probably in Hnayang; therefore, they can meet, but the offer is rejected.

The bachelor meant for Hena couldn’t swing at all, so Jungwoo jumped on the Swing with him to teach him. Park Bokgi was passing by, and seeing this made him want to kill him, but he just marvelled at his own lack of surprise towards Jungwoo’s actions and left.

Soondeok sits with Lady Jo, the mother of the Maeng sisters, to discuss the matchmaking process as an agent of love. She, too, was an agent of love who saw strings attaching themselves, but Soondeok used the method of deductions.

Jungwoo’s tryst with the bachelors continues as he arranges a teacher on ssireum for Bukyum. Bukyum was good at this, but his surprising opponent, Siyeol, was not. He takes them to a cliff to train Bachelor No. 25 to look for Samsoon washing her hair. He tells them that the wedding will be on the 25th of May, a day which would bestow good fortune, and wrangles them into agreeing.

He gives the same information to the Maeng sisters, but they mock him for his belief in astrology. He starts to hallucinate seeing Soondeok, and not for the first time today. When Samsoon asks him about her, he cries in earnest and leaves.

Lady Jo asks Soondeok about her family, and she finally admits the truth. Lady Jo says Soondeok’s was her last match. Even though she didn’t raise the talk between families, she saw them on the streets, and the strings that matched them thus placed them in a situation they could meet.

Samsoon, seeing Jungwoo’s state, informs her of Soondeok’s impending visit to their house and asks him to visit as well. The next day, Soondeok orchestrates the Ladies by telling Duri to give Bukyum her Jehotang to teaching Samsoon how to wash her hair at the stream while Jungwoo hides in a store room and watches her from afar.

The slave hunter sat at the inn dejected when the matchmakers told him to visit the Maeng sisters to find Lady Yeoju. Obong overhears it and rushes in to warn Soondeok to hide. She is pushed into the same storeroom as Jungwoo. She gets up to leave, but Jungwoo holds her down and hugs her as if to save himself from dying.

The sister prevents the slave hunter from discovering Soondeok. When Soondeok gets up to leave, Jungwoo yet again holds on to her to confess his love. She says she doesn’t love him and leaves behind a heartbroken Jungwoo. Lady Jo calls on him and tells him to give up on Soondeok.

Jungwoo still tries to prove Soondeok innocent and visits the Law enforcement division to get the information related to her case, but Officer Jung is there. They both decide to collaborate on the case irrespective of their reasons.

Soondeok was in the Paddy fiend when she received Jungwoo’s letter. She only read it at night when she returned, and it said he wanted her to visit him in Gyeongunjae. She was considering whether she should go when Lady Park arrived. She asked her about a paddy field that had not been recorded earlier, but instead of taxing it, she gave it freely to the farmer as an encouragement. Moreover, it added little to their produce. Lady Park appreciated her work on it.

The Matchmakers Episode 9 Ending Explained: Will Soondeok work with Jungwoo again?

The Matchmakers episode 9 : Junwoo confronts Soondeok about her feelings . Via Viu
The Matchmakers episode 9 : Junwoo confronts Soondeok about her feelings. Via Viu

The next day, she went as Jungwoo had threatened Officer Jung too. In the meeting, Jungwoo was entirely cold towards her when he asked her side of the story. She said she had lost her memory, but the report seemed odd even on the surface. The prime suspect was the man who provided for the office, and thus, there was no reason for him to kill the officer for very little money.

The slave hunter yet again reaches the inn, now lost. Bokhee approached the man and asked to see the portrait. She told him that she knew the woman. Back in Hamgyeon, Lady Yeoju received the innkeeper’s letter.

On further examination, it turned out that the person who inspected the murder was Minister Min, a person from the Namjang fraction. He was more likely to kill In Hyun than find his killer. Moreover, the killer was Lord Min’s right-hand man. Soondeok then starts reciting a story.

Lord Min’s daughter took the post of her ill brother. She and Inhyun were from opposite fractions, but they were both bent on removing corruption, leading them to fall in love. After solving a crucial case, they, seeing they had no future, decided to commit suicide. Lard Min worked with Dongro fraction to hide his daughter’s disgrace.

This story was from a novel Soondeok had read. They try to track down the author, thinking it could be a real account. He happened to be a monk at the Sunhwa temple. Jungwoo and Soondeok make it to the temple but are told to wait for the monk to return.

It starts to rain soon, and they hide in an empty house. Soondeok called the rain a spell for the foxes to find their mates. Jungwoo jumps on the opportunity to say that since it is a spell, she could be truthful and say why she lies about her feelings towards him.

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