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Matchmakers episode 8
Matchmakers episode 8

Matchmakers Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Minister Park be punished for his actions? Will Soondeok’s be revealed?

In episode 7 of The Matchmakers, we see that Shim Jungwoo has taken up the role of pretending to be Hwa Rok. Officer Jung and other officers chase him down the cliff according to the plan. What was outside the plan was the appearance of Defense Minister Park. He shot at Jungwoo, making him lose his balance and fall into the river. Soondeok saved him.

Matchmakers Episode 8 Recap: Will Minister Park be punished for his actions?


As always, we get a mockumentary to begin the episode. In this episode, we get the interview with Lee Siyeol and his prospective bride, Jo Yejin. They both talk about their future partners. Siyeol says he would follow his mother’s wishes to marry anyone she likes, and Yejin, too, is in favour of a marriage of convenience.

Soondeok reaches the inn, prepared to take up the role of Hwa Rok, but the innkeeper informs her that they have already left as the plan was preponed by two hours. She reaches the spot in time to pull Jungwoo out of the water. Soondeok started to cry when they got to the bank’s safety. She asked him why he would do such a thing when he didn’t even know how to swim.

Jungwoo says he learned how to swim last night, but it turned out he had just read a book on it. She tore off her skirt to stop his wound from bleeding. Even though Soondeok was angry, Jungwoo says it is a relief that he got hurt, not her. Officer Jung and Obong reached them soon.

Soondeok’s makeup had washed off due to her swimming in the water. When Officer Jung reached her, he recognised her sister. They go out of the earshot of Jungwoo and Obong to discuss it. Before Officer Jung could properly scold her, she told him that he could not recognise his sister, so this was his fault, and as an apology, he should save her, for Jungwoo would have her arrested if he got to know the truth.

Jungwoo went to the doctor, who commended the first aid done to him. He saves the fabric of Soondeok’s skirt and doesn’t even deny it when Obong teases him for his love towards her. Soondeok, too, relives the moment as she sees her torn underskirt. She didn’t have time to think too profoundly, though, as soon her mother-in-law, Lady Park, came to tell her to talk to Yejin since she felt a bit odd the last few days.

The King is informed of the death of Hwa Rok, and he thinks that he was killed because the presiding Officer Jung was related by marriage to Minister Park. He wants to use the rumours to dismiss the minister but is cautioned against it by the Chief Royal Secretary.

In the house of Minister Jo, Lady Park asked Minister Park to step down, but Minister Jo was against it. He said that if they were to put Prince Jinsung on the throne, they needed more power in the court, which would only be possible with Minister Park. He did it partly out of spite towards his more capable wife.

Soondeok’s brother visits her to warn her against her matchmaking practice, and she agrees to do so after finishing her present job. He asks if it is because she has feelings for Jungwoo, but she denies her feelings, saying as a noblewoman, she will only have one husband in her life.

Sejin meets Soondeok on her way to Lady Park and tells her she won’t be available tonight since Minister Park is here to visit. Sejin joins Soondeok in her room to discuss her problems. She has particularly taken to drinking and feels apprehensive about her future marriage. Soondeok assures her that she will meet her intended audience at the Mayfair, which does nothing to calm her nerves.

At the court the next day, the King raises the motion to impeach Minister Park. Although Minister Jo tried to contest it, saying a rumour can’t be the basis for impeachment, the King raised other concerns, such as the no-pass zone in Mokmyeok.

When he returned to the palace, the Crown Prince had taken Hena’s words to heart and, looked into the no-pass zone and discovered that the no-pass area was not an official block. He raised this issue privately before the King, who thanked him.

Minister Park had illegally raised the barricade to harvest the pine trees and earn profits. He attempted to deny the allegations, but the King informed him that the Justice Department had already looked into it and had conclusive proof against him. Thus, he was impeached. In a private meeting with Minister Jo, he expresses his regrets for not listening to Lady Park, which annoys Minister Jo.

Soondeok, Jungwoo, and O Bong started to discuss the development of the matchmaking business. Since the release of the latest novel, the bachelors have changed their minds and decided to marry the Maeng sisters. They discuss the change in Samsoon’s prospective husband, but just then, Officer Jung joins them, saying he wants to help them.

The talks of looking for Minister Park’s replacement rose, and it was suggested that Lady Park’s advice should be taken, which enraged Minister Jo. Meanwhile, the mysterious man looking for Yeoju finds her house.

The matchmakers get another addition to the team, Samsoon, who comes bearing food and drinks. As blunt as Samsoon is, she sees Jungwoo’s behaviour and asks if he likes Soondeok. They deny it, but then she does something even more disastrous: confessing to Officer Jung, who rejects her. She leaves the meeting, and Soondeok follows her outside. The three men listen to the ladies’ conversation behind a screen while criticising Officer Jung for his blunt rejection.

Samsoom bounces back fast, though she asks Soondeok to proceed with her previous match, saying that she can get over Officer Jung quickly enough.

Duri delivers some stitched clothes to Lady Jung, Siyeol’s mother. She comments that this would be the last batch of clothes she made for her son, and Duri remarks that she never really made clothes for him. She quickly recovers, changes the subject, and leaves before her comment could cause trouble. Lady Jung notes that she would have been a good match for her son if not for her family background.

Siyeol waited for her outside and asked her to join her to watch the ssireum match with him. She teases him, but Lady Park’s maid arrives with gifts. She had sent the uniform of the Defense Minister and a letter informing that her husband would soon be chosen as the Defense Minister, and it would be announced in three days. Lady Jung clutches Siyeol’s hands in excitement, congratulating him for having in-laws who are already helping them. Duri leaves before anyone realises and curses herself for entertaining a husband-to-be.

Soondeok gets the bachelors ready for the May festival by trimming their top knots. On their way out, Bukyum meets Sujin, who was buying strings for a protection bracelet. She hears the news of his marriage and pretends to be happy. Soondeok sees them talking and later questions Sujin about it, but she pretends not to know him. Sujin commissions Dongi to find out who is marrying Bukyum.

The Crown Prince writes a letter to Hena saying that he would like her to write to him about their problems so that he can solve them in the future when he takes office. He sent a roll of silk with it. Henna sits where she took him, now without the barricade and thinks she can’t call him a kid anymore.

The poisoned court-maid is brought to Jungwoo’s doctor. He calls Jungwoo over, and they both agree it is the same poison that killed the princess. He informs the King of the man he had seen when he bought the poison, but that man turns up dead soon. Jungwoo thus promises to save the maid to get the information.


Matchmakers Episode 8 Ending Explained: Will Soondeok’s be revealed?

Matchmakers Episode 8
Matchmakers Episode 8

While Soondeok was busy, Lady Park’s maid found hidden books in her room and informed Lady Park of them. She thought that Soondeok went out to rent books. The memories of Soondek reading to her son returned to Lady Park, who asked her maid to stop following Soondeok.

She calls for her, but instead of scolding her, she gives her the responsibility of taking care of the tenant farmers. The next day, Soondeok takes Jungwook around where they would hold the Mayfair. She tells him where to situate the bachelors: 12 in the swinging contest with Hena, Bukyum at the ssireum match and 24 at the stop where he could watch Samsoon wash her hair.

The shady man comes looking for Yeoju at the inn. The innkeeper made him go away, but Obong saw the poster saying that she was wanted for the murder of Minister Jo’s eldest son. He tells Jungwoo this, who confronts Soondeok about her lies and calls off the agreement.

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