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Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained: Is Yor able to keep Olka safe? What makes Yor fight back after getting knocked down?
Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained: Is Yor able to keep Olka safe? What makes Yor fight back after getting knocked down?

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained: Is Yor able to keep Olka safe? What makes Yor fight back after getting knocked down?

In the last episode of Spy X Family, the assassin squad got a hint of the change in plan of their target. Yor, Olka, and Zebb are on their way off the ship. Anya and Loid were out to watch the central attraction of the tour—the fireworks.

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Is Yor able to keep Olka from harm’s way?

Today’s episode begins when a dazzling fireworks show on the last night of the cruise tour is about to commence. Yor leads Olka and Zebb to Cargo Room Three, where they will board the inflatable boats. Yor explains the first step of their escape plan to them on the way.

In the meantime, the assassin leader gets a whiff of a similar scent to the perfume from the room he invaded earlier. He recognised it immediately after mentally calculating the number of people it could be. With a grin on his face, it turns sinister as he finds his targets walking past him through the ship’s walls.

Anya and Loid are out to watch the spectacular fireworks in the hope that they will get to meet with Yor. Anya looks for Yor in the crowd, as she is on a different mission altogether. Watching fireworks is just a ruse to help her mother. 

She activates her telepathic powers to catch Yor’s thoughts, but she cannot do it because of the buzz of excitement in the crowd. It feels like a cross-connection, with everyone’s thoughts getting in the way.

Phew! Too much pressure on Anya’s little brain. Concentrate Anya. You can do it. 

On their way to the ship’s bows, she finds two suspicious men lurking in the halfway. Her assassin instincts alert her, and she takes a detour. She finds another couple of men stationed on that route. 

Time for another detour. The assassin squad has prepared well, and they are blocking all the possible ways to the ship’s bows. They overlooked the fact that they were dealing with Garden’s veteran assassins. So these Garden guys are on another level. Try to outwit them; if one path is blocked, they will create two new paths. 

Yor takes them through the corridors meant only for the crew members to the ship’s deck. They plan on moving over the rooftops to reach the bow. Yor opens the door to check if the route is clear or not. Thanks to the fireworks, their movement will be smooth.

The moment she opens the door, the fireworks show starts, which startles all four of them. They make their way to the other side.

A hidden sniper trains his sights on Olka from afar, ready to aim. Just as another burst lights up the night sky, Yor swiftly scoops up Olka and dodges the bullet. Unfortunately, the sniper anticipated this move and narrowly escaped Yor’s counterattack with a thrown weapon. 

Meanwhile, another stealthy attacker creeps closer, armed with a deadly array of throwing knives. He launches himself at Yor with lightning speed, who retaliates with a powerful kick. The assailant attempts to block the blow with one of his own knives, but Yor’s reflexes prove too fast. 

As the guy backs off, Yor checks in on everyone, ensuring they are unharmed. Out of the blue, Yor finds herself encircled by a bunch of sneaky assassins. Yor always has her assassin radar on, but it did not catch their presence until they revealed themselves. 

Without wasting a second, Yor whips out her weapons and prepares to make them taste the essence of hell on earth itself. Our Thorn Princess is ready to chop off every thorn that comes her way—a showdown for her surprise guests.

Just as she is about to begin, the snipper who failed the first time swears to take her down this time. But hold your gun, snipper; you have no clue what will happen to you the very next moment. 

Just when things seem bleak, Matthew comes to the rescue like a hero. What timing! He takes down the snipper from behind, shoots down three assassins back to back, and even unlocks the hatch with the gun, just like a boss. 

Yor is quick on her feet, asking them to dive into the hatch for their safety. As she escorts their way to the hatch, Rope-Lady interferes. She uses her ropes to entangle her foot, allowing the other assassin to take down Olka.  

Olka, Zebb, and Gram dash into the hatch, thinking they are safe now. But, surprise, an assassin pops up, pointing his gun at Olka. Mr. fake husband will not allow this on his watch. He shields her in a swift move and takes the bullets for her. They tumble into the hatch, and he slams it shut. 

Inside the hatch, Zebb is like, “Ouch! It hurts even with the bulletproof vest on!” Meanwhile, Yor pushes a crate over the hatch and secures it from the assassins. When another assassin threatens to blow up the hatch, Yor is like, “Over my dead body!” and kicks the guy out of the ship. 

Assassins are coming at Yor, but she is tackling them just like Thorn Princess would. Matthew’s up top, targeting and shooting the ones in open view. He joins Yor and asks her to keep it as bloodless as possible, but Yor has no choice. It ought to get bloody after all. 

Matthew acknowledges their enemies’ skills but says that they are nothing compared to the Garden. The Garden is way out of their league. He’s all, “Yor, make sure to kill everyone.”

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 8 Ending Explained: What makes Yor fight back after getting knocked down?

Anya is enjoying the fireworks show while her mother is beating the crap out of the assassins. With the fireworks lighting up the sky with bright colours, Yor takes down the assasins, making it swift and smooth. She faces the poison man, a wire-lady, Chakram master, but cleanly wipes them out. Matthew takes on the duty of the cleaning crew as he keeps on mopping away the evidence. 

As the fireworks hit their climax, a dude with an electric baton and a humangous man try to take their chances on her. But she is no pushover. She catches the baton, shoves it in that guy’s mouth, then attacks the other guy with some crazy amount of spear-hand strikes. 

The assassin leader is a spectator of the bloody show that the Garden squad put on for them. The assasin squad members drop dead on the ground one after another, like ripe mangoes. 

Yor and Matthew clean up the mess they have made after taking down the assassins. The assassin leader, who was a spectator of the bloody show, comes ahead. The leader is here to make things worse. Just when we thought that the fight was over, the leader had another surprise packed for them.

A skilled swordsman attacks them from behind when the leader diverts their attention by engaging them in a conversation. They are caught by surprise, but their reflexes are quick. Both of them dodge the attack, but before Matthew can counterattack, he takes a strong hit from the sword, getting knocked out. 

Now its Yor vs. Swordsman. While fighting, Yor remembers the emergency transfer plan if she gets into any trouble. But she thinks that it will be heartless of her if she disappears from Loid and Anya without a word. 

She shakes these thoughts off and continues to fight. The assassin leader offers Yor a share of the bounty if she backs off, but Yor refuses nonchalantly. She declares that she is not like them, but as soon as he says it, she starts reflecting on her profession. They are both killers, and they earn money out of it. 

Amidst her introspection as to why and what she is doing the job for, the swordsman takes a swing at her face. Though she dodges it, her heel gets stuck, and she loses her balance. The man lands a hit on her, and she is sent stumbling into the wall. 

The man points his sword at Yor who is lost in her maze of thoughts. First, she is thinking of Loid and Anya, then flashbacks of Yuri hit her. Feeling overwhelmed, she contemplates ending it all, thinking she does not need to work anymore. 

When the leader is about to finish off Olka, Yor hurls her earring at him and stops in his way. Yor drops some wisdom about the world needing a serious, deep cleaning, especially now that she has her new family, the Forgers. 

Just like a rekindled spirit, Yor comes back to reality with fiery determination. She grabs the sword and snaps it. The man even slashes her chest, but she remains unbothered. She reminds herself of the reason she is here and what made her choose this risky job. 

She even reminds herself that even if things get messy, Loid will understand her after recalling the moment when Loid admired her dedication to the job. She delivers a powerful kick, saying that she will keep fighting. 


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