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The Matchmakers Episode 7
The Matchmakers Episode 7

The Matchmakers Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained: How will Soon Deok help Ha Na end the rumours about her? Can Ha Na save the Crown Prince?

In Episode 6 of Matchmakers, Soon Deok brings Sam Soon in for the meeting of the Matchmakers while Jungwoo invites Officer Jung. They get along well after the initial shock of seeing each other there. Perhaps a little too well, considering the sight of Officer Jung and Sam Soon acting all coy around each other gives Jungwoo chest pain severe enough to make him pass out.

The Matchmakers Episode 7 Recap: How will Soon Deok help Ha Na end the rumours about her?

This episode starts with an interview with the Crown Prince. He is apparently asked the reason for his marriage being denied, and like the naive kid he is, he believes it is because he has three older sisters and not because of Prince Jinsun’s supporters.

The other interview is of Ha Na, who states her very specific criteria for her husband even though she calls them simple. Her justification is that if she has managed to wait this long, she might get everything she wants out of her marriage.

Returning to the story, Jungwoo faints because of the proximity of Sam Soon and Officer Jung. His chest pain reduces when everyone rushes in to make sure he is alright, but the pain comes back the moment they all return to their seats to discuss the plan.

The truth of his state finally starts to draw on him when he experiments with reducing and increasing the distance between Officer Jung and Sam Soom. He decrees them to remain at least two feet away from each other as their improper behaviour was causing him to get chest pains.

Sam Soon, unwilling to let go of Officer Jung even for a moment, says that Jungwoo’s pain comes from the fact that he can’t get a wife himself and not because of the propriety of their action. This sends everyone else who knew the real identity of Jungwoo into a panic to cover for her rude remark.

Sam Soon suddenly realises that Officer Jung must be unmarried for Jungwoo to ask them to be separated, which he later confirms. Meanwhile, Lady Parks’s maid reaches the inn looking for Soon Deok.

Officer Jung tells the truth about what had happened to Cho Ok. She was called to work at the Defense Minister’s house to work for him on his birthday. During the event, a few officers had seen the Minister drag her away, after which she would never be seen again. The problem is that these are present only in the earliest account of the event, as they all changed their statements later.

The people even justified that there was no reason for Cho Ok to be at the party. But considering the Minister had a thing for her and that he regularly lent out money to people, there might be a chance that he promised to write off her interest if she came to work for him that day.

Since the Minister had evaded the blame, the police had found a way to pin the death on an anonymous writer, Hwa Rok and embroil Ha Na into the rumour of being possessed by an unhappy spinster. Since a rumour punished Ha Na, Soon Deok came up with the idea of turning it around and punishing the Minister with a rumour by telling the truth and making Ha Na’s story into a heartfelt one.

To tie the whole story together, they would take the help of Hwa Rok, the master storyteller. With the entire plan set, they chant the name of their operation together.

After the meeting, Sam Soon approaches Soon Deok to say she wants to be matched with Officer Jung. Soon Deok is apprehensive about the match, given that she has seen his brother reject matches before, but she decides to put her faith in Sam Soon sincere nature and agree with Sam Soon’s choice.

Jungwoo meets the King to report his progress with the case. He asks Jungwoo if the Left State Councillor is unaware of his actions. Jungwoo truthfully answers that while he doesn’t doubt him, his wife does, which is why he is teaching her grandson.

Sam Soon says up the whole night to write the story and is understandably worn in the morning. Soon Deok approaches her in the morning with make-up to start their matchmaking process in earnest. She lays down rules for Sam Soon to follow, like staying away from Officer Jung, but Jungwoo also has problems staying away from Soon Deok. He sends letters that she answers in an offhanded way on her way out of the inn.

Jungwoo saves the scrap paper in a box and keeps it safe while Soon Deok burns the fragrant pages with the beautiful poetic language given by Jungwoo.

The crown Prince is taken out of residence under false pretence that his mother called him. He realises the terrain through which he is being taken and manages to escape. He hides under a boulder to save himself but is almost caught until he is saved by Ha Na, who was there hunting pheasants.

Since the Crown Prince didn’t know where to go, he forced Ha Na to walk him to his house. Meanwhile, everyone in the inn decides to work through the night to finish copying the book since they must release the story the next day, except for Soon Deok, who must leave to greet her mother-in-law before nightfall.

The news about the escape of the Crown Prince reaches Lady Park. The Left State Councillor wanted to ask the officers to look for the Crown Prince, but Lady Park stopped them, saying it would attract too much attention. She instead asks merchants to do the work. She asks the Defense Minister to kill the guards who were responsible for losing the Crown Prince and the district office in case someone drops off the Prince there. Done with her work, she leaves the place, leaving the Left State Councillor flustered.

Ha Na takes the Crown Prince around the whole city looking for his house, but the Prince cannot identify it and considering he could not reveal his identity, he cannot ask her to get help either. She decides to drop him off at the district office since it was close to curfew.

Soon Deok, having met with her mother-in-law, returns to the inn. The Crown Prince is saved from the hands of the Left State councillor because Ha Na couldn’t enter the office seeing the Defense Minister there. She, therefore, brought the Crown Prince home.

Jungwoo asks Soon Deok outside to chat with her, considering everyone else had slept. They share a moment where Jungwoo asks her name and about herself. She admits he is the first person who has asked about her life but refuses to divulge further than her name and age.

Ha Na takes the Prince on a walk at night through a restricted area. Even though he is initially insulted by her critique of the King, he eventually accepts her reasoning. The King is informed about the Prince’s disappearance and launches a search for him. Meanwhile, since the news is already out, Lady Parks asks her husband to mobilise the private army to kill the Prince. Since the Queen had allowed him to leave, if the Prince happened to die, it would be on the Queen.


The Matchmakers Episode 7 Ending Explained: Can Ha Na save the Crown Prince?

The Matchmakers Episode 7
The Matchmakers Episode 7 – Via Viu 

There were assassination attempts on the Prince, but Ha Na was smart enough to dress the Prince up in the clothes of a girl to get him back to the private residence. The Queen was waiting for them. She appreciates Ha Na’s intelligence, and the Queen explains her situation without exposing that they were the Royal Family. There was no investigation done for the murder attempt, however, since that would create grounds for the disposition of the Queen.

The next day, Jungwook dressed up as a Hwa Rok to read out the story to some Ladies behind the shield of a screen. The tale was masterfully created and accomplished to change public belief. The Minister approaches Lady Park for help, but she asks him to leave his post.

The Minister now searches for Hwa Rok, but Soon Deok had also planned for that. She planned that Officer Jung would feight a meeting with Hwa Rok for show and try to arrest him. It would, in reality, be Soon Deok. They would chase her to a cliff, and she would jump off. Being a good swimmer, she would live while O Bong would release a dead body in the river to make everyone think Hwa Rok was dead.

Plan went a little off-skitter when Jungwoo dressed up as Hwa Rok and the Defense Minister showed up at the scene. He shoots at Jungwoo, who is hit and falls into the river, but Soon Deok jumps in to save him. It is then that he reveals his plan of marrying Soon Deok.

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