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Perfect Marriage Revenge episode 8
Perfect Marriage Revenge episode 8

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained: Does Do Guk’s mother support Yi Joo now? What Is Mrs Lee planning?

In episode 7 of Perfect Marriage Revenge, Yi Joo and Do Guk try to convince Do Guk’s mother to support them. Even though Mrs Cha now knows about everything, she only agrees to help them if she has heard the opinion of Yi Joo’s Family. Therefore, she visits Mrs Lee to talk about their children’s relationship. Even though it initially seemed like Mrs Cha was suggesting the break up of Yi Joo and Do Guk, she was alluding towards the break up of Jung Wook and To Ra. This left Mrs Lee flustered.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 8 Recap: Does Do Guk’s mother support Yi Joo now?

Flustered by the sudden change in direction, Mrs Lee accuses Mrs Cha of favouritism by supporting his birth son’s wishes over his adoptive son. Mrs Cha retorts by saying that, unlike Mrs Lee, she doesn’t differentiate between the children she has given birth to and those she has adopted.

Mrs Cha displays her loyalty by saying that since Mrs Lee has already formed an opinion about her, she would start behaving like a “stepmother”.
Mrs Lee calls Jung Wook to inform him of the conversation. Jung Wook calls his father to arrange for a family dinner. He asks Yo Ra, sitting with him, to find a way to take down Yi Joo.

Since the article about Yi Joo’s infidelity was already causing quite an issue, Yo Ra asks Se Hee to find a way to generate more noise. Se Hee informs Yo Ra that someone has already commented on the post pretending to be Yi Joo’s childhood friend, adding that she was also the same during her school days. Since students’ behaviour is a sensitive topic in South Korea, Hee plans on supporting her comment. Happy with Se Hee’s progress, Yo Ra offers her a new handbag.

Do Guk’s father was happy, considering his sons were coming home and preparing a feast in celebration. At the daily lunch, Do Guk and Jung Wook apologised to their grandmother for their previous fight. Do Guk mentioned that Mrs Cha had asked Yi Joo to convince Do Guk to return to the Taeja group if she wanted Mrs Cha’s help.

He says it was clear that the son made him crippled, and the mother wants to take away his position. Do Guk pulls out his mobile and says he has a video of what happened 20 years ago. As it turns out, it was not Do Guk who pushed Jung Wook but rather Jung Wook who had tried to drown Do Guk and accidentally fell himself. Jung Wook, now panicking, tries to accuse Mrs Cha of not loving him enough and supporting only his biological son.

Mrs Cha makes it clear that she had been aware of the video for a long time but let her own son suffer in silence because she didn’t want Jung Wook to suffer, but now she wants it to come out.

Do Guk’s grandmother, unable to take the fight, breaks the phone with the video. She later calls the brothers to her room to say that she has tried for a long time to create peace between them. Since there is no way that will happen, she asks them to openly go against each other as executives in the Taeja Group and show their capabilities. Within a year, she would know who was better, and he would get the company.

Jung Wook explains the developments to Mrs Lee. He says they should try to tarnish Do Guk’s image as much as possible before the meeting with the executives.
Su Jin calls Yi Joo to ask why she is not responding to the article about her. Yi Joo says that is because there is an ongoing investigation, and she will deal with it after the results come out.

Meanwhile, the executives meet at Do Guk’s company to discuss how they will deal with the article. Se Hyeon says although it is their duty to deal with anything that tarnishes the group’s image since the article is not doing a lot of damage, they should just let it be. 

Do Guk calls Se Hyeon to his office to ask if his reaction to the article is to avoid trouble or to make things bigger since he is clearly motivated to hurt him. He shows Se Hyeon the video of him sneaking into Do Guk’s house. In addition to the theft that Se Hyeon had committed, his sister had also caused considerable damage to the image. Since Do Guk had evidence against both of them, he asked Se Hyeon to blame Yo Ra. Otherwise, he will sue both Se Hyeon and his sister.

Yi Jo goes to the cooking class and gets into a fight with one of the ladies. Yi Joo shares a meal with the teacher after the class informs her that she will be leaving the classes and asks her to teach her to cook one dish. While teaching her, Yi Joo notices the teacher has a scar from a fire accident, but the teacher refuses to explain further. Since they agree to meet as friends later, they end on amicable terms.

Yi Joo cooks a meal for Do Guk’s Grandma to convince her about her relationship with Do Guk. She tells her how she was poisoned as a kid. Therefore, she was not passionate about food, but Do Guk made her want to cook. Her sincerity touched Grandma, and she approved of her partially because she had already talked to Do Guk, who had called Yi Joo his home.

Secretary Kim informs Yi Joo that he has found the maid who was fired because of trying to poison her. Yi Joo has a teary reunion with her old friend. She says that she had not poisoned Yi Joo. Instead, it was Mrs Lee who had suddenly grown very violent towards Yi Joo that day. She was fired before she could explain anything, but since she loved Yi Joo, she came back to check on her.

When Mrs Lee came into her room suddenly, the maid had to hide. She heard Mrs Lee asking someone why they had come back and if they were truly willing to die at their hands. She also tells her that Mrs Lee used to meet with someone who felt shady.

Yi Joo updates her grandfather on her recent findings and that the Hanwool will not acquire the Saving Bank. They both regret it because it was the lifelong dream of Yi Joo’s father. Her grandfather gives Yi Joo a book full of clippings about her life.

Jung Wook tells Mrs Lee about the rejection of Hanwool’s acquisition of Savings Bank.
Se Hyeon visits Do Guk, asking him to drop charges since Se Hee has taken down the article, but Do Guk refuses. Since he defends Yo Ra and professes his love for her Do Guk asks him if he has feelings for Yo Ra. When he says yes Do Duk alludes to the fact that she might be dating someone other than him. 

Se Hyeon follows Yo Ra to her meeting with Jung Wook, and on seeing her flirting with Jung Wook, he realises the truth.

Se Hee is called to the Police station but still holds her attitude. It is only when Do Na shows up with her entourage of lawyers for defamation of Taeja Group and the other commenter confesses that He See understands the gravity of her situation.

Outside the police station, Se Hyeon begs Yi Joo on his knees to save him and his sister. Yi Joo says that she can only help him if he gives an exclusive interview to Su Jin about the truth.

At the meeting of the executives in the Teaja Group, Jung Wook tries to raise concerns about Do Guk joining the company considering the public opinion about his life. Do Guk stops him and pulls out the article, which had been recently published, where Se Hyeon and his sister confess to everything, blaming Yo Ra for everything and adding Text messages to prove it.


Do Guk adds that the Yo Ra in question is Jung Wook’s fiance, but he doesn’t add to the subject and asks Jung Wook the reason for his hurry at the construction site, which has garnered a lot of criticism.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 8 Ending Explained: What Is Mrs Lee planning?

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 8
Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 8

Yo Ra and her mother plan yet another new scheme. When Yi Joo and Mrs Cha come to Hanwool to discuss Yo Ra’s activities, Yo Ra confesses to everything but asks Yo Ji to help with the acquisition of the Savings Bank, knowing well that it won’t happen. Mr Han gets the News and suffers a heart attack. Mrs Lee manipulates Mr Han into believing Yi Joo was responsible and takes his management rights from him until he gets well. She even paid off the lawyer to ensure her father-in-law couldn’t transfer his shares to Yi Joo.

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