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Perfect Marriage revenge episode 7
Perfect Marriage revenge episode 7

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained: How will the Seo family take the news of Jung Wook dating Yo Ra? How will Yi Joo redeem herself?

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In the previous episode of Perfect Marriage Revenge, Han Yi Joo visits her family with Seo Du Guk. During their family dinner, she proposes to her father that she can take over the gallery for him. This causes Yoo Ra and Mrs Lee to panic, but Yi Joo’s father ultimately agrees with Yi Joo. Yoo Ra, adamant about getting back at her sister, decides to date Jung Wook, and they both crash the Seo family’s dinner together to announce their relationship.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 7 Recap: How will the Seo family take the news of Jung Wook dating Yo Ra?

The news of Jung Wook dating someone from the in-laws’ family is a scandalous affair, and the Seo family reacts accordingly. Jung Wook makes the excuse that he happened to run into Yo Ra by chance and did not know at that point that she was Yi Joo’s sister. Yo Ra says she didn’t want to do something like this, but she loves Jung Wook. This enrages Do Na, who is well aware of Yo Ra’s past.

When their intentions are further questioned, Jung Wook shifts the blame on Do Guk, saying that it is hard to find someone who likes a disabled person like him; therefore, he is not willing to let go of her. Jung Wook’s behaviour sparks a fight between him and Seo Duk. Do Guk’s grandmother stopped the argument by asking both of them to leave with their respective spouses.

On their way back, Yo Ra reprimands  Jung Wook for rashly picking a fight with his brother when they needed the elders’ blessings for their marriage. Jung Wook dismisses her, saying that garnering the approval is her job. Yo Ra reminds her that her mother had lent Jung Wook money for his work, but he yet again dismisses her claims.
Yo Ra is left at the doorstep, frustrated.

The sales for the gallery had dropped by 20 %, and Mrs Lee had to increase it anyhow to prove to her husband that she could retain the gallery. She was, therefore, planning on reducing the price. At that moment, Yi Joo comes in. Yi Joo proposes a deal. Since Mrs Lee needs to increase sales, she will help her. As if on cue, reporters flood the door of Mrs Lee’s office.

Yi Joo proves her ability as all the reporters ask her about her work, and she gives all the credit to her mother’s “vision”. Yi Joo hints at her future work while doing this interview. After the discussion, she laid her terms to Mrs Lee. She said she would soon make her signature piece, a big painting with a decisive palette. This would raise the piece’s price, and her mother would get what she wants when sold. In return, she wants the central artwork of the gallery. Mrs Lee agrees to the deal and hands her the painting.

Yi Joo meets up with her father and talks about Yo Ra’s relationship with Jung Wook. Her real intention was to get a piece of her father’s hair.
Yi Joo’s father asks Mrs Lee to wrap up the business in the gallery since she and Yo Ra might destroy their image if Yo Ra starts dating Jung Wook.

In a panic, Mrs Lee decides to get Yi Jo’s grandfather’s shares, but when she reaches the nursing home, she learns he has already left. Not knowing where else to go, she visits the Sharman to ask if he was around recently. She gave no information on Yi Jo’s grandfather but told her that Yi Jo had visited her with the Taeja group’s chairwoman.

Meanwhile, Yi Jo’s grandfather calls his lawyer from another nursing home to transfer his shares to Yi Jo. Yo Ra meets with Se Hyeok to gather information about Do Guk’s activities regarding the Taeja Group. When Se Hyeok starts seeing this as suspicious, Yo Ra turns it on him and blames him for being able to find something against Yi Joo. Yo Ra gets into a fight with some other guy in the bar. Se Hyeok saves her, and they spend the night together.

Mrs Lee, who was already stressed about Yi Joo potentially knowing about her birth, is additionally worried when Yo Ra tells her that Yi Joo had told her she was not the fake daughter of the family during their last fight.

Mrs Lee’s secretary, Kim Jae Won, witnesses all this. He later meets Yi Joo the next day to inform her of her mother’s activities. It turns out that he had relocated her grandfather, and Yi Joo had gifted the piece she got from her mother to him. Yi Joo had also asked him to look into Mrs Lee so that they could get rid of her, and currently, he was looking for the maid who had poisoned her as a child.

The next day, Se Hyeok sneaks into Do Guk’s house and finds some papers in Yi Joo’s room. It affects him enough to get home drunk and to defend Yi Joo against his mother.

Yi Joo visits Do Guk during lunch the next day but bumps into Se Hyeok instead, asking her if she loves Do Guk. She gets angry with his line of questioning, but before she can fight, Do Guk arrives and firmly asks Se Hyeok to stay away from his wife. Se Hyeok looks on as Do Guk and Yi Joo walks away, looking perfectly in love.

It turns out Se Hyeok had found Yi Joo’s marriage contract with Do Guk. Yo Ra had taken that to the Seo family, and when Do Guk and Yi Joo arrived at the family home, everyone was enraged. They tried to explain themselves but ended up fighting with Yo Ra and Jung Wook. Eventually, Chairwoman Taeja, unable to take the stress, passes out and Do Guk’s mother dismisses everyone.

Later, Chairwoman Taeja reveals to Do Guk’s mother that she hoped the separation between the brothers when Do Guk had left would ease their relationship, but it might all have been a pipe dream after all.

Se Hyeok’s sister sets up a meeting with Yo Ra, saying she has some dirt on Yi Joo. She gives her information in return for Yo Ra paying for her shopping spree. Do Guk’s secretary burst into his office with the news that Se Hyeok’s sister had published an article on Yi Joo, calling her a woman who could not stay away from men, Sighting her change in relation from Se Hyeok to Do Guk.

She even added the video of her mother pretending to be hurt when Yi Joo tried to get her to stop. Se Hyeok calls her sister to take down the article, but she refuses, happy with her new gift from Yo Ra. Rumours regarding Yi Joo are spread in Do Guk’s office by a woman who had a crush on Do Guk.
While Do Guk has a discussion with his team about how to deal with the rumours, he gets a call from Miss Lee’s secretary.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 7 Ending Explained: How will Yi Joo redeem herself?

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 7 Cha Yeon Hwa confronts Lee Jung Hye regarding their children's relation ship.
Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 7 Cha Yeon Hwa confronts Lee Jung Hye regarding their children’s relationship.

Yi Joo goes to the cooking class, where her mother-in-law fights with another student. She defends her mother-in-law but gets hit in the process. Mrs Cha doesn’t appreciate Yi Joo’s efforts but rather scolds her, but just then, Do Guk appears. He says that the reason they made the contract was so that Yi Joo could survive. Considering her situation in her parent’s house, marriage was her only way out. Do Guk gets on her knees to beg for his mother’s help them to win over his grandmother.

She concluded there was no point in listening to a one-sided story and decided to visit Yi Joo’s mother. Her mother invites her into her gallery and says that this is why she didn’t want Yi Joo to get married into the family since she has a promiscuous character. Do Guk’s mother asks why it is that Mrs Lee looks happy with the news rather than sad.

Mrs Lee makes an excuse, saying that she is simply trying to play the role of an adult. Mrs Lee asks her if she is ready to get their children broken up and if she should get the divorce papers ready, but Do Guk’s mother stops her, saying that she wants Jung Wook and Yo Ra to break up and not Yi Joo and Do Guk.

The preview for the next episode seems like they show would make us dizzy. The Seo family is apparently not angry at Do Guk and Yi Joo. They only want Do Guk to come back to the Taeja group. Yi Joo’s father collapses and so much more. 

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