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Vigilante Episode 4
Vigilante Episode 4

Vigilante Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained: Who is the copycat? Does Officer Cho know Yi Jong is the Vigilante?

In episode 3 of Vigilante, Ji Yong visits the person who had run over the old lady in the hospital. He warns him to admit to all his crimes, asks for the maximum sentence, and leaves. But the copycat kills the guy for Ji Yong. The copycat leaves in an ambulance. Ji Yong intercepts the ambulance and gets in with the copycat.

Vigilante Episode 4 Recap: Who is the copycat?

The copycat takes Ji Yong to a deserted parking lot to talk. As Ji Yong prepares to deal with him, the copycat has a little fan moment. He says he has been following Yi Jong for a long time and cleaning up his tracks for him. Thus, he is partially responsible for Ji Yong not being caught.

He offers to work with or even as a sidekick. Ji Yong gets irritated by this and attacks him. The copycat tries to evade his attacks rather than fight back and says he can protect him. Yi Jong has police after him, and the copycat can make sure they can’t get to him. In fact, with him, they can hunt bigger prey.

Ji Yong is not interested in the deal and continues to fight him and says that what he does is not hunting, and the copycat has tarnished his work.
He asks the copycat if he has any rules, but the copycat says he has none. By this point, the copycat has started to fight back. They both get on the ledge of the building to fight, and Yi Jong tips him off the edge.
As the copycat hangs from the edge, he offers Ji Yong to check his identity, but Ji Yong refuses. He asked him to stay away from him.

Officer Cho goes through the list of hospital staff to look for Ji Yong but doesn’t find him. He looks for someone as tall as him, but the receptionist informs him that there is no one on staff that tall.
One of Mi Ryeon’s cameras has captured the Vigilante.

While Ji Yong tends to his injuries, he gets a text from the copycat asking if he needs an alibi.
The face of the copycat is revealed, and he is a high-ranking person. His assistant tells him that Mi Ryeo has found a video of the Vigilante, and he decides to talk to her himself.
Officer Cho visits the victim’s older brother, Jung Soonil, to ask him a few questions and warn him not to take any action but rather to let the police take care of it.

The copycat’s identity is revealed as the Dk group’s vice chairman, Jo Gangook. He meets Mi Ryeo with an offer to work with him to protect Vigilante. He professes his love for him, revealing his sponsorship of businesses helping copycat Vigilantes. He offers to sponsor Mi Ryeo, but she refuses. He takes the USB containing the video of Vigilante and promises to protect him.

The police discuss the latest case and how it fits into the pattern of the Vigilante. Officer Cho observes that the Vigilante is meticulous in going through all the trouble. The Vigilante’s deep understanding of the police’s methodology worries them and gives them the idea that he might be related to the police.

As for the report, Office Cho offers to take it to Professor Lee himself.
Back in the academy, Yi Jong is teased by his friends for his busted face, and he crosses paths with Officer Cho, who is on his way to the Professor’s office.
The officer passes Ji Yong and is suspicious of him.

Officer Cho Sees the seats in Professor Lee’s office and inquires about them, but he refuses to give any information. Later, they continued with their discussion.
That night, one of Yi Jong’s friends bursts into the room with the news that the man in the morning was regional Chief, and his presence meant that they were closing in on the Vigilante. Yi Jong considers contacting the copycat but doesn’t do it.

The next day in class, the Professor sees Yi Jong’s injured face and inquires about it. He makes an excuse for it being due to a spring incident, but the Professor doesn’t listen. At that moment, a person comes in to say that Yi Jong is being called by the police.

There was a woman who came in with the police to say that Ji Yong had saved her from a drunk man the last night in the process of which he had been injured. Professor Lee asked Ji Yong why he didn’t tell him the truth. Ji Yong said it was because he didn’t want to condone violence for whatever reason.

After this incident, Ji Yong finally accepts his fan’s help. This makes him ecstatic. They agreed to meet later at the time and place decided by Ji Yong.

Mi Ryeo started researching a new guy, this time a wealthy man named Kim Sandoo, who was very well known for his activities but got away quickly.

She meets up with another reporter to discuss the case. He said that Sandoo had been released multiple times but wasn’t allowed to cover such a high-profile man. If she were to look into it, he would also have the liberty to cover the case.
He offers to take him to an interview with an actor who seems to have some dirt on the man. But when they reach the actor’s house, they find him hanging from the ceiling.

The police had ruled it out as a suicide, but it seemed very suspicious to Mi Ryeo and her friend, considering he was planning to meet them. They, therefore, start to investigate it independently.
Ji Youn decides to meet Jo Gankgook at the bus terminal. He reaches there with his friends when the girl who had saved her earlier approaches him, asking for a meal.

He agrees and says goodbye to his friends. But he notices Officer Cho there. Halfway to the eatery, he excuses himself to go to the bathroom and bumps into Officer Cho.

Vigilante Episode 4 Ending Explained: Does Officer Cho know Yi Jong is the Vigilante?

Vigilante Episode 4: Officer Cho confronts Yi Jung about Vigilante via Disney+
Vigilante Episode 4: Officer Cho confronts Yi Jung about Vigilante via Disney+

He asks if they had met before, and Ji Yong says they did at the academy. Officer Cho introduces himself as the head of the regional group and an old friend of his Professor. Thus, he said, Ji Yong is his junior. Ju Yong readily accepts and addresses him as his senior. Officer Cho asks if he knows about the Vigilante case.

Ji Yong answers in the affirmative, saying that as a police officer, he is following the topic more, and they are asked to write a report on the case.
Officer Cho asks him how he thinks Vigilante will write a report on himself. He said he would make it objective without sounding anti-social. Officer Cho asks if it would be to hide his identity. Ji Yong says it might not be the case; instead, it would be because he wouldn’t think he was committing a crime.

Officer Cho advises Ji Yong not to do anything since the Vigilante will be caught soon, and he, anyway, has too much talent that might go to waste otherwise.
We get a flashback to Officer Cho’s discussion with Professor Lee, where he asks him what he would do if the Vigilante turned out to be a righteous and steady person who has a good job and a good reputation because if he is young and good-looking to top it all off the public would go wild over him.

It seemed as if Officer Cho was describing Yi Yong. He concluded that the Vigilante knew this, so he never hid his crimes but rather flaunted them.
The solution was to draw up candidates for Vigilante and pin all the crimes on the most unattractive and immoral candidate to make the public believe they were following an absolute loser, thus ending their era of vigilantism.
The copycat looks at Yi Yong having a conversation with Officer Cho.


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