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The Vigilante Episode 3
vigilante Episode 3

The Vigilante Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: How will the public react to The Vigilante? Who is this new Copycat?

Episode 2 of Vigilante ends with the police creating a department to deal with the threat of the Vigilante, much to the public’s displeasure. The unit welcomed the regional team into their squad to investigate the Vigilante further with a “monster” for a lead.

Vigilante Episode 3 Recap: How will the public react to The Vigilante?

Copycats emerged with the popularity boom of the Vigilante and the general public’s dissatisfaction with the law regulation. They sometimes work as a group and sometimes as individuals to track down people they think have not been adequately punished by the law and dish out their vengeance.

Discussion groups are raised by most of the popular news channels to discuss this new epidemic of copycat vigilantes. The people started to discuss whether this was the original intent of the Vigilante to create confusion and shake the foundation of law in the country.

Ji Yong watches one of these discussions with his friends. One of his friends is dissatisfied with the Vigilante and agrees with the panellist who says that this might be to gain popularity. Seon Wook agrees with Ji Yong and says that this was never the original intent of the Vigilante. Seeing Ji Young’s ideas match his, Seon Wook is shocked.

The police continue to look into the past cases, but no evidence shows up. The people associated with the latest case admitted to other crimes but refused to say anything related to his death. The Vigilante scared them more than jail time.
A new case comes forward—the death of a delivery man. His murderer was released after serving only a little over a year in jail.

Mi Ryeo guesses that he might be the next target. She asks her subordinate to set up an interview with him.
Mi Ryeon’s hunch turns out to be correct as Ji Yong looks up his case. A truck driver had run over a delivery man by accident when he got off of his truck he realised that the man was alive but instead of helping him he backed up his truck over him to kill him.

At some discussion forums, people have said that this is the norm in these cases, as the jail time for killing a man is less than the compensation one has to give if the victim survives.
But before Yi Jong could get too consumed by this, his friend walks into the room, and he pretends to organise his files.

Yi Jong later comes back to take a picture of the personal information of the truck driver. He visits the driver’s home and realises he doesn’t repent his actions. When his victim’s mother comes to confront him, he pushes her away, saying that he is now innocent since he has served his punishment.
The driver wanted to relish his freedom by going to a bathhouse, but someone followed him. A man with a mask visits him and downs him in the bath.

On the way back to his house, Yi Jong again finds scattered cardboard boxes that he picks up and takes to the old lady in front of a shop. The owner appreciates Yi Jong for working so hard. In the middle of their conversation, Yi Joung hears the TV that announces the death of the driver and that everyone thinks the real Vigilante did this one.

The police are having difficulty with this investigation as the CCTV cameras seemed to be disabled by a jammer. The Vigilante has seemingly evolved.
A copycat news show on the Vigilante covers the latest hit. Mi Ryeon is furious with this since the Vigilante is no longer dependent on her.

The copycat gives the Vigilante three new targets. The new Vigilante takes over. He hits all three of the people who were shown on the show. Unlike Yi Jong, he seemed to enjoy the process.
Since the police were not showing the message the copycat had posted, the copycat reached out to the new news show to broadcast his message.

His message, in essence, said that while vigilantism is a crime, he admits that an evil spirit like the Vigilante was born due to actions of the law. As long as the lenient law remained, so would they.
Ji Yong watches the broadcast and declares that this was not the real Vigilante since he said “us”.

The police need clarification on the message. They start to consider that it might be an organised crime, but Chief Eun says that the Vigilante did not commit recent crimes since the victim profile didn’t match his pattern. Detective Cho Heon is convinced that it is the Vigilante who has been encouraged by the news coverage and is now attacking both women and minors.

Professor Lee says it is a copycat because the message seems more like he wanted the attention of someone. Considering it was the copycat, there is only one person he would want attention from- the original Vigilante.

Mi Ryeo faces her superiors, who are livid about her missing the Vigilatente’s latest victims. She is convinced that the man who has made the recent killings is not the Vigilante and goes on to say that she has a debate planned for him.

She leads a debate against one of the Vigilante’s haters, saying that while the human rights of the perpetrators are essential, it doesn’t negate the fact that the victims end up suffering much more, and while blaming the family of a criminal is wrong, the victim’s family suffer as well especially children.

The speech touches a nerve with Ji Yong.
The old woman Ji Yong helped often gets attacked by a wealthy man, Soondo, who drives over her because she cannot move fast enough. Later, a shopkeeper comes in to help the old lady. However, when the police arrive, the helper is also arrested.

What ends up happening is that the perpetrator rests in the hospital while the shopkeeper is arrested.
This causes widespread resentment amongst the public. This time, not only Yi Jong but also Seon Wook is affected.

Yi Jong attacked Soondo’s older brother, who bangs on the old woman’s gate, offering her money to settle.
Mi Ryeon is ready with the crew at the hospital to catch the Vigilante in action.

The police surround the hospital, and one is stationed at Soondo’s room. Soon, Detective Cho Hyun, Captain Eun, and their teams arrive at the scene. Detective Hyun shocked everyone by moving a car with his bare hands.
The officer stationed at Soondo’s room gets a call saying that someone had hit his car, and he leaves the room to check on it.

Yi Jung comes into the room dressed in all black. He jumps on Soondo’s bed and chokes him with a juice bottle. He confesses that even though he understands what he is doing is a crime, keeping the law system in mind, he thinks punishing some crimes with other crimes is okay.

He asked him to ask for a maximum sentence; otherwise, when he is released, the Vigilante will come for him.
Chief Eun and his team meet the officer who was posted in Soondo’s room in the parking lot. They checked together and saw that his car was fine. It clicks in them that this was just a method for distracting the officer, and they all run together towards the hospital room.

Vigilante Episode 3 Ending Explained: Who is this new Copycat?

The Vigilante episode 3: Ji Yung meets his copycat via Disney+ hotstar
The Vigilante episode 3: Ji Yung meets his copycat via Disney+ hotstar

Detective Hyun sees Yi Jung leave Soondo’s room in a Doctor’s clothes. He finds him suspicious and starts to follow him, but Soondo starts screaming in his room; therefore, he has to check up on him. Soondo says that the Vigilante was there in his room.

Detective Hyun starts to follow Yi Jung through the fire exit. He asks the rest to check the premises and CCTVs. He is, however, unable to catch Yi Jung, and Chief Eun realises that the CCTvs are disabled somehow.
Yi Jung leaves the building, but the copycat reaches a now unprotected Soondo and attacks him. Soondo is dropped from his room, and police run to the body. Yi Jung is the only one who sees the copycat zip line out and get into an ambulance. Yi Jung intercepts the ambulance and gets into the running ambulance.





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