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The Matchmakers Episode 6
The Matchmakers Episode 6

The Matchmakers Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained :Will Jung Woo discover Soon Deok’s true identity? Will The Matchmakers succeed in getting the Maeng sisters married?

In Episode 5 of The Matchmakers, Lady Park becomes suspicious of Jung Woo’s activities. They had initially planned on exiling him, but that wouldn’t be possible considering his present activities. Lady Park thus planned on asking him to tutor her grandson. Jung Woo visits Lady Park for this reason, and Soon Deok comes out with her son. Soon Deok yet again comes face to face with Jung Woo.

The Matchmakers Episode 6 Recap: Will Jung Woo discover Soon Deok’s true identity?

The Matchmakers Episode 6 starts with the interview of the King. We get a good look at the King’s intentions. He says that he doesn’t dislike the Dongro fraction. Instead, he was good friends with Jung Woo’s father, who had established the fraction. He was like Jung Woo, a problematic subject but not malicious. Similarly, he actually likes Jung Woo but doesn’t like the present leader on the fraction, the Left state councillor who used the fraction for his personal growth.

Jung Woo visits Lady Park to refuse the offer of tutoring her grandson, but Lady Park talks him into it. She says that without any heirs, he might be lonely; therefore, she wanted to help him by giving him a student at least. Further, he would be the future leader of the fraction established by his father; this way, he can help shape the future of the fraction.
Soon Deok brings in her son, Geon Seok.

She sees the shoes left by Jung Woo and recognises them but brushes it off. When she goes in, she ends up facing Jung Woo. To escape, she tells her son to go in and inform Lady Park that she can’t join because she is having a nosebleed.

Geon Seok informs Lady Park that his mother has a nosebleed like he did when he worked too hard. Thus, his mother had asked him not to study after dinner.
Realising he has revealed a secret, he covers his mouth, but this doesn’t escape Jung Woo. Soon Deok, on her way to her room, asks a maid about her son’s tutor’s identity and learns that he is Lord Gyeongunjea. She spends the rest of the day contemplating how to deal with him now.

Lady Park later visits Soon Deok to express her gratitude for caring for Geon Seok even though he is not her biological son. She even says she appreciates her asking Geon Seok to stop studying after dinner.
Officer Jung gets scolded by his superior for not being able to catch Hwa Rok and instead conducting a private investigation.

The Lady in question dresses as a man to go to the inn to collect her payment. She cries, admitting to the innkeeper that no one has selected her as the potential bride.

On her way back, she meets Officer Jung, who requests her to change into her regular clothes so he can talk to her. He asks her why she dresses up as a man even though he has warned her. She admits that she needed the money desperately to fix the wall of her house. Seeing her in such a desperate situation, he goes to her house to fix the wall. Her mother comes out, and despite Sam Soon repeatedly telling her not to bother with the Officer, her mother asks him also to fix their roof while he is at it.

Sam Soon discusses with her sister if Officer Jung is married and how good it would be to have a husband like him.
Ha Na says he must be married since he is a Lieutenant. Moreover, people like them are the worst as they bother with other women more than their wives, just like their father who never forgot the birthday of his mentor’s wife but never remembered their mother’s birthday.

The Defense Minister visits Lady Park to tell her that the Sharman might be wrong since the consort reported seeing the crown prince in the palace.
Lady Park concludes that they might be using a young eunuch as a decoy, and she has actually found the place where the crown prince is being kept.

Soon Deok meets Jung Woo the next day to discuss potential matches. Soon Deok admits that she knows the identity of Jung Woo and acts formally towards him throughout the meeting.

They discuss how to select the bachelors for the Old Ladies. Soon Deok remembered all of them by their faces and showed a deep understanding of the nature of the men, even noticing things the Jung Woo had missed. While talking about the ladies, Jung Woo is reminded of the young man he had seen with Du Ri. Sure rough, the man waits for the second sister to appear in front of her house.

When they go to choose the bachelor for the youngest, their hands touch each other, and they are caught in the moment, unable to pull their hands away. Only when O Bong comes in do they pull away from each other.
Lady Park visits the kitchen but realises that Soon Deok is not there. As her maid starts to suspect, Soon Deok appears carrying a jar of liquor, thus avoiding suspicion.

Although Lady Park dismisses Soon Deok, she doesn’t let go of her suspicion. She visits her room and sees her disguise of Lady Yeoju scattered. Her maid becomes ecstatic now that she is proven correct, but her happiness is short-lived as Lady Park warns her that if the news of her daughter-in-law leaving the house gets out, the maid will be held responsible.
Jung Woo is haunted by the memory of him holding Lady Yeoju’s hands and cannot let go of the thought that she might think of him as immoral.

Soon Deok is also similarly haunted, thinking that Jung Woo must think her to be easy. She messes up everything she does throughout the day until Ye Jin comes in with a barrel of ginger liquor. Burdened with their own problems, they spent the night drinking and eating barbeque.

Soon Deok tells her problem in the guise of a friend to Ye Jin and her maid. Much to her displeasure, the maid says that her action seems akin to someone who is in love.

Jung Woo visits the King but is sent away with the news that the King is unwell. In reality, the King was well and waiting on the court maid, who was asked to poison herself by the Left State councillor. She has actually survived, and the King was determined to save her.
Jung Woo starts his first class with Soon Deok’s son. The first question Jung Woo asks him the reason for his studies.

He answers that it is to please his grandparents, but Jung Woo corrects him, saying that if you become an official, it would be to serve the people and the King, not to make your family proud. This was very similar to what Soon Deok had told him. Jung Woo acknowledged the wisdom of his mother.

Jung Woo is impressed by the kid and tells Lady Park after the lesson that he might have missed out on something himself if he had not taught the child. Rather than teaching the kid, he looks forward to learning from the kid.
Soon Deok goes out to tend to the family graves. Lady Park and Soon Deok share a moment as they talk about Soon Deok’s late husband. They show genuine adoration for each other.

The Matchmakers Episode 6 Ending Explained: Will The Matchmakers succeed in getting the Maeng sisters married?

The Matchmakers Episode 6 via Viu. Jung Woo passes out due to his chest pain.
The Matchmakers Episode 6 via Viu. Jung Woo passes out due to his chest pain.

Jung Woo meets up with the bachelors, and at the end of the meeting, he realises that they are absolutely against marrying the Meang sisters owing to their rumours. He calls on Soon Deok urgently. While she makes her way out, she is followed by Lady Park’s maid, but she loses sight of Soon Deok.

When Soon Deok comes to know the problem, she realises the only way to solve this is to remove the rumour. Thus, figuring out the murderer of Cho Ok would solve the problem of rumour.
Jung Woo calls Officer Jung to meet, knowing he has found the murderer, while Soon Deok calls Sam Soon. Seeing Officer Jung and Sam Soon interacting, Jung Woo gets chest pains and passes out this time.




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