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The Matchmakers ep 5
The Matchmakers ep 5

The Matchmakers Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained: How will Soon Deok deal with Jung Woo? Will Jung Woo be punished for helping Soon Deok?

In Episode 4 of The Matchmakers, Jung Soon Deok meets with Shim Jung Woo while dressed as a noble lady at the Sunhwa Temple. She was banking on her heavy makeup to escape being identified by Jung Woo, but he instantly recognised her. This was very odd for Soon Deok as her brother did not recognise her dressed as Lady Yeoju.

The Matchmakers Episode 5 Recap: How will Soon Deok deal with Jung Woo?

Episode 5 of Matchmakers starts with the interview of the second daughter of Maeng. She talked about her ideal type. She didn’t believe in getting married because that would mean she would have to work to feed her husband. If it were up to her, she would want a husband who would work for his food.

On the other hand, we see Yoon Bu Kyum. He is a noble who also works in the fields.
We then come back to the original story. Jung Woo recognised Soon Deok even without her makeup. Seeing Lady Yeoju in the clothes of a noble lady confused Jung Woo, and he asked why she had dressed like so. She explained that dressing up as a noble lady made her work easy. Thus, she sometimes dressed up as one.

While Jung Woo was displeased with her dressed up as a noble lady, he eventually complimented her, saying she looked better without the makeup.
They walked towards the Pagoda of Love as Soon Deok explained her plan. As Soon Deok explained how the people used this opportunity, Jung Woo had a panic attack due to the crowd.

She was distraught for him after seeing Jung Woo almost passing out. He explained the nature of his illness and assured her that he wouldn’t die from it.
Soon Deok suggested using herself as a shield as if Jung Woo focused on her, he wouldn’t be able to see the other people.

She safely got him out of the Pagoda and led him to “The Wall of Darkness”.

This was a dark corner of the temple where all the old bachelors gathered. Soon Deok asked Jung Woo to take a walk through the path.

He heard those bachelors sitting in groups at tables discussing everything under the sun.
Jung Woo comes back displeased with the attitude of the bachelors to find Soon Deok struggling to get a fish-shaped lantern off of the tree.

He helped her get it off, and they shared a moment of intimacy.
Soon Deok breaks the eye contact and asks him to take an interview of the bachelors while she fetches the ladies.

Soon Deok dones the disguise of Lady Yeoju as Jung Woo interviews the bachelors. They all seem pretty disappointing to Jung Woo as they all want the same thing: a young and pretty wife. There were only three exceptions, two of whom only wanted someone who would understand them, and one who wanted a wife who did not depend on others to provide for herself.

Meanwhile, the defence minister gets the news that Soon Deok’s brother opened the door. He informs Soon Deok’s mother-in-law and asks her to look into Soon Deok.
Soon Deok explains the plan to the three sisters. They were to enter and walk into the wall of darkness individually and conduct their first eye contact to get a man they liked.

When she reached Jung Woo, a fight had erupted amongst the bachelors over a game of Baduk. Jung Woo watches disapprovingly as Soon Deok panics because the ladies are fast approaching.
Jung Woo finally puts his great retinue of talents to use as he plays Daegeum on his flute. He plays this love song so well that it enthuses everyone. The fight among the bachelors stops, and the people in the Pagoda stop their busy circling to listen to the beautiful music.

Ye Ji is the only one untouched by the music, and she leaves her nephew with her maid, annoyed at such a beautiful song but unable to share it with the one she likes.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Jung arrives at the Pagoda with her son to see her future daughter-in-law but misses the chance.

The three sisters arrive at a now peaceful wall of darkness. Lady Yeoju pushes forward the oldest. With her beauty, she captures everyone’s attention. She even displays her intelligence by besting one of them in the game of Go in just one move. This, along with the flute, made them believe that they saw a fairy.

For the second, Soon Deok played drums in a beat that made the bachelors believe the lady was causing their hearts to beat this fast. For the youngest, Soon Deok gave her flower essence. The mixture of the fragrance and the dim lights would make the bachelors think that she is more beautiful than she is.

While she successfully got the bachelors interested in the eldest two, the youngest had a pollen allergy that made her sneeze in from the bachelors, scaring away potential suitors.
Ye Ji was sitting alone drinking in one corner when the man she had been waiting for suddenly arrived. She is ecstatic due to his appearance and lets it slip that her marriage has been fixed.

As the sisters leave the temple, the youngest worries that she has missed her chance and wants to return to meet Lady Yeoju again. Since the time to give their mother medicine was fast approaching, the oldest decided to leave and asked Du Ri to take Sam Soon to Lady Yeoju.

On their way back, Sam Soom comes face-to-face with Officer Jung and runs away on instinct to avoid him leaving Du Ri alone. Shi Yeol somehow appears in front of Du Ri, and as she tries to walk away, she sprains her ankle again. Using this as an excuse, Shi Yeol picks her up and takes her away to fix it.

Sam Soon manages to get away from Officer Jung but is struck by the idea that he might have feelings for her, which is why he is so dedicatedly following her. Unable to help herself as a writer, she jumps into a fantasy world, instantly coming up with the opening of a new novel.

She writes it down, but that paper files right into the hands of Officer Jung, who now has proof of her identity as Hwa Rok. He, however, doesn’t arrest her and merely warns her that she is being investigated for murder and, thus, should be careful.

Jung Woo and Soon Deok share a few moments, discussing their plans, and Jungwoo gifts her paper lanterns. She drops one, and Jungwoo offers her the other one. She prays on the lantern but doesn’t tell her wish to Jung-woo.

As the bell rings, she rushes back to meet her Mother-in-law. She sneaks into the building from the back and pretends to have been there since the beginning when her aunt tries to discredit her. Ye Jin also supports her claims, saying they have been doing a thousand bows.

Soon Deok’s mother-in-law reassures her that she is very much a part of the Jo family and, thus, should be in front of the temple.


The Matchmakers Episode 5 Ending Explained: Will Jung Woo be punished for helping Soon Deok?

The Matchmakers Episode 5 Via Viu
The Matchmakers Episode 5 Via Viu

While they were on their way out, they met Officer Jung. Soon Deok’s mother-in-law asks her why she had opened the door to the petition drums, and he says it is because Lord Gyeongunjea had asked him to. Satisfied with this answer, she allows Soondeok to go with her brother.

As soon as they were out of earshot, Soon Deok asked her brother why he had said such a lie, which can be caught easily. He assures her that Lord Gyeongunjea has asked him to say so. Soondeok assumed Jung Woo and Lord Gyeongunjea must be friends since she didn’t know they were the same person.

Soon Deok’s mother-in-law and father-in-law discuss Jungwoo’s actions. They had initially planned on exiling him soon, but seeing his actions, they decided to keep him close as the tutor for Soondeok’s son.
Soon Deok is pressed because Mrs. Jung missed the chance to meet Ye Ji at the temple, and the real Yeoju was here to serve as a mediator. She Solved the situation by convincing Mrs Jung to disguise herself as a peddler and talk to Mrs Park herself. This was a great solution.
Jung Woo comes to Soon Deok’s house to reject the offer but loses against Mrs Park. Soon Deok visits them with his son, and yet again, Jung Woo faces Soon Deok.

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