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Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 5
Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 5

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained: What happened to Do Guk? Is Yi Joo the legitimate daughter of the family?

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In Episode 4 of Perfect Marriage Revenge, Han Yi Joo intends to meet Seo Jung Wook to discuss Seo Do Guk’s past. Jung Wook had called Do Guk to say that his fiance had come to meet him. This caused Do Guk to go to the place in a panic. Since the site was on a boat, it made Do Guk relive his traumatic past when his older brother got hurt and he had a panic attack. Yi Joo sees this and runs to Do Guk but Do Guk passes out in her arms. 

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 5 Recap: What Happened to Do Guk?

Do Guk was taken away to the hospital in an ambulance. In the hospital, Yi Joo rushes to get a doctor for him, but by the time she gets a doctor there, Do Guk has already disappeared. She looks around in the hospital, herself panicking at this point. She mindlessly walks towards a man who looks like Do Guk, almost getting run over by a wheelchair, but the real Do Guk reaches in time to save her.

They both have a teary reunion, and they go back home. Do Guk sleep restlessly on the bed while Yi Joo sleeps on the sofa. Early the following day, they have a guest. It turns out to be a woman who says she is Do Guk’s friend. She walks straight into Do Guk’s room and closes the door behind her, making Yi Joo feel unwelcomed. 

The friend comes out later to introduce herself as Do Guk’s psychiatrist. She informs Yi Joo that his reaction last night was due to a panic attack. This surprises Yi Joo, but before Yi Joo can ask any more questions Do Guk comes out and throws the friend out of the house. 

Do Guk tries to assure Yi Joo that it is not that big of a deal, but she is not convinced. Nevertheless, She relents, and Do Guk asks her not to talk to Jung Wook from now onwards. 

Later that day, Jung Wook calls her, but she refuses to meet him, stating that whatever it is, she wants to hear it from Do Guk. She was on the way to meet the Chairwoman of the Taeja group and Seo Do Guk’s grandmother. The Chairwoman had decided to test Yi Joo; therefore, she asked her what she should do about her father’s request. Her father had requested her to help him acquire the savings bank.

Yi Joo asks her to look into the process carefully and not get involved in a way that would stain her name. Her name was initially meant for a boy since her name suggested a boy who achieves great things. Her father didn’t want to change it just because she was a girl; therefore, The term became a person who achieved greatness, which is what she named her foundation. 

The Chairwoman returns home to announce she wants the wedding to happen in a month, which means that Yi Joo has passed her test. Do Guk’s father showed hesitation and looked towards his wife for support, but she suggested a date 2 weeks from then. Jung Wook comes and hears the wedding preparations being rushed. He rudely comments that if Do Guk marries in such a hurry, people might get the wrong idea, but the family shut him down. 

Mrs. Lee, Yi Joo’s adoptive mother, is informed by her secretary that Yi Joo’s grandfather has been helping her. She sees the picture of him with a chairwoman and the accounts showing him buying a painting. 

Se Hyeok gets a call from the bridal dress shop to confirm the appointment for Yi Joo. Se Hyeok thinks that Yi Joo had a change of heart and promises to come. 

Yi Joo’s parents fight for her father’s easy acceptance of the marriage. Mrs Lee suggested that she could take up the CEO position after acquiring the bank while Yoo Ra could take up the gallery. In a fit of rage, Yi Joo’s father suggests that he would give the gallery to Yi Joo. Mrs Lee readily drops the topic to appease him. He takes his medicine, and Mrs Lee suggests changing it for him. 

Yi Joo and Do Guk arrive at the Bridal shop to realise it is the same shop where she wanted to get her wedding dress with Se Hyeon. While she tries out her dress, Se Hyeon arrives as well. The workers try to make him go away by apologising, but he catches a glimpse of Yi Joo. He confronts her to say that he is livid that she chose the same shop to mock him. He further states that he was angry till now, but the sight of her face made him believe that she wasn’t happy either. 

Mrs Lee arranges a meeting with Jung Wook to discuss Yi Joo’s grandfather’s investing in Yi Joo. Therefore, he expected Do Guk to take up the Teaja group, not Jung Wook. She presents him with an alliance to serve both of them. 

Meanwhile, Se Hyeon’s remark about her not being happy haunted Yi Joo as she paints. 

Yoo Ra shows up to her blind date arranged by her father in a very daring dress. She immediately picks a fight with the mother and the son duo. When the son comes up to hit YooRa, Jung Wook appears to save her. 

Jung Wook was actually there to meet Yi Joo to discuss Do Guk’s trauma. His attitude disappointed Yi Joo, and she got up to leave. Do Guk arrives soon after and gets into a physical fight with Jung Wook. Yoo Ra observes all of this from above. Yoo Ra later discusses with her mother that her plan now is to date Jung Wook, who is stronger than Do Guk. 

As soon as Yi Joo and Do Guk reach home, she confronts him about his reaction to Jung Wook, but he warns her that if she were to get involved, she would be crossing the line. She steps back as usual. 

The Chairwoman takes Yi Joo to a Sharman to ask why her grandfather acted that way. She tells them that his grandfather had caused the death of a woman who was 8 months pregnant. He wanted to avoid the bad luck of killing a baby and thus came to Sharman 25 years ago. The Sharman asked him to adopt a child and raise her well. The shock was quite a lot for both of them. 

Seeing Yi Joo being so steady after such a shock, the Chairwoman finally accepted her and asked her to call her grandmother. 

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 5 Ending Explained: Is Yi Joo the legitimate daughter of the family?

Perfect Revenge Marriage Episode 5
Perfect Revenge Marriage Episode 5

Yi Joo decided to visit her grandfather to forgive him for his actions, but his grandfather had a different thing in store. He picked out a picture of her and her mother. He said that her mother and adoptive father were really close, but before he could explain further, Mrs Lee arrived, and Yi Joo had to hide in a closet.

Mrs Lee threatens Yi Joo’s grandfather to keep his silence and, in the process, reveals to Yi Joo that she is the legitimate heir to the family as her father’s biological daughter. Since she doesn’t return till quite late, Do Guk visits her room. In her room, there was the sketchbook containing her sketches. On coming across the sketches of the crash, he gets chest pain, making us think that he might been involved in the crash that day.  

He gets a call from the police station to pick up Yi Joo. Do Guk rushed to the station to find a barefoot and listless Yi Joo. He takes tender care of her back home. She is listless even at her wedding until her mother comes in to give her a talk down about her lowly origins, and she almost attacks her mother but is stopped. 

The next episode’s preview shows them going ahead full throttle with their revenge. 

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