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Vigilante Episode 2
Vigilante Episode 2

Vigilante Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained: Who will be Ji Young’s next target? Can the police catch Ji Young?

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Episode 1 of Vigilante shows Ji Young reaching Suheung in time to save Siyoon from Jung Deokheung. While the first episode touches upon the origin story of the Vigilante, it ends on a much more sombre note as, this time, he murdered his victim. 

Vigilante Episode 2 Recap: Who will be Ji Young’s next target?

An investigation was launched to track down who had killed Jung Deokheung, but it was proving to be very difficult as the footage from black boxes and dashcams were gone. The way everything was taken care of professionally indicated that perhaps he didn’t kill Jung Deokheung while trying to save Siyoon but instead planned on it from the beginning. 

The police concluded that even though he cleaned up everything the way it was set up, he was not trying to escape it but rather make it to the headlines.

He made it to the headlines as Mi Ryeon broadcasted Jung Deokheung’s case information for everyone to see. This was a cause of concern for the police as public opinion was already starting to tip towards the Vigilante. An investigation into him was launched, with him tried as a murderer.

Ji Young’s professor was also called in to help with the investigation. He asked Ji Young and Seonwook to develop the profiling App while he was away. 

Ji Young tries to distract the professor by saying someone from the building could be the murderer, while Seonwook says it has to be the Vigilante. 

The professor reaches a murderer scene that is a mess but somehow devoid of any clues, as if the murderer knew precisely where they would look. An investigator suggested they might try taking to Siyoon, but the professor concluded that it would be useless as there was no way she would tell them the truth.  

The public opinion is quite obviously tipping as a student shows up at the scene to shout at the investigators for trying to catch the Vigilante.

Not everyone supports the Vigilante, as Mi Ryeon’s station gets blasted for promoting a murderer, but she is determined to push this agenda on.

This time, she will broadcast the information about three different criminals. This would not only distract the police from focusing on one culprit but also clarify the preference of the vigilante in choosing a victim. 

Ji Young had already decided on a particular man who was responsible for killing a mother and her kids. He sneaked into his professor’s office to get the information about the guy. The guy even went to a club right after he was released.

This time, when Ji Young’s friends ask him to join their trip to the club, he agrees. As soon as he reaches the club, he spots his next target. He gets dragged away from his friends by a girl who eventually gets him closer to his target. The guy discusses with his friend how he got away from the situation. 

Since he was with a minor when he broke in, he pushed the blame of the murders on the minor, and since minors can’t get a harsh punishment, both he and his helper got away without much punishment. 

The whole time the guy told the story, Ji Young had stared at him. The girl noticed this and pulled him away to a deserted place. She pulled out a strip of something and asked if he was staring at the guy for this, but unfortunately, he only sold it to international students. Ji Young, realising it was a drug, tries to get away, but the girl puts the strip in her mouth and kisses him. 

Ji Young gets affected by the drug and blanks out. He wakes up the next day not having any idea what has happened. 

He returns to the academy to find his friend on his bed. He apologises for leaving him behind and asks if he returned home alright. Ji Young says he did. 

While looking into the guy, Ji Young comes across the account of the woman who he had killed. There was a video of her children singing that made Ji Young cry. 

He looks into drugs transition in clubs and tries to figure out how that works. 

The transition is done by individuals in cash. Only the dealer gets caught when there is a raid, while the actual supplier gets away. In this, Ji Young’s target was only a dealer, while a man called Junsik was the supplier. 

After shadowing the guy for a while, Ji Young discovered where he used to hide his money and drugs. 

Ji Young makes no moves for three weeks, making Mi Ryeon’s team restless. She asks the presenter to be emotional today. But they didn’t need to wait long. Ji Young drops a note in the guy’s car to turn himself in with a number.

The guy asks his friend to call the number. It turned out to be the number of Busan DEA. Scared of coming so close to being caught, he asks his friend to lay low. He goes to his supplier to pick up the drugs and asks if they were produced in Busan by any chance. Junsik obviously doesn’t give a reply, but the way things were panning out rattled the guy. Thus, he refused to sell drugs that day even though he did go to the club. 

There was a raid in the club that day, but the guy managed to escape using a back door. 

He goes to his hideout, but Ji Young awaits him there. Ji Young sees this as a sign from god that allowed him to bring the guy to justice instead of the police.

Ji Young provokes the guy by setting all his money and the book containing the drugs on fire. They both get into a fight, but he is no match for Ji Young, who easily overpowers him. He is strangled by a chain, and Ji Young asks him to apologise to the video of the children singing.

Ji Young eventually kills him and gets back home, bone-tired from the ordeal.

The police department does a press release regarding the case, promising to stop the vigilante’s activities by setting up a unit to deal with it. The public opinion on the case is very different as the people support the vigilante’s activities. Expert panels are set up to discuss the case, but no one could conclude. 

Mi Ryeon’s colleagues set up a surprise party for the tremendous success of the show in light of the recent hit of the vigilante. But Mi Ryeon is not happy. She asks the people why they are celebrating instead of working. One of the reporters says that the police are not releasing any real information other than the most basic info. Mi Ryeon asks them to analyse any information they have received while she heads for the scene with the department head.

The effect of the vigilante’s activities takes hold. Crime rates started dropping, and the criminals who were released with light sentences turned themselves in. 

Vigilante Episode 2 Ending Explained: Can the police catch Ji Young?

Vigilante Episode 2. The new "Monstrous" team lead is introduced. Via Disney+
Vigilante Episode 2. The new “Monstrous” team lead is introduced. Via Disney+

The police department responsible for the vigilante is informed that they have to collaborate with the regional unit on this case. The head of the regional unit had a reputation for being a monster that even made the other police officers quake. 

The head of the department goes out in search of the friend, Koo Sungyeol, who had called the Busan DEA and asked him about the victim. He takes Sungyeol to the rooftop. Due to his fiery appearance, the police officer gets mistaken for the loan shark. As soon as Sungyeol understands he is not a loan shark, he becomes rude. The officer, now dropping all niceties, hangs him from the edge of the roof and asks him about the guy who had just died. He mentions how he had asked him to call the DEA, but that is all he knows. The officer lets him go. 

The officer reports to the headquarters, saying that the killer will eventually make a mistake and evidence will show up. Thus, at least for now, our Vigilante is safe.

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