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The Matchmakers Episode 4
The Matchmakers Episode 4

The Matchmakers Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained: Can Jung Woo save Lady Jo? What is Lady Park’s plan? 

The Matchmakers Episode 3 ends with Soon Deok confronting Jung Woo about his involvement in the arrest of Lady Jo, the mother of the Meang sisters. He says this might help them handle the case better; therefore, this shouldn’t be a problem, rather than denying his involvement in the arrest.

The Matchmakers Episode 4 Recap: Can Jung Woo save Lady Jo?

As Customary, the episode starts with the introduction of characters. This time, the two servants introduce themselves: O Bong, Jung Woo’s servant and Gaedong. O Bong thinks that because his master never got to feel love, Jung Woo is cruel towards newlyweds like himself. Gaedong, on the other hand, loves Soon Deok but believes in the rumours about Lady Park and thus doesn’t understand why Soon Deok takes such a huge risk to be a matchmaker.

On her daily visits to the person who gets the embroidered pieces for her, Soon Deok learns that Lady Jo has been arrested. She couldn’t do anything right then as it was too close to dinner time.
The Defence Minister, in a meeting with the other ministers, confessed that he was the one who had started the rumour about Ha Na, the eldest of the daughters. His luscious behaviour made everyone uncomfortable, but no one said anything.

Soon Deok visits Lady Jo in jail early next day. She tells her to stall for time while she and Ha Na devise a solution. She asks her brother to open the gate to the petition drums.
Ha Na publicly petitions the investigation of the Defence Minister for overcharging the poor people and taking advantage of the situation with her. She only wanted to do her duty as the eldest to take care of her blind mother but was bested using the law.

Before Lady Jo could be punished, they revised an announcement that the King had accepted the petition and the punishment of Lady Jo would be put on hold until the charges were investigated.
Lady Park has asked her brother, the Defense Minister, to refrain from reacting, but on the advice of the left state councillor, Jo Young Bae, he went to Jung Woo for help.

Meanwhile, Jung Woo gets another visitor, his older brother, who had made another blunder and again asks for his help for the sake of his niece and nephew.
Minister Park follows suit soon. Jung Woo agrees to help him but warns this time, it will cost a lot. Jung Woo writes a wordy explanation for him, which he could not memorise. Jung Woo comes up with yet another solution.

The next day, at the hearing, Minister Park pretends to be sick and asks the Chief royal secretary to read his statement. With Jungwoo’s help, he quickly explained away all his allegations, but to the Minister’s surprise, there were specific additional clauses.
It said that he would give up on the Ha Na and would help people experiencing poverty by giving up interest and donating his money.

This made him furious, and he asked Jung Woo to be questioned in front of Minister Jo, but Jung Woo said that he had already warned of the cost and that he had agreed to it.

We are then returned to the day Ha Na sounds the drums, and Soon Deok confronts Jung Woo. Jung Woo explains that as things stand, the petition will only make things more difficult but promises to solve things, finally explaining that he had yet to advise Minister Park.

He visits the King, asking him to accept the petition as he has a way to punish Minister Park.
Lady Park discusses things with her brother, Minister Park and scolds him for not paying attention to his statement. She advised him to look into who opened the doors to the drums for the lady.

Minister Jo gives the golden silkworm poison to a court lady. The head sharman visits the Queen to say that the Crown Prince might be hurt if he is not taken from the palace.
We see the mystery man looking for the original Lady Yeoju to track down her identity.

In the inn, Lady Yeoju apologises to Soon Deok for being unable to meet Lady Park on the day of the Buddha’s birthday as she would be away. We come to know that Soon Deok had saved her life when she was pregnant with Bok Hee.
Jung Woo later visits the inn and is guided through a secret passage to meet Soon Deok. It was the room where Hwa Rok’s novels are copied; she had decided to use the space as their place for planning.

They laid out a plan of action and decided the day of Buddha’s birthday would be a perfect day to start their operation as all the bachelors would gather at the Sunhwa Temple.
Her way of dealing with this makes Jung Woo think of what he had read about the Agents of Love and thinks she might actually be one.

They discuss eye contact as an excellent method to make people fall in love, especially ones who want to avoid their reputation. Soon Deok says that she had met her husband the same way.
They tried to teach the sisters how to do it properly, but only the youngest was interested, and she was terrible at it. The other two only participated when Jung Woo threatened them.

The two of them succeeded and showed their unique charms. The eldest even identifies that long hoods were made for them, thus defying the allegations of being dumb.
Soon Deok’s sister-in-law, Ye Jin, sneaks away to meet a low-born man who appears to be her lover. She gifts him a flower ring and spends the day with him.

Soon Deok and Ye Jin both turn out to be late and are caught by Soon Deok’s father-in-law, Minister Jo. Ye Jin makes up an excuse for being late and saves them.

The Matchmakers Episode 4
The Matchmakers Episode 4

The Matchmaker Episode 4 Ending Explained: What is Lady Park’s plan?

The Queen visits the King to say that one of the court ladies is suffering from the same disease that the princess had suffered from eight years ago. She asks the King to allow her to move the Crown Prince to a safe location.

The concubine and Minister Jo’s fraction gather to discuss their plan. Due to the death of the court lady, all the quarters were checked, but Lady Park assures that, just like last time, they would not be able to track the poison.
Minister Park asks why they would ask the court lady to poison herself, and Minister Jo says that they want the Prince to be safe for now.

Lady Park had recruited the Sharman secretly, who advised the Queen to take the Prince out of the palace.
Since there are only a few places the Queen can safely hide the Crown Prince, it would not be able to track him down. If they are successful in killing the Prince, the Queen will have to take the blame for his death.

Meanwhile, Soon Deok walks around, trying to find a place to change into Lady Yeoju. She meets the rest of the matchmakers and greets them, but they cannot recognise her, which gives her confidence in her disguise.
She continues to look for a hideout, but couples take up all of them.

She ends up on a street and sees Jung Woo coming from the opposite direction. She tries to hide behind her long hood, but it falls off. Jung Woo picks it up to put it back on her.
Soon Deok tries to face him with confidence, knowing that even her own brother could not recognise her, then Jung Woo surely could not, but to her surprise, he didn’t even miss a beat to recognise her.

The preview of the next episode spells disaster as the youngest of the sisters’ identity, Hwa Rok, is discovered by Soon Deok’s brother. Lady Park suspects Jung Woo of changing sides, and the second lady gets closer to the man Soon Deok had chosen for Ye Jin.


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