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The Matchmakers Episode 3
The Matchmakers Episode 3

The Matchmakers Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: Can Jung Woo work with Soon Deok? Will the sisters agree to get married?

In Matchmakers Episode 2, Sim Jung Woo is given the responsibility of getting the three spinsters of Meang married off by the King. With his life on the line, Jung Woo tries to employ Lady Yeoju for the task but fails due to their differences. Episode 2 ends with Lady Yeoju agreeing to help Jung Woo due to the promise she had made to the third sister of Maeng.

The Matchmakers Episode 3 Recap: Can Jung Woo work with Soon Deok?

The Matchmakers Episode 3 starts with the introduction of Soon Deok’s father-in-law and mother-in-law. Her father-in-law was the left state councillor. As the faction leader that opposed the King, he was practically the second king. His views on power structure reflected this. He believed it was the nobility that ruled the nation since the King was chosen by blood and not by ability.

Her Mother-in-law, Park So Hyun, on the other hand, believed women to be the most crucial part of society. She saw women as the roots that were not usually visible but held up the community.
Jung Woo had previously asked the innkeeper to get a particular poison from Ming. The trader from Ming had himself come to see Jung Woo and asked the innkeeper to send Jung Woo to get the poison directly from him.
With both Jung Woo and Soon Deok ready to get the sisters married, they set down rules for how to proceed with the case.

Jung Woo lays down the conditions that the sisters must be married by June and that he must be present throughout the process of setting up their marriage. Soon, Deok says that since she is the expert, Jung Woo has to follow her instructions. Even though it makes him angry, he doesn’t say no. Jung Woo’s servant exclaims that he is completely smitten with her.

They sign a contract, and Soon Deok gets paid three times what she asked for as there was some problem in communication. They decided to meet 3 days from now to discuss the rules.
Soon Deok convinces the original Lady Yeoju to go to her house with the marriage offer. She is unwilling to go, and Soon Deok thinks it is because of the rumour that she had murdered the wife of her first son. Soon Deok says the rumour is fake as the next part of the rumour is about Soon Deok herself getting possessed, and she is fine.

The original Lady Yeoju shares some history with the left state councillor as she says she was supposed to have died eight years ago, according to the Councillor.
Against her better judgment, she goes to the Councillor’s house to offer the marriage request. Soon Deok bets with her sister-in-law that her mother, who sees the bigger picture, will agree to the marriage. Her prediction turns out to be correct.

So Hyun visits the place to inform them of the marriage proposal, seeing this as an opportunity to expand his fraction.  When she sees Jung Woo leave the palace after his talk with the King, she voices her suspicion regarding Jung Woo and says while he might be useful to them, he would be the most dangerous enemy if turned.
Soon Deok’s mother-in-law, So Hyun, leaves to stay in a temple to pray till Buddha’s birthday while she cares for the house.

While Jung Woo goes to pick up the poison. The Ming trader had bought two servings of the poison. One was given away to someone, and one was kept for Jung Woo. After some initial disagreement over who the trader had previously sold the poison to, he buys the poison and leaves.

Jung Woo takes it to get analysed by the doctor to see if the properties matched that of the princess, but he refuses, saying that the princess was not poisoned.
In Soon Deok’s house, she is told that the defence minister is still there after dinner time. So she decides to visit them. The defence minister gave the poison from the Ming trader to the Councillor. They had bought the poison before and well and now are planning on using it on the Crown Prince. Soon Deok overhears the conversation but doesn’t understand the meaning and thus doesn’t react.

Soon Deok and Jung Woo make their way to the spinsters’ house, and on the way, she saves him twice and even fixes his twisted ankle. They had initially decided on a triple wedding to reduce the time spent, but the house was not big enough for it.

Jung Soon Gu visits the inn to meet Hwa Rok. Sam Soon, dressed as Hwa Rok appears, he asks her for an autograph. Since he always bought the original copy, he could ensure she was Hwa Rok. He immediately arrests him. Sam Soon manages to escape from the man and runs for her house.

Our matchmakers go to meet the mother of the daughter to set up their wedding. But due to Jung Woo’s way of speaking, they all get offended, and the mother insists she has no problem with them staying unmarried.

Since this was expected, our matchmakers had planned to use Sam Soon’s identity to force the ladies into marriage. After fainting from shock after getting to know Hwa Rok’s identity, Jung Woo and the others play out a skit to practice.
But the whole planning goes down the drain as Sam Soon runs in with Soon Gu at her heels. Soon Gu turns out to be Soon Deok’s brother, which makes her run inside and hide. He insists on searching through the house even though Jung Woo insists on the fact that no one has come in.

Despite her best efforts, Soon Deok comes face to face with her brother, who doesn’t recognise her. By the time he comes out, Sam Soon has already changed into the clothes of a woman. Even though he comes face to face with Sam Soon in a woman’s clothes, he could do nothing.

The Matchmakers Episode 3 Ending Explained: Will the sisters agree to get married?

The Matchmakers Episode 3 via Viki
The Matchmakers Episode 3 Soon Deook with the mother of the sisters. Via Viki

Jung Woo uses this opportunity to revert back to their original plan. He threatens the sisters with the knowledge of Sam Soon, and they are forced to agree to the matchmaking. Meanwhile, Soon Deok has managed to convince their mother. On their way back, Sam Soon requests Jung Woo to look into the “agents of love”.

When she sat down to convince the sisters’ mother, she had called Soon Deok an “agent of love”. This had made her curious. She asked the mother why she had changed her opinion on the marriage of her daughters. She had a painting that was done five years ago, which usually is a gift for newlyweds. Soon Deok rightly guesses it was the Lady’s oldest daughter. The Lady asks if Soon Deok was indeed the matchmaker who was responsible for the wedding between two opposing fractions.

Soon Deok says that while it might seem weird to some, she can see if people would be compatible. The Lady asks why it is that despite being a noblewoman, Soon Deok is pretending to be a peddler. When she could give no proper answer to the Lady, she agreed to make her the matchmaker for her daughters.

Jung Woo writes the book on agents of love that he was shown writing at the beginning of the series. The library he was in was under the Crown Prince, who came to visit him. The crown Prince is shown as a kind and sweet-tempered kid whom Jung Woo develops some affection for.
Soon Deok discusses with her sister-in-law how she might be the agent of love as she had always brought together couples, even when she was a kid. Her sister-in-law passed out before she could give her tough because she was too drunk.

The next day, the eldest of the sisters gets a proposal from the minister of defence to make her his concubine. When she refuses, her mother is arrested. Since the eldest was twenty-four and she has allowed her to remain unmarried thus far by her mother, the mother could be punished by law. 

Jung Woo sees this positively as helpful in his endeavour and doesn’t try to stop it.
Soon Deok confronts Jung Woo to ask if he had done it. He doesn’t clarify that he was not involved in it. Instead, he says that this could be useful for them. This makes her furious, and she swears to make sure he will never be able to fulfil his orders.



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