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Ron Kamonohashi's Forbidden Deductions Episode 6 Recap
Ron Kamonohashi's Forbidden Deductions Episode 6 Recap

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions Episode 6 Recap: What happens in the Live Broadcast Murder case? 

Ron Kamonohashi is back with yet another engaging episode.

Today’s episode begins with Toto coming to Ron’s place only to find him with blood-red eyes. But how did he get those eyes?

After 5 years of being the hermit of the neighbourhood, Ron decides to end his reclusive lifestyle. How? He has purchased a  television, which he calls a modern convenience.

Since the moment he bought the television, he has engrossed himself in it so much so that he ditched his sleep and, subsequently, his bloodshot eyes.

Ron shows his utmost excitement to Toto about the show that has already become his favourite- Lies, Truth, or something Supernatural.

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions Episode 6 Recap: What happens in the Live Broadcast Murder case?

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions Episode 6 Recap: What happens in the Live Broadcast Murder case?

In today’s episode, the stage is set for an unlikely showdown between two remarkable individuals: Mofu Usaki, the “miracle hands” neurosurgeon, and Dankichi Torage, the self-proclaimed psychic.

Mofu sensei is the clumsiest surgeon you will ever meet – the bandages and her actions show it all. At the same time, Mr Toragi is a super-confident man who underestimates his opponents.

Torage confidently claims that he can control someone’s brain using only writing. He boldly offers to present 100,000 yen if his abilities fail to work.

Toto, with a puzzled expression, asks, “Hey, Ron, do you actually believe in psychic abilities?” Ron doesn’t skip a beat and offers a straightforward “No” as his answer. Toto is left scratching his head, wondering why Ron is so energetically cheering for Torage.

With a twinkle in his eye, Ron says it’s not about believing in psychic abilities. It’s about the thrill of the game. If psychic abilities were real, it would make case-solving way more fun and Ron is known to be a sucker for cases, pouncing on any detective cases at the mere mention of them.

Torage demonstrates his supposed brain-controlling abilities. He pulls a volunteer from the audience, and with a mischievous grin, he begins his quirky experiment. The host helps by fitting the volunteer with noise-cancelling headphones, creating an air of anticipation.

Torage starts to write words on panels, each with a command meant to control the volunteer’s actions. The audience leans in, curious to see if Torage’s claims hold any water.

As Torage raises the panels, the volunteer obediently reads the words. And what do you know? It seems to work! As the volunteer reads the words, his brain obeys without hesitation. With a jump and a dash, he’s off, executing the commands like he’s under some sort of spell.

The audience watches in amazement as the volunteer dances to Torage’s written tune. The applause from the audience fills the room as they witness this unbelievable phenomenon in the show.
Mofu steps up to counter Torage’s brain-controlling demonstration.

Beaming with confidence, she accuses Torage of mockingly exploiting the field of neuroscience with his so-called psychic abilities. Her scepticism is apparent as she questions the selection process of the man from the audience.

She points out that she’s been closely observing the man’s movements using an application; she recognises him as the same volunteer Torage chose the last time. Her conclusion is sharp and critical: it’s a set-up, just as Ron had speculated.

Toragi asks her to stop accusing him. He decides to take a dramatic step to prove his point. He writes the word “death” on a panel and displays it for the volunteer to read.

As the volunteer reads the ominous word, a gasp ripples through the audience, and a stunned silence falls over the room. Even Ron and Toto are taken aback by the unexpected turn of events.

The volunteer collapses to the ground. Panic and confusion grip the audience as they watch in shock. Torage quickly checks the volunteer’s pulse and pronounces him dead.

Before anyone can fully process what has just occurred, the live broadcast is abruptly cut off.

Ron and Totomaru arrive at the crime scene, and Ron adopts his playful alter ego, introducing himself as Kamoji Shallowfan, a self-proclaimed bandwagon fan of Torage. With his signature flair, he examines the body, trying to uncover the truth in his unique style.

He turns to Torage, not wasting a moment, and in his typical direct manner, asks, “So, Torage, how did you kill this man?” The question catches Isshiki off guard, leaving him in an embarrassing spot.

Torage responds with confidence, “My psychic abilities did the trick.” He goes a step further, pointing out that according to the current laws, he can’t be punished for his actions.

He suggests that perhaps Usaki should face the punishment because her false accusations led to this situation.

Ron, impressed by Torage, requests an autograph. In a rather odd twist, Torage uses the thick end of his marker to write his name.

Mofu finds herself on a guilt trip, blaming herself for the death of the man. But deep down, her heart tells her a different story.

Mofu, a neurosurgeon by trade, can’t quite bring herself to believe in such inexplicable causes of death. Her medical instincts had kicked in, and she examined the deceased man more closely.

Her examination reveals a different truth. It’s not psychic ability that took the man’s life, but poison. Her assessment aligns with Ron’s opinion. They are on the same page.

Ron had already spotted a needle spot on the victim’s neck, suggesting it may have come from a poison needle.

Toto raises a suspicion that Torage might have somehow blown the poison dart that caused the victim’s death. But Mofu says that it is impossible.

Ron boldly asserts, “There’s no psychic ability involved in this, folks!” He proposes a plan to unravel the truth and sets the stage for an unconventional investigation.

Mofu chimes in with her findings, revealing that while she was examining the victim, she massaged his heart, which prompted him to let out a groan. However, his breathing stopped again right afterwards.

With this final piece of information, Ron’s detective instincts go into high gear. He pieces the clues together and, with a triumphant grin, announces, “I’ve got it!”

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions Episode 6 Ending Explained: How did Ron solve the case?  Why did Ron regret becoming a detective?

Ron and Toto gather everyone, and Toto stands up to make an announcement. “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to re-enact what happened earlier,” he declares. The room buzzes with curiosity.

Mofu is chosen as the test subject, the victim. Toto will step into Torage’s shoes, using his marker and cards. But when Toto asks Torage for the marker, he hesitates, showing reluctance.

Mofu, determined to get the marker, decides to take matters into her own hands. She starts to make her way towards Torage but, in her characteristic clumsy manner, ends up tripping. The marker goes flying and lands in a chaotic pile of other pens. It’s a moment that leaves everyone in stitches.

As the re-enactment unfolds, everything seems to follow the same script. Mofu, playing her part, collapses when she sees the final word on the panel, just as it happened before. The audience watches with bated breath, unsure of what to expect.

Toto reassures everyone that Mofu is not actually dead. He explains that when he showed the panel to the audience, it read “death.” What he does then is flips the panel upside down. “Death” magically transforms into “sleep.”

The audience lets out a collective gasp, realising that the same thing occurred earlier during the live broadcast. While everyone was busy, he committed the crime. Where was the needle? It was hidden inside the fine pen tip.

After putting up a show, Torage makes a startling confession. He reveals that the volunteer had been blackmailing him, demanding 90% of his profits, and Torage felt he had no choice but to kill him.

As soon as he confesses his crime, Ron’s Kill on Sight activates pushing Torage to a corner. He agrees to stab himself with his marker.

However, Toto prevents it but the marker’s tip brushes against Torage’s skin. Panic ensues as they quickly realise that a mix-up had occurred. Mofu had picked up the wrong marker earlier, and Toto is not poisoned at all.

The incident leaves a lingering sense of unease in Ron as it risked Toto’s life. He grapples with the consequences of his actions, regretting coming back in this line of work.

As the dust settles on the bizarre events of the day, Mofu conveys her heartfelt gratitude to him for saving lives.

In the midst of the conversation, Toto suddenly realises something and dashes out in search of Ron. He finds him and convinces him not to quit.

He reminds Ron that he’s not the one to go down without a fight and that his passion for solving mysteries and crime has helped so many people, and he believes in Ron’s abilities.

Toto surprises Ron with an invitation card to a party at the Nandan Observatory on Nandan Island. Ron’s eyes light up at the prospect of a break from the hectic detective work. He quickly agrees to come along, understanding that sometimes there is no harm in taking a break.

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