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Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 4
Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 4

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained: How do the family introductions go? Can Do Guk save Yi Joo?

In Episode 3 of Perfect Marriage Revenge, the two families meet up in a place far away from the city for the family introduction. Mrs Lee already had started acting up to prevent the marriage from happening. Seeing her bold behaviour, Do Guk’s mother, Cha Yeon Hwa, realised that she was the one who usually controlled the household.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 4 Recap: How do the family introductions go?

Episode 4 of Perfect Marriage Revenge starts with the families getting their first look at each other. Soon, Do Guk’s sister arrives flamboyantly, which Mrs Lee disproves.

The meeting officially starts with both families apologising for their missing members, Do Guk’s brother Jung Wook and Yoo Ra. The meeting is off to an awkward start as Yi Joo’s father tries to curry favour with the chairwoman by complimenting her dedication to the foundation while his wife sits silently.

The first thing that Mrs Lee does is to apologise for Yi Joo being an adoptive daughter. Even though Do Guk’s mother brushes off the claims, Mrs Lee puts Yi Joo down by listing her many faults. Yi Joo takes the attention off of her by presenting the chairwoman with one of her painting copies.

This makes Mrs Lee uncomfortable, and she asks for a private talk with Yi Joo.
The painting she had gifted the chairwoman was apparently one Mrs Lee had sold to the lady of Jaeil company for one billion. Yi Joo had asked for the painting back and paid her back, but she refused to say how she managed to pay her such a large sum.

With her mother’s signature saying she guarantees the fake is authentic in her hands, Yi Joo threatens Mrs Lee to behave herself. Secretary Kim secretly sees this unfold. He was the one who was responsible for the gallery, and as soon as they reached home, Mrs Lee slapped him. Se Hyeon sees this unfold, and he is secretly waiting for Yoo Ra.

When Mrs Lee returns with the news of her defeat, Yoo Ra leaves the house to get a drink with Se Hyeon. She tells him that they have completed family introductions. This aggravates Se Hyeon.
In Do Guk’s house, the ladies discuss Yi Joo’s family. Do Guk’s mother seem to have developed a soft spot for Yi Joo, whom her mother ill-treated. While the other two seemed to be on the fence about Yi Joo, they all agreed that Mrs Lee was not a good person.

Yi Joo meets Su Jin, who asks how she managed to convince Do Guk’s mother for the family introductions. Mrs Cha had asked Yi Joo that she would convince Do Guk to join the Taeja Group again in Six months in return for her blessings in their marriage.

Su Jin says that would be difficult as Do Guk would likely avoid it just for the sake of his brother. When Yi Joo tried to pry into the relationship between the siblings, Su Jin attempted to avoid the topic.
Se Hyeon and Do Guk disagree over work that spills over into their personal life. Se Hyeok tries to dissuade Do Guk from marrying Yi Joo by saying she might be using him, but Do Guk says he loves Yi Joo enough not to care about that. This leaves Se Hyeok speechless.

Mrs Lee decided to get back all the fakes that she had sold and pay back the people. The lady of Jaeil Foundation visits the gallery, and Mrs Lee makes some excuse to ask the lady to send her the details of the sender of the money.

Yi Joo decides to move to Do Guk’s house. On the way, Se Hyeok insists on dropping her off even though she refuses. Se Hyeok tries to talk Yi Joo out of marrying Do Guk yet again. This time, she refuses to listen.

Se Hyeok warns her against Do Guk, mentioning that Do Guk was ruthless enough to push his older brother into the sea, due to which his brother is now disabled. This shocked Yi Joo enough that she didn’t react when Se Hyeon hugged her. She soon comes to her senses and pushes him off.

This was all a plan by Yoo Ra To show distrust between the couple. She had made a video of them hugging.
Jung Wook called Do Guk to say that his marriage to someone from the Hanwol Foundation might affect his company’s reputation. He thus wants to back off of his deal with Do Guk’s company.

This might cause the company to lose trillions; thus, Do Guk decides to take matters into his own hands. He walks into the meeting of Jung Wook with his investors to point out a mistake in the presentation. While Jung Wook was unable to convince the investors about the legitimacy of the increase in the cost, Do Guk did so effortlessly, all the while making it clear to the investors that his marriage would not affect the deal. With all the investors in Do Guk’s favour, Jung Wook had to support him.

Yi Joo’s father meets the chairwoman to ask for her support in acquiring the savings bank. Yi Joo’s grandfather meets her later to convince her to support Yi Joo by giving back the money he had taken from the chairwoman.
He even begs on his knees but unfortunately ends up pulling down her pants. Aggravated by the father-son duo, she decides to test Yi Joo independently.

Yi Joo goes to meet her grandfather, who turns out to have paid her the money for painting. Mrs Lee’s managers heard this but didn’t report it to Mrs Lee. This makes us wonder about his true intentions.
Yi Joo attends Jamie’s cooking class, where she learns how to make brownies. Mrs Cha tries to deny that she might like Yi Joo, but it doesn’t feel convincing.

Yi Joo excitedly talks to Jamie, which causes Mrs Cha to feel jealous. She goes to Yi Joo’s station to see her burnt brownie. She asks her to cut out the burnt parts if she is indeed planning on feeding them to Do Guk.
Do Guk arrives at the house, announcing that he is hungry. Yi Jo tries to hide the brownie, but not in time. Do Guk makes a valiant effort to eat the bricklike brownie but fails.

Do Guk makes them ramen instead. They discuss their marriage over ramen. Seeing Yi Joo being distant, Do Guk tries to approach her, but she clearly draws boundaries and refuses to have anything more than a contractual marriage.
Do Guk goes to his hotel to have a drink after the rejection he faced from Yi Joo. Yoo Ra comes to him and offers up her card key.

When he refuses her, she shows her the video of Yi Joo and Se Hyeok. He is still not shaken and instead insults Yoo Ra for her desperate attempts to look better than Yi Joo.
Yoo Ra, angry with her rejection, overdoses on sleeping pills. She is admitted to hospital. When she wakes up, she insults her mother for her inability to care for Yi Joo.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 4.
Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 4, Do Guk faints in the arms of Yi Joo. 

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 4 Ending Explained: Can Do Guk save Yi Joo?

Jung Wook, realising that Yi Joo means a lot to Do Guk, calls her over to meet her. While she was on the way, he called Do Guk to inform him of Yi Joo coming to meet him.

Do Guk runs to save Yi Joo, but since the meeting spot was on a ship, his trauma about the day his brother fell into the sea resurfaces, and he gets a panic attack.

Yi Joo finds him in this state. Even though he tries to appear like he is not affected, he soon faints in Yi Joo’s arms. Jung Wook seems to have received what he wanted from pulling this stunt.
The preview of the next episode shows that Mrs Lee teams up with Jung Wook. In comparison, Do Guk and Yi Joo may face significant hurdles.




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