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Perfect Marriage Revenge ep 3
Perfect Marriage Revenge ep 3

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: Can Yi Joo convince Do Guk’s family? Can Yi Joo win over Do Guk’s mother?

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 2 ends with Seo Do Guk finally accepting Ha Yi Joo’s offer after she finally states her real reason for proposing to Do Guk. They share a kiss to seal the contract, and Do Guk proposes to her with a flower ring. With Do Guk making his intentions about marrying Yi Joo clear to her family, Mrs Lee, her adoptive mother, and Yoo Ra, her adoptive sister, are left in a mess.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 3 Recap: Can Yi Joo convince Do Guk’s family?

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 3 opens with Yi Joo in her room. She could still not get over the kiss they shared the previous day. Soon, she receives a call from Ahn Su Jin, Yi Joo’s friend and Do Guk’s cousin, who says that there was an article released on a site with her and Do Guk’s photos stating that they have started to date.

The previous day, Do Guk was obsessing over hair. She thus realised that Do Guk might have already planned it. Since it was from a site that gets paid to publish articles, it would be tough to kill it.
Do Guk gets a call from his mother, who is appalled by his act, knowing full well that he published the article. Despite the public now aware of his affair, his mother still refused to give her blessings for the marriage.

Yoo Ra throws a tantrum in the house because her father agreed to Yi Joo’s marriage. Her only consolation is when Mrs Lee tells her that Do Guk’s mother disapproves of the wedding, and unless he has her approval, the marriage will not happen.
She even tries to win over her husband by saying that the Taeja family has members in the financial department. If Yi Joo gets married against Do Guk’s parents’ approval, it might cause the Taeja group to retaliate by stopping their acquisition of a bank.

Yi Joo enters the living room to face all her family members discussing her marriage. Mrs Lee insists on setting a date for family introductions, knowing that Do Guk’s family still doesn’t support the union. Yi Joo promises to take care of it. Yoo Ra is still unconsolable but takes comfort in her mother’s confidence in her ability to stop the marriage.

Yi Joo is chauffeured to Do Guk’s house for a date by his assistant, who is also his brother-in-law. He seems to have remembered Yi Joo from somewhere but couldn’t remember from where.
Do Guk cooks a meal for Yi Joo and discusses how to move forward from now on. They decide to sign a prenup, putting in writing what they had discussed. Yi Joo adds that they would only move forward if they had their family’s blessing, and considering Yi Joo only has a year, she decided to annul their marriage in a year.

They decide to make Do Guk’s house the base camp for their future actions. He had set up the house to suit her needs and gave her the house keys.

Back in Do Guk’s office, the news of his marriage has spread all around, and Byun Jae Ho, Do Guk’s secretary, tries to remember where he had seen Yi Joo. When someone raises the fact that Se Hyeok is also getting married soon, he remembers he had seen Yi Joo when she had come to the office to give Se Hyeok some food.

Se Hyeok, irritated by the news of his marriage being raised again, scolds the employees. Yoo Ra is unwilling to give up Do Guk this quickly takes Se Hyeok’s sister on a shopping spree to convince her to sweet talk Yi Joo into marrying Se Hyeok.
Do Na, Do Guk’s sister, was also in the same mall. She receives the news that Do Guk is dating Se Hyeok’s recent ex and starts questioning her character.

When she sees Yoo Ra, she approaches her to ask about her sister. Yoo Ra jumps on the chance to call her sister mentally ill and suffering from a victim complex. Do Na, realising that Yoo Ra is purposefully trying to bring down her sister, dismisses her, saying that Yi Joo may be different from someone like Yoo Ra and wants to meet her herself to form a judgment.

Se Hyeok’s mother visits Yi Joo to ask her to marry her son. When Yi Joo refused, she attacked her and pretended to be hurt instead. Mrs Lee’s secretary recorded it, and Mrs Lee had paid her to pretend to be hurt by Yi Joo.
Yi Joo tries to meet her grandfather with Mrs Lee’s secretary. The secretary left after 30 minutes as her grandfather refused to open the door.

Yi Joo learns from Su Jin how to deal with Do Guk’s mother and joins Jaime’s cooking class to meet her.
Jamie is established as a person who arranges marriages in high-class society. The ladies in the class were teasing Do Guk’s mother about her son’s choice in marriage when Yi Joo arrived. After class, she admits her reason for being there to Jamie, who accepts her and buys her painting from her.

Do Guk’s mother invites Yi Joo for tea, but Yoo Ra is also there. While Yoo Ra tried to curry her favour, Yi Joo curtly stated the truth about her situation and what she wanted to do in the future, not bothering to butter up Do Guk’s mother.
Do Guk’s mother undermines Yi Joo when Do Guk arrives. He states that he was there to pick up his mother, but seeing her being rude to Yi Joo, he doesn’t see the need.

Do Guk’s mother asks if Yi Joo even loved Do Guk, and she says that after the betrayal in her last relationship, she trusts Do Guk not to betray her.

Do Guk and Yi Joo arrive at the “base camp” since neither of them wants to return home yet. Do Guk admits that he doesn’t like being home as he can’t sleep there.

In the house, Do Guk suggests that since they don’t match in status, they must act like they are in love and thus need to seem close. Do Guk tries to get Yi Joo to open up by making her drink, but she refuses his advances. Since he is drunk now, he refuses to drive home.
Yi Joo left him on the couch, but she couldn’t sleep. She goes out to see Do Guk passes out on the couch. Seeing Do Guk having some sort of a nightmare, she tried to comfort him.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 3 Ending Explained: Can Yi Joo win over Do Guk’s mother?

Perfect Marriage Revenge ep 3
Perfect Marriage Revenge ep 3

The following day, Do Guk’s mother arrives unannounced and is surprised at the sight of Yi Joo beside Do Guk. Yi Joo jumps to defend her virtue, but his mother brushes it off as unnecessary.

Do Guk, who is sound asleep, doesn’t wake up through it all and his mother, unwilling to wake him up, leaves the house. Yi Joo follows her out. His mother offers to set up the family introduction if she can keep a secret from Do Guk.

Yi Joo apparently had agreed as she soon returned home to announce the family introduction date. Mrs Lee tries to stop it by saying that since Do Guk’s grandmother would be there, they also need to have the blessings of Yi Joo’s grandfather.
Yi Joo’s grandfather calls Yi Joo’s father to say he has blessed Yi Joo’s wedding. This surprises Mrs Lee as she never thought Yi Joo would get to her grandfather.

In her previous life, before her death, her grandfather had called her to say that she must forgive him. At the hospital on the last day, after her mother’s secretary had left, she had announced to her grandfather that she had forgiven him.
Her grandfather had come out soon after to ask if she was telling the truth and if she was, in reality, aware of everything since the beginning. This raises the question of what her grandfather was so guilty of that he had gone crazy.
Yi Joo’s family goes out of town to an orphanage to meet Do Guk’s family. Do Guk’s mother acknowledge Mrs. Han as the actual head of the family.

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