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A Good Day to be a Dog Episode 4
A Good Day to be a Dog Episode 4

A Good Day to be a Dog Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Seowon successfully hide from Miss Yoon? Can Haena break the curse this time?

In Episode 3 of Good Day to be a Dog, we see all the teachers preparing to attend the wedding of their colleague. As Seowon and Heana were responsible for picking out the wedding gift, they spent the day together looking for gifts. During this time, Seowon offers to drive Haena to the venue, but Miss Yoon overhears this and decides to tag along with them. Seowon somehow finds a way around it as we see Miss Cheon taking Heana’s place in the car with Bo Gyeom and Miss Yoon.

A Good Day to be a Dog Episode 4 Recap: Will Seowon successfully hide from Miss Yoon?

Haena gets the message to join the carpool group. She feels apprehensive about not going without informing Miss Yoon. Still, Seowon has convinced her not to go with Bo Gyeom, saying that he usually wakes up late, resulting in them being late on multiple occasions. Therefore, if she were to go with him, she might be late. This wins her over, as she agrees to travel with Seowon.

Seowon was in trouble, though, as we know, he is only a novice driver. The fact that he was still planning on driving so far is a cause of concern for his nephew. To prepare for his trip with Haena, Seowon watches a video showing how to act cool even if you are a novice driver.
While Seowon’s feelings for Haena are apparent, Haena tries to deny her feelings. In a conversation with her sister, she comes up with a ridiculous reason to go with Seowon instead of Bo Gyeom. Her sister thinks that she might be falling for Seowon instead, but she heartily denies it.

Seowon’s previous comment about Bo Gyeom is a lie as he is up early reading a book, and he watches as the sky becomes overcast. Seowon himself, anxious about the upcoming trip, prepares thoroughly for it.

Seowon’s driving has remained the same, though, as he struggles to get his car out of the garage. Haena and Seowon meet up at their chosen spot.

Haena Compliments him, but Seowon could not get any words out. To deal with the awkwardness, Haena mentioned she must look like a pickled radish, and Seowon agreed. Before things could get too awkward, Miss Yoon, angry from being left out, arrives at the scene. Seowon opens his umbrella and hides them both behind it. His plan is successful, as Miss. Yoon fails to spot them.

Having successfully escaped Miss Yoon, Seowon and Haena’s awkward road trip starts. To fill the empty silence, Haena suggests playing some music, but the video “How to look cool while driving” begins to play. Haena tries to joke about it, but it falls flat as Seowon only feels more awkward.

Yul calls soon after, and he is put on speaker. When he hears Haena’s voice, he panics and asks her to leave the car. Haena, now more awkward with the knowledge that Seowon is a novice driver, tries to act cool, but soon, that facade falls through as Seowon misses a turn. This happens multiple times throughout their trip, and by the time they reach the venue, they are exhausted.

Thinking they might be late, they start to run. Any apprehension that Seowon might have about his questionable driving melts away as Haena holds his hand to run. They have multiple heart-fluttering moments that make Haena realize she might have feelings for Seowon.
They reach the venue on time somehow. Seowon sings for the newly married couple while Haena stares at him mesmerized. Bo Gyeom notices it, and he might be yet again setting them up for each other.

Miss Yoon finally arrives at the venue but only in time for the lunch. All the teachers sit at the same table, waiting for the bride and groom to visit. The Newlyweds, happy with the marriage, suggest that someone else should also try to marry from the school as it is a thrilling experience that makes Haena feel awkward.

The groom asks Seowon to carry their life-sized cardboard cut-out on his way back to Seoul. Miss Yoon jumps on Seowon and requests him to drop her off at the bus terminal. Seowon notices that Haena and the others are planning on visiting the sea. Since he wanted to join Haena, He planned to drop off Miss Yoon quickly.

Miss Cheon sees this and asks to travel in another couple’s car so that Haena can be alone with Bo Gyeom. Since the plan was already made, Bo Gyeom calls Seowon, who was travelling with Miss Yoon, to tell him that he would be taking Haena with him. Miss Yoon, yet again, seeing her opening, says that the next bus leaves in two hours and she has something urgent to take care of. Not knowing how to shake her off any longer, Seowon agrees to take her back to Seoul. His driving is still the same as he promptly misses a turn.

Hae and Bo Gyeom visit the sea alone. Bo Gyeom asks Haena what she might have thought the first time she had seen the sea. Haena says that she was too young to remember her first time clearly. Bo Gyeom says he needed clarification with the waves’ to-and-fro movement. He belatedly realized that it was the moon that was controlling the tides. He later feels sorry for the moon that tries so hard to pull the waves towards itself but misses them anyway as they flow away from it.

Haena and Bo Gyeom decide to return to Seoul, but something weird happens. Bo Gyeom says that Haena, too, like the waves, might have pulled back too soon from the moon. He remembers an event which seems to be set in the past where someone who looks like Haena holds the dead body of who appears to be Seowon. This confirms our suspicion that Bo Gyeom knew something about the history that makes him interested in Haena and Seowon’s relationship.

An odd shadow flows out of Bo Gyeom and takes the form of a tiger that seems to be attacking Haena, proving that his intentions for Haena might not be as pure as they initially appeared to be.

When Miss Yoon and Seowon arrive in Seoul, it is already late at night. She suggests taking Seowon out for dinner, but he refuses as he realizes Miss Yoon might have lied about the urgency issue.
He later texts Haena, apologizing for not driving her back; Haena tries to play it off by saying it is okay. Haena’s sister suggests that they get help from Seowon’s nephew, as he already knows about the curse. Haena is scared of the embarrassment that she might face if she admits everything to Yul.

Haena’s sister and Woo Teak approach Yul instead of Haena to test if he might help Haena. Haena approaches Yul the next day, and the roles are reversed as Haena seems to be under the scrutiny of Yul. Yul judges Haena for kissing Seowon even though they are not dating, but eventually agrees to help her.

Yul realizes that Haena must redo the same process whenever she dates someone. He offhandedly suggests that she can date Seowon. This, in addition to Yul saying that he doesn’t think Haena is disgusting, makes her emotional.

A Good Day to be a Dog Episode 4 Ending Explained: Can Haena break the curse this time?

A Good Day to be a Dog Via Viu
A Good Day to be a Dog Via Viu

Their joint mission to get Haena to Seowon thus starts. Yul picks up the dog Haena from her sister and Woo Teak. They had come fully prepared to have her transformed tonight. They dropped Haena on Seowon’s bed and waited outside for their transformation. Haena, however, does not transform even after kissing Seowon. Seowon soon wakes up, and on coming face to face with a dog, he panics. Yul bursts in and helps Haena and his family to escape, all the while making Seowon think that he was dreaming of a dog.

After consulting with their mother, Heana and Yuna know how to break the curse, the person has to kiss the dog completely alert. The only way she can come up with this now is to make Seowon overcome his fear of dogs.
Seowon tells Haena that the root cause of his fear is that, unlike Haena, he is not sure that the dogs won’t attack him. Due to a traumatic experience when he was 10, he now has a deep-seated fear of dogs. Haena, who now genuinely cares for Seowon, offers to help him.

Even though Seowon is initially pretty apprehensive about the exercise, he eventually comes around because Heana, contrary to what he thought, actually starts slowly.
Yet they face danger when a dog is let loose in the park they are sitting in. Seeing the dog approach, Seowon gets scared, but Haena covers them with her jacket and tells him to think of this place as a safe space, like home.

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