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Who has a crush on Loid in spy x family?
Who has a crush on Loid in spy x family?

Who has a crush on Loid in spy x family?

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Who Loid Forger, the charismatic secret agent known as Twilight in the anime “Spy x Family,” has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. He’s like a fusion of two beloved anime personalities, with the charm of Daisuki Kambe from “The Millionaire Detective” and the allure of Nanami Kento from “Jujutsu Kaisen.” If you still need to be part of his fan following, you’re missing out on one of the most captivating characters in anime.

Loid’s appeal goes beyond the anime community. He’s a heartthrob within the “Spy x Family” world, and it’s not just young women who are smitten with him. Even kids can’t resist his charm. Yes, you read that right; children adore him, too. There’s even a character in the show who’s just as old as Loid’s daughter, Anya, who has a major crush on him.

Who has a crush on Loid in the Spy X family?

Becky, the daughter of the CEO of Blackbell Heavy Industries and Anya’s best friend, has a crush on Loid.

Becky is a true romantic at heart, who can’t resist the allure of love stories in movies and TV shows. She’s a big fan of romantic flicks like “Berlint in Love,” in her free time, you’ll often find her lost in the world of on-screen love and passion.

You see, Becky is what you’d call a hopeless romantic. She watches these romantic movies and series with such enthusiasm that it’s almost like living in a dreamy, flowery world. 

The chemistry between characters, the stolen glances, the sweet gestures, and those epic declarations of love send shivers down her spine, her emotions running wild like those of feral horses.

And what’s she doing in that dreamy world? Well, she’s building scenarios in her head, imagining the kind of love, passion, and excitement that she hopes to experience in her own life someday.

She believes in the magic of love and hopes that her life will be filled with the same kind of heart-pounding moments, tender gestures, and sweeping emotions she sees on the screen.

Becky’s Crush on Loid: Love at First Sight

Becky’s heart was not just captured; it was practically swept off its feet the first time she saw Loid Forger. It was a day she’d never forget. She saw a photo of him, and that was all it took. His incredibly handsome appearance left her utterly captivated.

Now, you could say it was a crush at first sight, and boy, it hit her hard. The moment she saw that photo, she couldn’t contain her curiosity. She pounced on Anya, her friend, with a barrage of questions. “Why didn’t you introduce me to him earlier?” she wondered as if she’d just stumbled upon a hidden treasure.

In fact, it wouldn’t be too far off to say that she became downright obsessed with him at first sight.

You see, sometimes, that’s how crushes work—they hit you like a lightning bolt, leaving you with stars in your eyes and a heart that races at the mere thought of the object of your affection. For Becky, Loid Forger had become that enchanting figure she couldn’t get out of her mind, all from a single, unforgettable photo.

Becky’s infatuation with Loid Forger didn’t stop at just a crush. Her fascination was so intense that it inspired her to get creative.

She channelled her affection into something remarkable in her arts and crafts class. Becky crafted a 3D figure of Loid, pouring all her admiration and attention to detail into this project. 

The Transition: From “Mr. Loid” to “My Loid”: Chapter 59

Becky’s journey from addressing Loid Forger as “Mr. Loid” to affectionately referring to him as “My Loid” happened in the blink of an eye. Her infatuation for him was so intense that she quickly transitioned from a respectful form of address to a much more personal and endearing one.

Oh, those fluttery feelings in your stomach—the nervousness that makes you break a sweat. You’re not alone if you’ve ever experienced these sensations around your crush. 

In Chapter 59 of the manga, Becky’s emotions echo the sentiments many of us have felt when we’re around someone we’re smitten with. Those butterflies in your stomach can undoubtedly make their presence known, just as Becky’s must have in that chapter.

And when you visit your crush’s house for the first time, it’s a different level of anticipation. It’s a moment that’s charged with both excitement and apprehension.

As for getting flustered and fumbling at the sight of your crush, that’s just part of the package. Your words might come out all jumbled, and you might feel like you’re stumbling over your feet. 

It all begins when she’s deeply engrossed in watching a passionate scene from “Berlint in Love” on TV, and her thoughts turn to the Forger family as she spots their framed photo.

Determined to visit Anya’s home, she quickly arrives, taking Anya by surprise. Her intent is clear: she wants to confess her feelings to Loid, a move filled with courage and romantic sense.

Anya promptly calls Loid over, and upon meeting Becky, he welcomes her with a warm smile and sincere gratitude for being an excellent friend to Anya. This simple act makes Becky fall head-over-heels.

Her lovestruck state was so intense that she nearly lost her balance, instantly reminding Anya of Fiona. Remember her? The secret agent Nightfall. Fiona is yet another woman intoxicated by Loid’s charm and has an unhealthy obsession with him. 

Fiona: Unwavering Love for Loid

Fiona’s love for Loid runs deeper than the ocean. Fiona’s feelings for Loid are like a burning passion that sets her on fire. Her love for him knows no bounds, and she’s willing to defy all odds to prove her dedication. Even if it means risking Operation Strix, she can’t help but be consumed by the intensity of her emotions.

Fiona might seem ruthless and ambitious to her colleagues, but they don’t see the truth—her desire to shine in Loid’s eyes. It’s not about ambition; it’s about winning his heart.

Fiona’s devotion to Loid is so fierce that she’ll spring into action at the drop of a hat, especially if Loid is involved. During their daring mission at the Campbelldon tennis tournament, she pushed herself beyond limits, all in a bid to impress her beloved.

Her loyalty to Loid sometimes makes her sceptical of others. She’s not afraid to manipulate people like pawns to achieve her goals, even if it means making risky moves like calling in SSS agents on a counterfeiter. But there’s more to her than meets the eye. Fiona is an exceptional spy who can work seamlessly with partners she trusts, like Franky.

But her feelings for Loid are what truly make her shine. It’s a profound love that she’s ready to face anyone or anything that stands between her and Twilight. She’ll go to great lengths, even if it means causing harm to those who challenge their love.

An extraordinary example of her unwavering protectiveness comes to light when Winston threatens Loid. Fiona’s fierce devotion led her to unleash unbelievable strength against Winston, even at the cost of her bones. Her heart is tied to Loid’s well-being, and she’s prepared to sacrifice for his happiness.

Becky’s Quest for Loid’s Heart

Coming back to Becky crushing on Loid, Becky is on a mission to win Loid’s attention and, in a way, his heart. She even daydreams about a future with Loid, much like the romantic scenes she admires on TV. She envisions marrying Loid in her fantasy, a clear sign of her hopes and dreams.

Anya supports her guest and encourages her plan, asking Loid to engage with Becky and cheer her on. This is where Becky’s actions play a crucial role in the chapter. Loid seizes this opportunity to engage Becky in conversation, subtly trying to gather information about her father’s activities.

Meanwhile, Becky is left wondering if Loid might be interested in her romantically, adding a layer of complexity to the dynamics of their interaction.

As a poignant memento of her visit and maybe as a cherished keepsake of her blossoming emotions, Becky decides to take the framed photo of the Forger family. She places it above her fireplace, symbolising the profound effect of this unexpected visit on her heart and her growing affection for Loid. This simple act reflects Loid’s indelible mark on her, reminding her of their special connection.

Final thoughts

Love wears many faces in Spy x Family, each as unique as the characters. We see Becky’s starry-eyed infatuation, which adds a touch of humour and heart to the tale. Her visit to the Forger household, sparked by her feelings for Loid, is a delightful adventure that tugs at the heartstrings.

In a parallel narrative, Fiona’s devotion to Loid shines like a guiding star. Her love for him takes her to extraordinary heights, even when it means risking her safety to keep him safe.


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