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Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Ha Eun Gyeol Succeed in Preventing Ha Yi Chan's Accident?

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Ha Eun Gyeol Succeed in Preventing Ha Yi Chan’s Accident?

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained

Twinkling Watermelon is the one ongoing drama that keeps us wanting more and anticipating the next release. And it continues to do so with its latest episode.

Previously, we have seen that First Love Memory Manipulators have ditched their name and adopted Watermelon Sugar. The band has recruited Yoon Chung Ah and On Eun Yoo as the designer and photographer, respectively.

The distance between Chung Ah and Ha Yi Chan has started closing. Ha Eun Gyeol and Eun Yoo are bonding in their own way.

Eun Gyeol has learned from the owner of La Vida Music that a helper has been sent to him. But he has to find that helper and help them before they can help him.

Eun Yoo, on the other hand, has decided to wait until the festival to decide who her mother’s first love is since that’s where she will be serenaded.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11 Recap 

What Transpired During Ha Eun Gyeol’s Absence?

After Yi Chan got into trouble with the wrong crowd searching for Eun Gyeol, Hyun Yul stepped in. He beat them up while they were bullying another student and warned them against approaching his band members.

Hyun Yul, who was a former gang member, learns that Do Jin, the leader he betrayed, will be out on temporary release soon and will likely come after all the members of the band. He limps his way to the hospital, and that’s how the rest find him the following day.

Will Ha Eun Gyeol Succeed in Preventing Ha Yi Chan from Attending the Rehearsal?

As the festival approaches, Watermelon Sugar is practising diligently for its upcoming performance. Chung Ah and Eun Yoo provide support in their own way.

Two days before the festival, Ma Joo informs the boys that their stage rehearsal timings have been made known and that the management is rigid with the slot timings.

The boys enjoy a barbeque with Choi Hyun when Eun Gyeol recalls an interview with Yoon Dong Jin from the future. First Love Memory Manipulators couldn’t perform at the festival due to an accident that happened the day before that seriously injured one of the members.

Eun Gyeol realises that something might happen during the rehearsal and tries his best to dissuade Yi Chan from attending the rehearsal.

All it does is make Yi Chan angry and argue with Eun Gyeol. Eun Gyeol then approaches Eun Yoo and asks her for a favour.

The following morning, Eun Yoo uses a clever ruse to lure Yi Chan to an island. After waiting for hours, he does not meet Eun Yoo but Eun Gyeol. Yi Chan realises it was all Eun Gyeol’s ploy to make him miss the rehearsals.

Yi Chan is furious, but Eun Gyeol cannot give him a logical explanation for his actions. Agitated, Eun Gyeol asks Yi Chan whether he would believe him (Eun Gyeol) if he said he was Yi Chan’s son from the future.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Ha Eun Gyeol Succeed in Preventing Ha Yi Chan's Accident?
Still from episode 11 of Twinkling Watermelon

Yi Chan is about to storm off when Eun Gyeol threatens to jump off the cliff. He carries out the threat, and Yi Chan jumps after him to save him.

Will On Eun Yoo Choose Ha Eun Gyeol or Ha Yi Chan?

Eun Yoo is pretty disappointed after realising that Eun Gyeol has a weaker spice tolerance than her. This rules him out of her list of probable first love of Choi Se Kyung.

Eun Yoo berates herself for being attracted to someone her mother’s age rather than focusing on finding her mother’s first love. She makes up all sorts of reasons why she shouldn’t like Eun Gyeol, yet dolls herself up when he visits her.

Eun Yoo promises to help Eun Gyeol prevent Yi Chan from going to the rehearsal on two conditions. She makes him promise to open up to her about his secret.

Eun Yoo also sets up a date for the two. The following day, they would head to the movies after everything was done. Eun Gyeol adds that it should include popcorn and cola.

Eun Yoo asks Chung Ah, between Yi Chan and Eun Gyeol, who was more Se Kyung’s type before she left for the States. Chung Ah thinks momentarily and writes back that it would be Eun Gyeol. Eun Yoo looks pleased with the answer.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11 Ending Explained 

What Happened At the Rehearsal?

The rest of the boys cannot rehearse due to the absence of their frontman and guitarist. They refuse to budge from the stage, delaying the organisers.

Ma Joo bursts in, and the boys jump off the stage to bombard him with questions about the two boys. Suddenly, the lighting fixtures fall on the stage.

Will Ha Eun Gyeol Succeed in Preventing Ha Yi Chan’s Accident?

Out of sheer relief that Yi Chan did not secretly leave for the rehearsals, Eun Gyeol cries in his arms. While the boys are on their way back to the guesthouse, Eun Gyeol’s words about being his son from the future bug Yi Chan.

Eun Gyeol suddenly recalls his movie date and leaves. Yi Chan is greeted by the sight of the band members eating in the yard.

The boys discover that the school security guard is Yi Chan’s grandmother’s acquaintance. They bribe him and head to the venue to rehearse for the festival.

While Do Jin beats up a student for failing to injure the band members with the lighting fixtures, his lackeys bring him the news about the boys sneaking in to rehearse. Do Jin gathers his boys and heads over.

The boys had paged Eun Gyeol about their impromptu rehearsal. Scared, he ditches Eun Yoo and starts sprinting toward the school.

Eun Gyeol reaches there when Do Jin is about to land a second blow on Yi Chan and joins the fight. Do Jin and his gang make a run for it at the news of the police arriving.

Eun Gyeol holds Yi Chan in his arms and cries for him (Yi Chan) to respond. He is worried that he couldn’t prevent his father’s accident. Yi Chan moans about Eun Gyeol being too loud.

The clock strikes midnight, and Eun Gyeol, still embracing Yi Chan, lets out a sigh of relief.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11 Review

Do you know the feeling when you have so many things to say, yet nothing comes to mind? That was us until an hour after finishing this episode.

Firstly, for the last ten minutes of the episode, it felt like the heart was in the throat. Will Eun Gyeol reach in time? Will Yi Chan still encounter an accident even after all Eun Gyeol did to prevent it in the first place? All these thoughts were overwhelming the mind.

Eun Yoo aims to find her mother’s first love to set them up. But Se Kyung did not return until her biological father’s demise. So, that plan has been faulty since the beginning.

Considering Se Kyung left before the festival, the only other band member, she might have known, who plays the guitar would be On Ji Hwan. Since her husband was not her first love, Eun Yoo would have a better chance of finding her mother’s first love abroad.

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