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Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 2
Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 2

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained: How will Yi Joo get her revenge? Will Do Guk agree to help her ?

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 1 introduced the character and the plot of the story. Inspired by the webtoon of the same name, the series follows the life of Yijoon, the adopted daughter of the Hanwol Financial Group. Even though she was outwardly portrayed as the eldest daughter, she was, in reality, tortured by her family. Despite the severe mistreatment by her adoptive family, she tried to live up to their expectations. Her world crashed one day as she was utterly betrayed by everyone she tried to make happy. She was involved in a car accident soon after, which resulted in her death. 

As the life drained out of her, she merely wished for a chance to get her revenge. Much to her surprise, her wish was granted, and she was reborn a year earlier to her death. 

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 2 Recap: How will Yi Joo get her revenge?

As her year younger self, Yijoon decided to make different decisions. She started by breaking off her marriage with Se Hyeok. She was getting her wedding dress fitted when she came to her senses about what was happening. The new Yi Joon confronts Se Hyeok about his feelings for Yoo Ra. Unable to grasp how Yi Joon was suddenly aware of his feelings for Yoo Ra, Se Hyeok could not say anything. 

Yi Joon establishes her new self by tearing off the dress and trashing Se Hyeok with her bouquet. She walks off to pay for her dress, leaving behind a dumb-founded Se Hyeok dealing with his mother’s nagging about different ribbons over call. 

Back in Yi Joon’s home, her rebel saga continues as she announces to her mother that she will not marry Se Hyeok. Her mother just dismissed her quite deftly. While she went to change her clothes, Se Hyeok tried to talk to her mother and told Yoo Ra about Yi Joon’s decision to call off the wedding. They continued to talk over her as if she wasn’t there. Realising staying there will get her nowhere, she walks out. 

Se Hyeok follows her out, asking to reconsider her decision to cancel the wedding. Yi Joon, finally realising the truth of what was happening, spells out clearly why she was chosen. She was rich enough that it would help Se Hyeok’s finances; even so, she was adopted, it wouldn’t make him feel too inferior, and most importantly, marrying her provides a clear avenue for him to keep Yoo Ra in touch with who he was actually in love with. Unable to refute her claims, he got down on his knees, asking her to be merciful as his family was in debt, and she was the only way his family could be saved. 

He offered to be a perfect husband for her. Seeing her fiance promise everything she wishes he had done during their marriage, Yi Joon is infuriated. As a last-ditch effort to save the marriage, Se Hyeok reminds her that she was madly in love with him at one point. 

In a show of parallelism, Yi Jeon tells him that she never loved him and only pitied him. His desperate efforts to make everyone happy reminded her of herself. These were the exact words of Se Hyeok as he rejected her a year into the future. 

Yi Joon, on her way back to her room, overhears Yoo Ra and her mother talking about Seo Do Guk. Yoo Ra confesses her feelings for Do Guk to her mother. Her mother lovingly encourages her to attain Do Guk. This show of maternal love irks Yi Joon. 

She meets up with her friend, who is a reporter. Seeing Yi Joo’s calm demeanour while telling her about everything that had happened, Yi Joon’s friend was convinced she was in shock and offered to introduce her to a doctor. Yi Joon jumped in to say that rather than a doctor, she should introduce Yi Joon to Do Guk.

Yi Joon’s friend was sceptical of Yi Joon’s chances with Do Guk. She informed Yi Joon that all the women in his family had loud personalities. Moreover, Do Guk himself is difficult to deal with. Even though he was competent, his awareness of his capabilities made him annoying. 

Even So, Yi Joo insists on meeting Do Guk. She says that rather than setting up a new date for Yi Joo, he friend could tell her the time and place for her sister, Yoo Ra’s date with him. 

Yi Joo arrives at Yoo Ra’s date instead of her. She offers Do Guk an offer to marry her instead of Yoo Ra. Do Guk presents a test for Yi Joo; either she has to prove herself to be assertive in front of him or be sexy. He accompanies the latter with a room key, indicating his intent to sleep with her. While Yi Joo was initially quite apprehensive about the offer, Yoo Ra’s arrival on the date forces her to accept the room key. Do Guk accepts her offer and takes her up to his room.

Yi Joo was quite nervous despite her previous bravado, but it turns out Do Guk’s room is closer to a workspace than a bedroom. He confesses that he only wants to discuss the proposal. 

They both hit off when Yi Joo matches Do Guk’s advances, but they eventually get back to the terms of the marriage proposal. Yi Joo knew about the offer made to Do Guk by his grandmother. He needed to get married to get the support of his grandmother; otherwise, he would have to join the family business. 

She offered to marry him in a business partnership so that he could get support, and in return, she would stay away from him throughout the marriage, and then they may get a divorce when they both get what they want. 

Yi Joo showcased an array of knowledge about subjects she should not know, which piques Do Guk’s interest. As a partner, she offered to bring in all the knowledge about the future of the business world with her. Her sales pitch impresses Do Guk enough for him to provide her with a position in his company. He eventually agrees to think about it. 

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 2 Ending Explained: Will Do Guk agree to help her?

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 2
Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 2

They celebrate the agreement with wine, but that ends up getting them both drunk. A very Drunk Yi Joo passes out soon after confessing a part of her dark past to Do Guk. Yi Joo wakes up the next day in Do Guk’s bed. Embarrassed by the fact that she doesn’t even remember what she did the previous night, she makes her way home.

In her home, everyone waits for her to confront her. Yoo Ra accuses Yi Joo of stealing her fiance, which results in everyone asking her to back off. Se Hyeok jumps in, trying to take the blame for her erratic behaviour, promising to take care of the situation. 

This only infuriates Yi Joo, who doesn’t understand how they could easily sideline the fact that she spent the night with Do Guk.

To punish her for her defiance, Yi Joo is locked in her room. She recalls her childhood when she was repeatedly locked in her room for everything. She calls her reporter friend, whom she had initially asked to take pictures of her and Do Guk together for an article. That article never ranked, though, because Do Guk’s family killed it. Her mother’s manager arrives to hand her a medicine that she ate every day. On overhearing her conversation with her friend, he confiscates her phone. 

After the manager left, she spits the medicine to store it in a bottle. She had been collecting the tablets for a while at that point. 

So Duk meanwhile breaks the news of his marriage with Yi Joo to his family. They do not take it very well, but in Do Guk’s adamancy, they retent. 

She managed to borrow a phone from a student who was passing by. She called Do Guk to inform him of her situation, asking him to come and save him. Her mother overhears the conversation. She uses this opportunity to humiliate Yi Joo, saying that there is no way Do Guk would come to save a lowborn like her just because they spent one night together. 

To her mother’s surprise, Do Guk arrives to save her. Do Guk presents his proposal to Yi Joo’s father, who could not reject the offer. DO Guk takes Yi Joo away on a date, but her behaviour during the date, from her inability to eat expensive food to her anxiousness around food in general, makes Do Guk realise that she did not lead a good life.  

He asks her about her true motive for the marriage, and she eventually confesses that the marriage is to revenge on her family. 

Finally happy with her answer, Do Guk proposes to Yi Joo with a flower ring.


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