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Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 1
Perfect Marriage Revenge episode 1

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained: What is the plot of Perfect Marriage Revenge? Does Yijoo die in Perfect Marriage Revenge?

Another webtoon adaptation by the same name, Perfect Marriage Revenge, follows the story of Han Yijoo, a painter who was adopted into an upper-class family. Despite her best efforts, she was not liked by her new family. She was not appreciated by her husband, who was in love with her sister. Despite everyone essentially using her, she tries to smile through everything. Her world comes crashing down one day when she is faced with the truth. However, she does get another chance to fix this and take her revenge.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 1 Recap: What is the plot of Perfect Marriage Revenge?

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 1
Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 1

Episode 1 of The Perfect Marriage Revenge opens up to Yijoo, our protagonist, who is in the house of her in-laws. Her skill as a painter is quite apparent in the hyperreal painting of her family. Just as she finished adding the final touches to the painting, she got a call from her mother-in-law informing her that she would return with some friends.

In a desperate attempt to impress them, she tries to cook for them but fails miserably. Not only does the food come out terrible, but she also ends up hurting herself. Because there were no Band-Aids in the house, she created a massive bulb of bandages on her finger to stop it from bleeding.

Her mother-in-law jumps to the opportunity to berate her for her inability to cook. She even accuses Yijoo of looking down on them due to her higher social status. Knowing precisely what her mother-in-law wanted, Yijoo insisted on handing her mother-in-law her card to buy something nice.

Yijoo’s mother-in-law further pushes Yijoo to look for a job for her husband in her father’s company. Yoo Na’s, Yijoo’s sister, fiancé owned the company that her husband was currently working in; therefore, it might be embarrassing for him to work there.

Yijoo visits her parent’s house only to realize no one is home. Since no one picked up her calls, she called her mother’s manager to ask where everyone was. She was told that it was the day of the art auction, and that is where her family was.

The manager offered to pick her up from the house along with some documents needed for the gallery, but she refused, instead promising to bring the papers with her to the show.

Yijoo’s family is introduced in the meantime. Yijoo’s mother, even though she was the owner of the art gallery and was an art collector, valued money and the worth of the collector more than the paintings themselves.

Yoo Na, Yijoo’s sister, hosted the auction. During the interview, she revealed herself to be a charismatic person, but when asked questions about art, she quickly showed her need for more knowledge.
Yijoo’s father was embroiled in specific allegations himself as the whole Hanwool Financial Group was brought under questioning.

Yijoo, unable to reach her husband, calls his company only to be informed that he has resigned. In the parking lot of the gallery, she finds her husband’s car and an envelope that had what she presumed was the resignation letter. Unfazed, she heads into the gallery to gift her mother the painting.

Far from the reaction that she had initially expected of her mother, she instead, seemed to be offended by it. Assuming it was a leap of ambition from her daughter to display the painting in the gallery, she harshly criticized her. Even as the other people who attended the event praised Yijoo for her skill, her mother tried to take the focus away from it.

At the insistence of the bidders of the show, the painting was put on display. Everyone widely praised it. In a rare show of affection, Yijoo’s mother assured her of her value or rather the value of her paintings that, were kept with utmost care in professional settings to maintain them. Her mother even asked her about the upcoming project that Yijoo was working on. Yijoo was making replicas of famous paintings to donate to charity.

Touched by her mother’s care, Yijoo promises to work on the replicas. Something seems amiss as her mother appears to be manipulating her regarding the paintings.
While she was trying to clean up a corner of the painting, a man walked in and offered her a solution to help clean it up. It turns out to be Seo Do Guk, who was her sister’s fiancé.

Her husband also comes in with Yoo Na. Yoo Na talks about how Yijoo’s husband never confesses her love for her; Yijoo contends it, saying that the love that they share is more about actions than words. This turns into a debate, with Do Guk siding with Yijoo. After what seems to be an uncomfortable display of affection between Yijoo’s husband and Yoo Na, Yijoo and Do Guk both excuse themselves.

Yijoo happens to meet Do Guk again while he is hurrying out to meet his grandmother, who is sick. Yijoo shows deep concern for her and asks if she should call Yoo Na to accompany him as his family. This amuses Do Guk, but he refuses her offer.

On the way to the bidding, Yijoo meets one of the lady bidders who asks for a tour of the paintings. She had come with another man to look at the paintings. After checking the artwork, they exchange some looks with the lady, and soon after, they both excuse themselves.

The bidding starts, and the price of the rare painting by Sun Jin reaches a whopping 4 billion Won. But before everyone could enjoy the ending of the auction, the woman who raised the winning bid moved forward to the podium towards the painting.

She roughly turned around the artwork and pulled off the stills. As the police officers were swarming into the place, she claimed that the painting was fake; moreover, it was not the first counterfeit painting she had sold to her. The back of the painting, which was supposedly 40 years old, lacked all the age marks.

With an official backing up the bidder’s claims, Yijoo’s mother had nowhere to hide. She quickly shifted all of the blame to Yijoo’s. As the painter of the fake painting, it was pretty easy to pin the blame on her but to show how well-prepared Mrs Han was, her secretary mentioned a paper company which had the documents related to the transfer of money on the sale of the fake paintings. It was the documents that Yijoo had brought with her.

Her mother, suddenly full of love for her daughter, requested her to take the blame, promising to get her out of jail with her lawyers.
Yijoo leaves the place in search of her husband. Only to find him confessing his love to Yoo Na. He mentions how he plans on leaving Yijoo to live with Yoo Na instead. Yoo Na scoffs at his idealistic attitude. Yoo Na crushes his dreams, saying he would never meet her status and that she was only playing with him.

Yijoo, still in shock from her mother’s betrayal, begs her husband to say that it was a lie, but he, too, abandons her with divorce papers.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 1 Ending Explained: Does Yijoo die in Perfect Marriage Revenge?

Unable to handle it all, Yijoo drives off, but due to her rash driving, her car collides with another. On top of this, a truck hit both of the cars, seriously injuring both vehicles.

In the hospital, even though everyone was present, no one cared about her. Yijoo’s mother, realizing that these might be her daughter’s last moments, confesses the truth to her.

She had never liked her adoptive daughter, who was so sweet and giving. Her constant lack of greed irks Mrs. Han to the point that she becomes vindictive. Her last advice to her daughter was not to be so good in her next life.
Later, Yijoo suffers a cardiac arrest, and as her life drains out of her, she only wishes for another chance to take revenge.

She wakes up in her bed in her parent’s house with Yoo Na beside her. Yoo Na leaves to attend an appointment and asks for pictures on the way out.

Yijoo slowly realized something was wrong as she seemed to be transferred a year into the past.
Still in shock and unable to act Yijoo when with whatever was happening. She would recount every event that had occurred on the day she went to buy her wedding dress. It was all eerily following her memory.

A cut on her wrist finally broke her out of the spell. Realizing this was her chance at revenge, she started by breaking off her engagement with her fiance.

As an act of liberation, she tears off her dress and crushes the bouquet on her finance’s head.
In preview to the next episode, we see how she is making drastic changes in her life and now going after Seo Do Guk as revenge.

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