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How Powerful Is Jiro Awasaka? What Is His Innate Technique?
How Powerful Is Jiro Awasaka? What Is His Innate Technique?

How Powerful Is Jiro Awasaka? What Is His Innate Technique?

As the Shibuya Incident Arc unfolds with relentless intensity, one character has recently risen to prominence, capturing the attention of both fans and critics alike. This character is Jiro Awasaka, who, with his mysterious appearance of a Daruma doll, has become a fascinating mystery in the world of curses and jujutsu sorcery.

This article delves deep into the core of Jiro Awasaka’s character, exploring the origins of his power and the distinctive ability that sets him apart from the rest.

As we unravel his mysterious character, we will answer a crucial question that has piqued the curiosity of Jujutsu Kaisen enthusiasts: How Powerful Is Jiro Awasaka? What Is His Innate Technique?

As the Shibuya Incident heats up and the battles grow fiercer, the spotlight shifts towards this minor antagonist with a significant impact. 

Who is Jiro Awasaka?

Jiro Awasaka, while a relatively minor character in the grand scheme of Jujutsu Kaisen, possesses a character that bears some discussion. His backstory and role in the series add depth to the narrative.

Before the era of Satoru Gojo, Jiro Awasaka was a curse user with a reputation as a formidable assassin. He was known for his lethal and brutal execution methods, making him a feared figure in the supernatural world. However, as the legend of Satoru Gojo began to spread, Awasaka recognized the imminent threat posed by this mighty jujutsu sorcerer.

In a bid for self-preservation, Jiro Awasaka strategically decided to retreat. He understood that a confrontation with Satoru Gojo would likely result in his own destruction. This move is proof of his intelligence, highlighting his ability to adapt to the changing dynamics of the jujutsu world.

As the Shibuya Incident unfolded, Jiro Awasaka made a pivotal choice to align himself with Kenjaku and Mahito, two key players with a shared objective – removing Satoru Gojo from the equation.

This alignment arose from their belief that eliminating Gojo would pave the way for their freedom, making it a proposition too enticing for Jiro to resist. This decision places Jiro in a complex web of allegiances and motivations, adding layers to his character worth exploring in the evolving narrative of Jujutsu Kaisen.

How Powerful Is Jiro Awasaka? What Is His Innate Technique?

How Powerful Is Jiro Awasaka? What Is His Innate Technique?
How Powerful Is Jiro Awasaka? What Is His Innate Technique?

Jiro Awasaka may not be a top-tier fighter in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. Still, his unique abilities and how he employs them make him a noteworthy character.

The defining element of Jiro Awasaka’s combat prowess is his Innate Technique, known as “Inverse”. This technique sets him apart from other curse users, granting him a distinct advantage in battles.

Inverse enables Jiro to reverse the power of any attack directed at him. The intriguing aspect of this ability is that the stronger the incoming attack, the less damage it inflicts upon Jiro, and contrarily, the weaker the attack, the more damage it causes.

This inherent skill makes Jiro incredibly resilient, allowing him to withstand formidable assaults that would incapacitate most other curse users. In his battles, Jiro’s opponents often find themselves confused as their most potent attacks seem to have minimal impact on him.

The invulnerability granted by Inverse adds an extra layer of complexity to his character, as it presents a significant challenge for those facing him in combat.

The true strength of Inverse lies in its ability to distort the conventional dynamics of combat, making it difficult for adversaries to measure the efficacy of their attacks.

This innate technique demands a strategic approach, as relying solely on brute force is ineffective against Jiro Awasaka. Understanding the nature of Inverse is crucial for any opponent who hopes to overcome this formidable curse user.

While Jiro Awasaka may not be a top-tier jujutsu sorcerer regarding overall power, his Innate Technique, Inverse, makes him a formidable adversary who can turn the strength of attacks against his opponents. This unique power elevates Jiro’s standing in the complex world of curses and jujutsu sorcery, ensuring that his battles are never straightforward encounters.

How were Yuji and Megumi able to defeat Jiro Awasaka?

The Shibuya Incident Arc brought a significant encounter between Jiro Awasaka and two of our young jujutsu sorcerers, Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro. This clash showcased the intriguing dynamics of Jiro’s Innate Technique, Inverse, and the strategic thinking of his opponents.

When Yuji and Megumi first engaged Jiro, they did so with all their might. Their attacks, however, appeared to have little to no impact on the curse user, leaving them confused by his resilience.

Despite their best efforts and Yuji’s remarkable agility, they failed to inflict any substantial damage on their adversary. Jiro’s formidable defence, courtesy of Inverse, posed a significant challenge for the young sorcerers.

However, the turning point in the battle came when Megumi, known for his keen observation skills, noticed something amiss.

A seemingly minor, accidental hit to Jiro’s head left a noticeable bruise, revealing a chink in his seemingly impenetrable armour. This revelation led to a critical realization of the nature of Jiro’s Innate Technique.

Megumi deduced that Inverse must have limitations, both minimal and maximal, as the complete nullification of all attacks would make even the act of breathing lethal for Jiro. Yuji concurred with this deduction, and together, they devised a plan to exploit this newfound knowledge.

Their strategy involved a clever ruse. They pretended to launch a final, all-out assault, distracting Jiro. In reality, the intention was to allow Megumi’s Frog Shikigami, Toad, to deliver a seemingly weak attack that unexpectedly caused substantial damage to Jiro. With the curse user momentarily off balance, Yuji and Megumi seized the opportunity to unleash powerful blows that took their toll on Jiro.

In the end, Yuji Itadori delivered the decisive blow, rendering Jiro Awasaka unconscious with a simple punch to the head. This battle showcased the complexity of Jiro’s Innate Technique and the strategic understanding of his opponents.

The battle between Jiro Awasaka and Yuji Itadori, and Megumi Fushiguro demonstrated the intricate dynamics of Jiro’s Innate Technique, Inverse. It highlighted the necessity of strategic thinking when facing a curse user with such a unique ability.

This clash revealed the cleverness and adaptability of our young jujutsu sorcerers, who managed to overcome the formidable Jiro Awasaka by exploiting the limitations of his powers.

In conclusion, Jiro Awasaka may have been a minor character. Still, his unique Innate Technique, Inverse, made him a formidable adversary for Yuji and Megumi. His fear of Satoru Gojo hinted at the potential to nullify his power, which added an extra layer of complexity to this intriguing character.

While the fate of Jiro Awasaka remains uncertain within the storyline, his role in the Shibuya Incident added another layer of complexity to the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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