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Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Gang Nam Soon Successfully pass Ryu Si Oh’s test?

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Gang Nam Soon Successfully pass Ryu Si Oh’s test?

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

After the white knuckle ending of the previous episode, we waited eagerly for episode 7 of Strong Girl Nam Soon.

Although the writers would not kill the female lead so early in the drama, Ri Hwa Ja’s attack on Gang Nam Soon was nothing short of hair-raising. This act of hers might be the last straw that shatters the minuscule faith Hwang Geum Ju had in her to pieces.

Meanwhile, it is to be seen whether Hwang Geum Ju’s wealth can get her into the upper echelons of Doogo. Ryu Shi Oh also has an eye on Gang Nam Soon’s strength. So far, he appears to possess immeasurable strength, too, but its source is unclear.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 7 Recap: What Occurred Following Ri Hwa Ja’s Attack on Gang Nam Soon?

Nam Soon stops the knife at the last second and pushes Hwa Ja away. Hwa Ja is sent to the hospital as she breaks a bone in the process. She will be detained for attempted murder after her treatment.

Hee Sik berates Nam Soon for being so kind. The conversation shifts to the items they had procured, none of which tested positive for drugs. Nam Soon suggests getting the client list. Hee Sik likes the idea.

The manager shows the video of Nam Soon stealing from the warehouse to Shi Oh. She is called to the CEO’s office. Nam Soon is excited at the opportunity, but Hee Sik is worried.

Shi Oh admits to being mesmerised by Nam Soon. The two exchange contacts and Shi Oh invites Nam Soon to dinner. Since she has plans with her father, she rejects him and promises to reschedule.

What Is the Current Status of Hwang Geum Ju’s Infiltration Plan for Doogo?

Geum Ju baits Shi Oh through a game of Indian Poker. She offers to provide the financial resources Doogo would need, essentially replacing the current financier of the company.

Geum Ju meets up with her Opulentia contact and is notified that Shi Oh was in Russia before founding Doogo.

On the other hand, Shi Oh takes a look at Geum Ju’s assets. He is surprised at her wealth and asks for a detailed background about her.

Later that night, Shi Oh learns from his secretary that Geum Ju recently found her lost daughter. The news organisation she owns had published an article about the same. The news article had a picture of someone else and not the real Nam Soon.

What Is the Latest Development in the Deepfake Scam Involving Seo Jun Hee?

Geum Dong helps his mother gain favour with Jun Hee by assisting them to track down the scammers. Joong Gan, with Jun Hee, leaves for the scammers’ hideout.

In a great display of her power, Joong Gan cleans up the scammer’s hideout and carries the delinquents to the police station.

By the end of the ordeal, Jun Hee looks surprised and a little afraid of Joong Gan. He wonders whether Joong Gan is transgender. She reminds him of their night at the hotel and invites him to the family party.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 7 Ending Explained: How Is the Family Bonding With the Newly Added Members?

Nam Soon goes on a date with her father after her shift at Doogo. They go to an amusement park and talk about her childhood.

That evening, Hee Sik receives an invite from Geum Ju to the family party.

Geum Ju asks the two new members—Jun Hee and Hee Sik—to introduce themselves to the rest. Jun Hee says that he is dating Joong Gan. Hee Sik does not present himself as Nam Soon’s friend; they find themselves in need of each other.

Secretary Jung initiates a prank that she is pregnant and that Bong Go is the baby’s father, and the rest, barring Hee Sik and Jun Hee, join in. It is a very elaborate ploy for Bong Go’s surprise birthday party.

The group then proceeds to intoxicate themselves to the bone. Since Jun Hee passes out, Hee Sik bonds with the other men in the sauna.

Bong Go tells Hee Sik that he needs to help continue their legacy by giving birth to a daughter. Hee Sik gets pretty shy as everyone repeatedly mentions his relationship with Nam Soon.

The women bond in the bath, making moonbows and talking about men. 

Will Gang Nam Soon Successfully pass Ryu Si Oh’s test?

Nam Soon gets called to Shi Oh’s office again. Shi Oh wants to make her Doogo’s lobbyist. But first, Nam Soon has to pass a test.

Shi Oh takes Nam Soon to the facility on the outskirts.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 7 Review

A lot happens in this episode. Certain parts of the plot are subtly set in motion.

Hee Sik’s team leader seems to have given in to the temptation of the drug.

Nam In has consumed the drug—the diet pill—and it seems to affect him negatively. The loss of appetite and increased water intake (sauna scene) are the very first symptoms.

It seems that the drug is not restricted to diet pills. A Doogo courier was found on the streets. Earlier in the episode, he was speaking with Nam Soon about having consumed an energy drink. Crushed cans were also seen on the dashboard of his delivery truck.

It makes us wonder what else these people have turned the rug into.

While on the topic of antagonists, someone please answer when they became such eye candies! Is Ryu Shi Oh the antagonist or the second male lead?

On a lighter note, Hee Sik and Nam Soon have grown relatively closer. Hee Sik telling Nam Soon to be kind only to him was heart-fluttering. As was their playful banter.

And their bonding during the party. The two confessing that they lightened up each other’s moods made this heart grow wings and fly away.

Speaking of the party, that was some party. Geum Ju’s poorly veiled hints to Hee Sik flustered him. And then there was the song she sang with her mother.

Did anyone notice Geum Ju and Nam Soon’s entry into the party? The live band was playing Smooth Operator by Sade, and Geum Ju was in a neon dress. It was the same colour as the underwear Hee Sik was wearing while dancing to the same song in episode 2. That entire party was one hilarious moment after another.

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