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Is Takuma Ino Dead? What happened to him?
Is Takuma Ino Dead? What happened to him?

Is Takuma Ino Dead? What happened to Takuma Ino?

In Jujutsu Kaisen, one character whose fate has recently hung in the balance, leaving fans in suspense, is the protege of Kento Nanami, Takuma Ino.

The Shibuya Incident serves as a turning point for Ino, allowing him to shed the role of the protege and step onto the front lines of a crisis that threatens to engulf Tokyo.

During the Shibuya Incident, Ino’s character takes centre stage as he confronts Ogami and her grandson.

His battle against these adversaries underscores his combat skills and determination, bringing him close to victory.

Yet, a profound twist unfolds during this intense standoff, sending shockwaves through the Jujutsu Kaisen fanbase.

The question that lingers in the minds of Jujutsu Kaisen enthusiasts is fundamental: Is Takuma Ino Dead? What happened to him? The answer to this question has been the subject of much fan discussion and speculation. 

Who is Takuma Ino in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Takuma Ino’s journey in Jujutsu Kaisen begins as a grade 2 Jujutsu sorcerer from the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College. While he may not be a central figure in the series, his relationship with Kento Nanami grants him a significant presence in the narrative.

Ino’s connection with Nanami is far from superficial, built on mutual respect and admiration. A flashback scene in the series sheds light on the depth of their bond. Nanami praises Ino’s skills, underscoring the mentor’s belief in his protege’s potential.

Ino, in turn, values Nanami’s opinion immensely and aspires to earn a promotion through his mentor’s recommendation.

Ino is often seen throughout the story in Nanami’s company, further solidifying their mentor-protege relationship. Their interactions reveal Ino’s admiration for his mentor, portraying him as more of a fanboy than just a student.

Ino’s Innate Technique, the Auspicious Beasts Summon, is proof of his extraordinary capabilities as a Jujutsu sorcerer. This technique allows him to summon the abilities of four auspicious beasts, each with distinct characteristics and potential for offence and defence. 

Here’s a closer look at the auspicious beasts and their unique attributes that Ino can harness


The auspicious beast number one, Kaichi, is a formidable force in Ino’s arsenal. When Ino invokes Kaichi, he has the power to create a horn with a spiral pattern.

This horn serves as a projectile that he can unleash upon his opponents. What makes Kaichi particularly fearsome is its nearly unstoppable nature. It can challenge even the most potent adversaries, making it a powerful weapon in Ino’s hands.


Ino’s second auspicious beast, Reiki, is a defensive powerhouse. When Reiki is summoned, Ino can create a barrier made of water.

This water-based barrier is a formidable defence against various physical attacks. It offers Ino the much-needed protection in the heat of battle, effectively cushioning the impact of multiple assaults. Reiki’s defensive capabilities make Ino a well-rounded fighter capable of both offence and defence.


The third auspicious beast, Kirin, remains a mystery within the series. As of now, the specifics of Kirin’s abilities and characteristics have not been revealed.

Ino’s ability to summon Kirin holds untapped potential, leaving fans eagerly anticipating when this auspicious beast’s power is unveiled.


The fourth and final auspicious beast, Ryu, stands out as the most potent among Ino’s summoned entities. Ino himself has stated that no one had survived an encounter with Ryu up to that point.

While Ryu’s full capabilities remain a mystery due to an untimely interruption during a battle, its reputation as an unbeatable force speaks volumes about its potential lethality. 

Ino’s Auspicious Beasts Summon reflects his unique and formidable abilities. This power allows him to draw upon the strengths of these four auspicious beasts, each contributing to his versatility and effectiveness in combat.

Ino’s mastery of this technique demonstrates the intricacies and complexities of the Jujutsu Kaisen universe, where each character possesses distinct and remarkable powers.

As the series continues to unravel its mysteries and pit sorcerers against curses in epic battles, fans can expect further exploration of Ino’s Auspicious Beasts Summon, with the potential for even more awe-inspiring feats and revelations as Ino continues his journey as a Jujutsu sorcerer.

What did Takuna Ino do during the Shibuya Incident arc?

The Shibuya Incident in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen is an event that has left fans on the edge of their seats, with its gripping battles and shocking twists. Amid this chaos, Takuma Ino, a protege of the esteemed Jujutsu sorcerer Kento Nanami, finally had his moment in the spotlight.

 Ino’s involvement in the Shibuya Incident marked a turning point in his character arc, and his battle during this event was a highlight that had fans talking.

As the Shibuya Incident unfolded, Ino joined the Jujutsu sorcerers who had gathered to confront the threat looming over the city.

This was a significant moment for Ino as he stepped out of the shadows, moving from the role of a protege to an active participant in the unfolding crisis. Alongside Nanami, he took his place on the front lines, demonstrating his commitment to the battle against curses.

Ino’s moment to shine during the Shibuya Incident came when he faced off against formidable adversaries, Ogami and her grandson.

While Ogami’s technique was mysterious and potent, Ino proved to be a formidable opponent with his Auspicious Beasts Summon technique. He demonstrated his skills and resolve as he took on these adversaries, coming close to defeating them.

However, the tide of the battle took an unexpected turn when Ogami’s technique resurrected an infamous villain, Toji Fushiguro. Toji was considered dead and had a reputation as a powerful and ruthless antagonist. His return to the scene added tension and danger to Ino’s already challenging battle.

Ino’s skills and courage were tested when he faced Toji Fushiguro, who had been resurrected under the name Toji Zenin.

Toji was a character known for his deadly prowess, and the stakes in this confrontation couldn’t have been higher. Ino’s valiant efforts and determination were on full display. Still, it became evident that the sheer power and ferocity of Toji overmatched him.

The battle between Ino and Toji showcased the vast difference in power and experience between the two. Despite Ino’s best efforts, he struggled to make an impact against Toji. Toji’s skills and combat abilities proved unconquerable for Ino, and the resurrected villain swiftly defeated him.

The battle left fans on the edge of their seats. It was a stark reminder of the dangers and challenges the Jujutsu sorcerers faced during the Shibuya Incident.

Ino’s involvement in the Shibuya Incident was pivotal in his character arc. His battle against formidable adversaries, the unexpected revival of Toji Fushiguro, and confrontation with the resurrected antagonist added excitement and tension to the series. 

Is Takuma Ino Dead? What happened to him?

Is Takuma Ino Dead? What happened to him?
Is Takuma Ino Dead? What happened to him?

Takuma Ino is not dead, and his survival in the Jujutsu Kaisen series has been confirmed.

The character’s fate, while uncertain during the Shibuya Incident, was ultimately spared through the actions of his comrades, and fans can look forward to potential future developments in his character arc.

Whether Takuma Ino is dead has been a subject of concern and speculation among fans of Jujutsu Kaisen. In the series, Ino had a harrowing confrontation with the resurrected Toji Fushiguro during the Shibuya Incident.

Toji, known for his deadly abilities, defeated Ino in a fierce battle and threw him from a towering structure in a shocking turn of events.

However, some good news exists for fans who have grown attached to Ino’s character. Contrary to the expectations set by Toji’s actions, Ino did not meet his demise during this encounter.

Instead, he was saved from a potentially fatal fall by the timely intervention of Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro, who rescued and facilitated his recovery.

Although Ino has not made any subsequent appearances in the series following this incident, it is clear that he survived the ordeal. This development offers reassurance to fans and leaves room for future appearances and further contributions to the story.

The Jujutsu Kaisen series continues to mesmerize with its intricate battles, compelling characters, and unexpected twists—Ino’s confrontation with Toji Fushiguro proves the series’ ability to keep fans guessing. Fortunately, we can confirm that Takuma Ino is alive, having narrowly escaped Toji’s clutches. 

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