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A still from Worst of Evil Episode 11
A still from Worst of Evil Episode 11

Worst of Evil Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Gicheul get caught by the police? Will Gicheul find Jungbae?

Previously, in Worst of Evil, things get more complicated for Junmoo. Gicheul confesses to Junmoo that, Under the influence of Eui, Jeong wants to start over as an honest man. On top of this, he wants Junmoo to take over his business. Jungbae returns to Gicheul’s lair, and his behaviour suggests that he has something significant up his sleeves.

Worst of Evil Episode 11 Recap: Will Gicheul get caught by the police?

In episode 11 of Worst of Evil, Junmoo and Gicheul leave for their “fishing trip”, which could be their last deal. With stakes as high as they could be, the police department gets ready to catch Gicheul in the middle of the trade.
The first portion of the trade goes smoothly for them as they get the drugs. Gicheul and Junmoo decide to make the move to the second point. Junmoo excuses himself to go to the toilet, where he hides a message from the police about the following location.

Meanwhile, Mingoo, who took pictures of Gicheul’s people at the press conference, uses them to track down Eui Jeong’s identity as a cop. With his personality, we can stay assured that he would try to use it against Gicheul.
The police, under Dohyung, get ready at the second spot to catch them, but Junmoo and Gicheul unexpectedly meet an accident on the way. They get hit by a truck, due to which Gicheul and Junmoo both pass out.

Yankees make a comeback to steal the drugs from the back seat. The car exploded shortly after, but Gicheul and Junmoo escaped.
Dohyung, waiting for them at the next spot, is informed of a probable car explosion. They investigated the location only to realize that there wasn’t anyone in the car. Not knowing what else to do, they return to Seoul.

Gicheul and Junmoo are saved by Heesung, who is tailing them. Gicheul realizes that Jungbae has betrayed him and decides to go after him. Even though it does not sit well with the gang to go against their former “hyung”, they still comply with Gicheul’s orders to track him down.

Gicheul calls the new Japanese dealer to inform him that the product has been stolen and asks for a week of grace period.
Junmoo does damage control from his side by contacting the police to track down Junbae’s call logs and by meeting up with Hae Ryeon.

Hae Ryeon, blinded by her feelings for Junmoo, doesn’t dispose of him even after this mishap. She considers Junmoo’s honest character for confessing everything truthfully. During her conversation about her home, she let it slip that she lived in Changchun, China.

Hae Ryeon’s differential treatment of Junmoo is noticed by her bodyguard, who informs her father of this. Her lack of objectivity creates a divide between her father and herself. Her father had already been forcing people to work till exhaustion in his factory and couldn’t support his daughter’s behaviour.

Junmoo manipulates Hae Ryeon
Junmoo manipulates Hae Ryeon

Junmoo is wreaked by guilt for using Hae Ryeon’s feelings. He asks Hae Ryeon to return to China until the mess is cleaned up, knowing that he is working to end the trade and she might get caught in the crossfire. She refuses, saying that she wants to take him with her after this is over.

Even though Junmoo might have feelings for Hae Ryeon, he informs the police of the Chinese hide, which is immediately sent to the Chinese police.
Dohyung, realizing that Junmoo is not taking the failure well, tries to save Junmoo from the situation by asking the chief prosecutor to make the investigation public. The chief prosecutor, still obsessed with earning a name for himself, refuses to let it go.

Chief Seo gets released from the jail in the meantime. He comes across the documents stating Eui Jeong’s family information in the glove box. After realizing that he has seen Dohyung, who is declared the husband of Eui Jeong and tailing them, Chief Seo starts to doubt the whole situation. They decide to visit Gangnam police station.

Coincidentally, Dohyung also visits the police station simultaneously to ensure Officer Mingoo doesn’t go further into the background. The presence of Dohyung at the station raises Chief Seo’s suspicion even more, who then decides to visit the place where they got the documents.

Junmoo finally starts to lose his patience and reacts violently during one of the meetings with Gicheul, Heesung and another gang member, which puts him against Heesung. At the end of the meeting, they decide to track down Park Meth to track down the drugs.

Junmoo tries to request Gicheul to pay the Chinese to ease the situation with them, but Gicheul confesses that Jungbae stole all the money as well.
Eui Jeong calls Junmoo to meet him urgently. He goes to meet her even though he is visibly agitated. Dohyung and Eun Jeong gave him the call log and family information he requested.

Eui Jeong comments on how much Junmoo has changed, which causes him to have another outburst.
Chief Seo and the gang member visit the retired police association to meet the officer who was placed there by Dohyun. The member realized that he had seen Dohyun at the office when he came to take the documents.

To confirm his suspicions, he takes the officer hostage. She eventually confesses everything to Chief Seo, who makes her call Dohyun to inform him of the people, asking him to visit her.
Junmoo visits Junbae’s family to track him down, but Chief Seo calls him to say that he has to catch a rat before he can reach him. He gives Junmoo the address of the retired police commission and asks him to visit alone.

Worst of Evil Episode 11 Ending Explained: Will Gicheul find Jungbae?

As a last-ditch effort to stop things from going downhill, Eui Jeong meets Gicheul to stop him from continuing with the work, but like Junmmo, he refuses to give up so close to the goal. Their conversation gets cut short when Gicheul receives the news that Jungbae is caught.
Gicheul visits his office but gets a nasty surprise instead of Jungbae. Jungbae had found all his investments in the properties Gicheul wanted to use to get clean. Jung Bae uses this situation to turn all the members against him.

Junmoo isn’t any better off. When he reaches the retired police officer’s commission, he faces a bloodied and tied-up Dohyun.
Chief Seo had initially suspected Dohyun, pretending to be Park Junmoo, of working with his wife to trap Gicheul. But when he had been torturing Dohyun, he had found his ID, which mentioned that he was a part of the narcotics division. He realized that Junmoo must know why narcotics police were around them and questioned him. When Junmoo couldn’t answer him, he was repeatedly asked to prove his loyalty by blood. This time, sheading Dohyun’s blood.

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