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Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained: Who is the Traitor in Toman? Will Takemichi become the 11th leader of BLACK DRAGON?
Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained: Who is the Traitor in Toman? Will Takemichi become the 11th leader of BLACK DRAGON?

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained: Who is the Traitor in Toman? Will Takemichi become the 11th leader of BLACK DRAGON?

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Tokyo Revengers is back with yet another thrilling episode. Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 4 was all about shocking revelations and new bonds forged inside the First Division of Toman. 

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive recap of Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 4 with the ending explained of the episode. We will also answer some of the fans’ questions after watching Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 4. Who is the Traitor in Toman? Will Takemichi become the 11th leader of BLACK DRAGON? 

The name of Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 4 is “Come back to life”.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Who is the Traitor in Toman? 

The episode starts inside a warehouse where Yasuhiro Mucho, the Fifth Division Captain of Toman, brought Takemichi after beating him up. Takemichi finds that Seishu Inupi and Hajime Kokonoi are being held, too.

Yasuhiro Mucho explains to Takemichi that the Fifth Division have a special role in Toman. They are a special team, the only one allowed to do infighting.

Yasuhiro Mucho reminds them of when Kiyimasa was just about to kill Takemichi and tells them it was because of him that Mikey and Draken showed up at the right time. Mucho then explains that he informs the leader whenever there’s a traitor.

In some cases, reporting it after the Fifth Division has punished them is even okay. Mucho is the best fighter among the captains. Therefore, Mikey gave him this special position. Takemichi wonders if Mucho is a good guy working with Toman and if he is a bad guy and is suspected of doing something. 

Emma was staring at Izana’s letters addressed to Shinichiro Sano and remembers when Izana Kurokawa was going into a foster home. 

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Inside the warehouse, Takemichi asks what he did. Inupi asks if Izana did something since Tenjiku’s Izana and Inupi have a history. It is then revealed that Inupi was in the eighth generation BLACK DRAGON.

He was a close aide to Izana and is now in Toman’s First Division. Inpui claims that it might have led Mucho to believe that First Division ratted them out and the mastermind is the one who brought them in, Takemichi Hanagaki.

Takemichi wonders if Inupi is framing him and cannot think of an explanation. Koko then claims that Hanagaki did not rat out Toman and that Mucho have got it wrong. Inupi claims that Neither Hanagaki nor Koko have done anything to betray Toman.

Mucho smiles and says he told them about his special role because this isn’t part of it. Takemichi asks them what it is about. Koko tells Takemichi that they are making their move, the ghost of the S-62 Generation. 

Inupi then reveals that Yasuhiro Mucho used to be pals with Izana Kurokawa and is a part of the S-62 Generation. He’s one of the Vicious Generation, the six guys who met in reform school.

Mucho then says that his path was decided once Izana returned to power. Mucho then reveals that he is one of the founding members of Tenjiku. It is then revealed that Yasuhiro Mucho is the Traitor inside Toman that Kakucho warned him about. 

Takemichi asks Mucho if this means he’s betraying Mikey and Toman. Mucho claims things may have been different if he’d met Mikey earlier. Now that Izana is a leader again, the whole of Toman is his enemy.

Takemichi then tells Mucho that no matter how devoted he is to Izana Kurokawa, he only cares about Mikey. He only formed Tenjiku so he could crush Mikey. Mucho claims that he does not care about that. The gang Tenjiku exists, and Izana is the leader of it.

That’s all that matters. Takemihci then argues that it’s the same with Mikey being the leader of Toman. Still, Mucho dismisses all of Takemichi’s arguments. 

Mucho then reveals that there is a reason for their abduction. Seishu Inui and Hajime Kokonoi followed the 10th leader of BLACK DRAGON, Taiju Shiba, because they won’t get used. They joined the Toman’s First Division for that reason, too.

Inui used Taiju’s power to rebuild BLACK DRAGON. Then, in return, Taiju recruited Hajime Kokonoi into BLACK DRAGON. Mucho asks if Takemichi knows why Taiju wanted Hajime Kokonoi. Mucho then answers that Kokonoi is a genius at making money and that Izana intends to use that power.

Takemichi then wonders that in every future, Kokonoi is always in Toman. That means that Kokonoi is the guy who controls Toman’s finances in the future. Mucho then claims that the trouble with Kokonoi is that he only listens to Inui, and for some reason, Inui’s working for Hanagaki now.

That’s why he will kill Inui and Hanagaki right there. With nobody left to follow, Kokonoi has no choice but to join Tenjiku. Mucho then puts his leg on Takemichi’s face and asks Kokonoi to choose whether he will die here with Takemichi and Inui or join Tenjiku.

Mucho then reveals that Izana is not just after Mikey. Kokonoi’s money, Kisaki’s brains and Mikey’s charisma: He wants to use them to build the most powerful crime syndicate ever. Mucho then tells Kokonoi that if he joins Tenjiku, Mucho will free Inui and Hanagaki.

Before Kokonoi could answer, Takemichi stopped him and said he didn’t have to do anything Mucho said. Takemichi then gets up, determined that he won’t let Kokonoi join Tenjiku. He then tells Mucho that if he’s serious about building a crime syndicate, Takemichi won’t back off even if Mucho kills him.

Takemichi then claims that Hajime Kokonoi is a member of the First Division, and there’s no way in hell he’ll let Mucho have one of his men. 

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 4 Ending Explained: Will Takemichi become the 11th leader of BLACK DRAGON?

Takemichi declares that he will not let Kokonoi join Tenjiku. Mucho claims that Takemichi cannot defeat him. Still, Takemichi replies that it’s about something other than whether he can win or not.

After hearing Takemichi’s words, Inui suddenly remembers that Shinichiro Sano used to say the same thing. Takemichi then charges towards Mucho, but Mucho kicks Takemichi, and he falls again. Mucho then starts beating Takemichi to a pulp.

Takemichi then wakes up in a dumpster along with Inui. He then remembers that he kept on getting beaten by Mucho even though Inui tried to back Takemichi. After seeing all this, Kokonoi agreed to join Tenjiku and leave Toman. 

Takemichi is carrying Inui on his back. Inui apologises to Takemichi as he was not able to help. Takemichi tells Inui not to worry as Tenjiku won’t kill Koko. Taekmichi then says that he had both of them all wrong.

He thought they were hopeless scumbags like Tenjiku, but Inui backed him up. Takemichi then promises Inupi that he will bring Kokonoi back. Takemichi does not have a plan, but he will do it. Inupi then tells Takemichi to put him down and follow him.

Inupi then takes Takemichi to his and Koko’s hideout to patch themselves up. Inupi then tells Takemichi that he wants to revive BLACK DRAGON with a specific goal.

Inupi then bows down before Takemichi, claims he is putting his life in Takemichi’s hands, and asks him to carry on BLACK DRAGON by becoming the 11th leader of BLACK DRAGON. 

Inui then tells Takemichi that this hideout used to be Shinichiro’s bike shop. He then tells Takemichi that there used to be a line of shiny, badass bikes, and Shinichiro would always be sitting back working on a bike.

He’d also have a cigarette in his mouth, even with all that oil and gas around. All his seniors who would stop by looked awesome and cool. Still, even those guys were on their best behaviour around Shinichiro. Takemichi asks if that’s why Inupi has such an attachment to BLACK DRAGON.

Inupi claims he wants to recreate the first-generation BLACK DRAGON that Shinichiro built. But, it was the eighth generation BLACK DRAGON that Inupi joined when Izana Kurokawa was in charge. From the eighth generation BLACK DRAGON, they became a vicious gang where anything goes, like extortion, theft and drugs.

The members of the Vicious Generation were ramping around in each territory as if they were competing. Before Inupi knew it, he was influenced by that gang. He was sent to juvie, and when he got out, BLACK DRAGON had been crushed.

He then turned to Taiju Shiba. The rest is history. After hearing all this, Takemichi tells Inupi that there is someone he wants to save as well, but he cannot find any success in it. But he understands how Inupi feels. 

Takemichi then gets up and claims that he will carry on BLACK DRAGON. He’ll be captain of Tokyo Manji Gang’s First Division and the 11th leader of BLACK DRAGON. He will also bring Koko back, destroy Kisaki and Izana and crush Tenjiku. 

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