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The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: Why can't the Magic Photon Suppression Device be activated? Is Adonis dead?
The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: Why can't the Magic Photon Suppression Device be activated? Is Adonis dead?

The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: Why can’t the Magic Photon Suppression Device be activated? Is Adonis dead?

The Kingdoms of Ruin has taken the anime world by storm with its thrilling scenes and epic storyline. The Kingdoms of Ruin is a newly released anime inspired by a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoruhashi.

The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 3 was full of shocking revelations and epic battles. Adonis, the Witch’s Apprentice, further wreaked havoc upon the human population as revenge for killing his lover Chloe Morgan, the Ice Witch. 

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive recap of The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 3 and explain the ending of The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 3. We will also answer a few questions the fans might have after watching The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 3: Why can’t the Magic Photon Suppression Device be activated? Is Adonis dead?

The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 3 Recap: Why can’t the Magic Photon Suppression Device be activated?

At the beginning of the episode, we see Doroka’s flashback to when she was just a child and the humans just began their assault on the witches. We can see that soldiers are killing and assaulting the witches everywhere. Amidst that, Doroka is witnessing this horrific scene as one of the witches hugs her from behind. The name of that witch is Mia.

She explains to Doroka that the humans suddenly attacked them. Doroka is confused because the humans and the witches got along so well until recently. The witches even went all the way to the city to cure Mr. Tom’s illness.

Doroka thinks they can use Magic to protect themselves, but Mia tells Doroka that a machine is suppressing their Magic. Mia concludes that Madam Ophelia might know something and tells Doroka to run. Mia further explains that Doroka must tell Madam Ophelia what’s happening.

Mia tells Doroka to follow the Star of Revelation, and she’ll reach Madam Ophelia’s mansion. Mia also took Doroka there during the Fertility Festival. Mia then gives Doroka a Knight Doll and tells her to run. As Doroka is running, soldiers surround Mia and kill her. In the future, we can see that Doroka is killed by a soldier, too. 

Adonis holds Doroka in his arms and asks her how he can bring Chloe back to life. Doroka is about to tell Adonis something, but the soldiers start shooting, and we see Doroka is riddled with bullets. Adonis is enraged after seeing this.

The sniper who shot Doroka is still on the roof, telling Director Yamato that the witch is dead. The soldiers start shooting at Adonis, but he takes out his unique pen, protecting him from all the bullets fired at him.

Adonis then uses a spell named “Cainz” that deflects all the shots towards the soldiers shooting at him, killing all the soldiers near him. The sniper is ready to take his shot and shoots towards Adonis.

Still, Adonis stops the bullet before hitting him and uses a spell named “Written-Style Summoning Magic: Maximum Gaine”, which enlarges the shell, and Adonis shoots that bullet towards the sniper, killing the sniper in the process. 

We see that Yuki is standing before the Magic Photon Suppression Device and is ready to activate it. But she is interrupted by a team of Scientists belonging to One of the Four National Bureaus of the Redia Empire: The National Science Agency.

Director Theta of the National Science Agency tells Yuki that she cannot allow Yuki to activate the device. Yuki requests an explanation from Director Theta. Then, Director Theta calls Captain Yamato from Yuki’s phone and explains that they cannot start the Magic Photon Suppressing Device.

She further explains that Science is the work of humanity that sheds light on the world. But while they have described much about the world, they still don’t understand things, such as the particles emitted by the Magic Photon Suppressing Device.

Director Theta then mentions Human Cellular Dysfunction Disease. Captain Yamato says it’s the illness developed by soldiers who participated in the witch hunts ten years ago. 

Director Theta explains that they cannot say for sure due to many factors. Still, they believe these particles affect the human body. This device kills cells. 

Captain Yamato claims that he did not know about this. Director Theta tells Captain Yamato that the National Science Agency hid it. She further explains that no more witches are left to restore the natural environment.

The atmosphere that would’ve cleansed these harmful rays is gone. Nature has fallen out of grace. As things are now, if a human body were exposed to massive particles, it would be destroyed. Director Theta then explains that Captain Yamato knows what happened to those who fought for humanity and stood before this device, referring to the King of Redia and his illness. 

We can see that Adonis is still on a killing spree and is unstoppable. Director Theta then hands over the phone to Yuki and tells her to leave as they cannot activate the device now. 

The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 3 Ending Explained: Is Adonis dead?

Regardless of the consequences, Yuki rushes towards the device to activate it. Director Theta tells all the units to evacuate the area as she runs towards Yuki to stop her. Yuki starts the device, and Adonis’ pen falls off his hands.

We then see that Yuki and Director Theta are covered in blood because of the exposure as Director Theta deactivates the device. Director Theta tells Captain Yamato to look in front of him and ask him if he cannot beat Adonis without suppressing Magic.

Director Theta claims that they are Reida, the indestructible empire. Captain Yamato then orders all units to advance and attack Adonis. Adonis tries to take his pen back but falls.

Then, a soldier breaks the formation and appears before Adonis, pointing her gun towards Adonis. Suddenly, a building falls between the soldiers and Adonis, blocking their vision, and the soldiers cannot see what is happening between Adonis and that female soldier.

That female soldier activates her thermo blade. Adonis thinks that he is going to die and that he will finally be able to meet Chole. With this, that female soldier beheads Adonis. She then brings Adonis’ head and declares that she killed the witch’s apprentice.

Everyone starts celebrating and praising the female soldier for her bravery. Captain Yamato instructs all units to collect Adnois’ body and confirm the damage done to each city area. He also tells them to link up with the rescue crews and help the victims. Yuki and Director Theta are sent to the hospital. 

We then see the damage done to the Redia Empire as the King of Redia gives a speech in the background. He says that Magic survived. Those abominable occult arts remained in the world.

The boy they took from the witch’s hands ten years ago had been unleashed upon the world, and it was the worst possible outcome: long-term prisoner and witch’s apprentice, Adonis.

Despite being human like them, that fiend was a remnant of the terrible old world enthralled by Magic. Even after ten years, they have not determined how Adonis used Magic as a human.

The King also has regrets about letting Adonis live ten years ago. But he declares that there is nothing to fear as this is Redia, the pinnacle of the world. The power of Science they have acquired and their iron-willed troops will yield to no evil. The old world is gone, and the God is dead. This nation is now God. 

We then see that a girl was watching this speech from for phone inside the school. The girl then visits a memorial after her class. That girl’s name is later revealed to be Eri, and we see a flashback where she left her lover Takuma to die to save herself.

We also know that she is attracted to Adonis, finds her hot, and even has some of his pictures on her phone. Suddenly, she is interrupted by a Government Employee who promises not to snitch on her and lets her go.

But the moment Eri leaves, a Government Employee named Oz calls someone and tells them that a high school girl is running down Gran Road from Section 6-2. She seems to have been influenced by the terrorist. Oz suggests they seize that girl and tells them to let the National Security Bureau handle it afterwards.

Oz predicts that Eri will either be executed or imprisoned for treason. We then find out that Oz is actually the National Intelligence Agency Deputy Director, Chief Oz Gorgeous, and he was talking with her co-worker, National Intelligence Agency Chief Investigator, Ms. Charmy.

Ms. Charmy tells Chief Oz that some unbelievable analysis just came in and asks Chief Oz to return right away. Chief Oz asks Ms. Charmy for the gist of the investigation. 

Ms. Charmy then declares that the Witch’s Apprentice, Adonis’ body is a fake. 

This revelation hints that Adonis is still alive. 

To read more about The Kingdoms of Ruin, refer to their Wikipedia page. 

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