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The Worst of Evil Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained:
The Worst of Evil Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained:

The Worst of Evil Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Junmoo’s identity be revealed? Will the Chinese change the Korean carrier ?

Episode 7 of Worst of Evil ends with Jumoo deciding to leave the private detective to die alone in the alley. We were all waiting, holding our breath to see if Gicheul would discover Junmoo’s true identity. With Junmoo and Eui Jeong’s lives on the line, Junmoo has to go against his morals to save his and his wife’s lives. The wait is finally over.

The Worst of Evil Episode 8 Recap: Will Junmoo’s identity be revealed?

Episode 8 of Worst of Evil opens with Donghobang, the Chinese producer of drugs, in a hideout. Lee Hae Ryeon, the daughter of the Chinese mafia, calls her dad to say that she would like to stay a little longer in South Korea to figure out both gangs.

Hae Ryeon’s father, Professor Yoon, and their subordinates discuss how they want to change the Korean carrier. While they do not mention anything, soon after their discussion, one of the members went up to a makeshift stage to “offer tea”. It sounded like a cry against the people who had betrayed them.

Hae Ryeon visits another gang that might be the new carrier of drugs in Korea. The people praise her father as one of the history books, but she doesn’t seem too impressed. She called them loud and uncultured in Chinese in return for their praises.

Hae Ryeon offered the new price to them: 30 million per kg of product and 10 kgs of product. They laugh at her and insult her with ridiculous terms, but her explicit threats shut them up, and they agree to the terms.

On the other hand, Junmoo was guilty of killing the detective. He had picked up his phone and the documents. Gicheul calls the private detective multiple times, but no one answers since it is with Junmoo.

Officer Seok Do Hyung tells Junmoo that according to the call log, he had Gicheul, and the private detective had not talked after the detective had the documents; therefore, Gicheul needed the information about Junmoo.

Junmoo was still unsure about this operation, considering how this might quickly get him and his wife killed.
Unable to get to his private detective over call, he visits his office, only to be informed of his death. This further increases the suspicion of Junmoo.

Junmoo goes back to Gicheul’s office to avoid suspicion. He assured Gicheul that during the next meeting, he would be able to convince the Chinese to trade with them.

Har Ryeon calls to confirm their date tomorrow. The police tell Eui Jeong that she should call Junmoo to make him feel better since he has just watched a man die.

Appalled at the ridiculous suggestion, she questions their disregard for Junmoo’s safety. Nevertheless, determined to protect Junmoo, she decided to call Gicheul instead.

Gicheul’s suspicion of Eui Jeong and Junmoo rises as he starts to remember how all the strange things began to happen when they both showed up. With his suspicions still not cleared up, he calls up Yeongdae, his subordinate, on a secret mission. While Junmoo was getting ready to go out with Hae Ryeon, Gicheul, who was busy cleaning up the office for a guest, offered him a suit to wear to his date.

When Hae Ryeon arrives for a date with Junmoo, Eui Jeong also comes for her date with Gicheul. This causes jealousy among the girls as Eui Jeong tries to hide her concern about Junmoo’s date.

In his office, Gicheul instructs Yeongdae to go to where the detective had died to look for clues. Eui Jeong waits outside with a cup of tea. She had prepared a gun just in case. Gicheul, too, prepares a weapon in case he knows that Eui Jeong is lying about something and the necklace he had promised her when they were kids.

Junmoo and Hae Ryeon go to a cheap housing neighbourhood because Hae Ryeon thinks she might buy land after it is redeveloped. She talks about the sorry state of the people living in that neighbourhood. Junmoo remarks that he, too, grew up in a place like that.

Taking up this opportunity to open up Junmoo, she inquires about his childhood. Junmoo introduces the games he used to play as a kid to Hae Ryeon. It turns out to be a sugar honeycomb game. Junmoo leaves Hae Ryeon to figure out how to play the game while he calls Eui Jeong, who doesn’t pick up the call because she is with Gicheul.

Gicheul shows Eui Jeong, where he planned on building an entertainment block. Eui Jeong remarks that she never thought he would be involved in this kind of business, which causes him to get instigated and ask Eui Jeong precisely what he thought of him.

He asks her to be honest with him, and she says she has always been honest with him. He asks about her going to Wonju, and she says that it is true that she never moved to Wonju, but her father was posted there. On the other hand, she had to stay in Seoul due to her mother’s treatment.

When he says that Junmoo had been told they went to school together Wonju, Eui Jeong dismisses it, saying that it was too long ago and Junmoo was muddled. Michelle gets a call from Yeongdae, who managed to get the same documents the detective had received from the retired officer’s organization. As Euin Jeong waits for Gicheul to come back, she considers shooting him.

Tensions rise as Gicheul fingers his gun but, in the end, offers her a necklace.
As it turns out, the officers had changed the information given to Yeongdae to coincide with the news that Eui Jeong had provided. Gicheul and Eui Jeong have a conversation about what she thought of Gicheul. She admits that she had searched for his criminal record.

This causes Gicheul to get angry, but Eui Jeong reduces his anger by acting like she cares about Gicheul by saying she wants to support him in any way possible. They share a kiss to conclude their love for each other.
Junmoo, on the other hand, receives an offer from Hae Ryeon to increase the amount of product input to 16kgs to have the upper hand over the other gang, which Junmoo eventually complies with. Hae Ryeon informs her dad of her decision.

Chief Seo and Heesung follow the Japanese yakuza to the headquarters of another gang. They report this to Gicheul, who asks them to return to the office.
As it turns out, Gicheul had called all the members to introduce Euin Jeong as his wife to the rest of the members. This causes problems with Heesung, who does not understand why he is taking a Cop as his girlfriend.

He also takes issue with his way of casually dealing with the Chinese. He not only did not go to the meeting himself but also called them back to track the activities of the Japanese team.

The Worst of Evil Episode 8 Ending Explained: Will the Chinese change the Korean carrier?

Hae Ryeon pressurizes Junmoo to sleep with her, which he tries to avoid but fails. He was getting consistent guilt as he remembered his marriage with Eui Jeong.

They get interrupted by the phone ringing, and Junmoo tries to pick up, but Hae Ryeon prevents him from going. Eventually, Hae Ryeon’s bodyguard breaks open the door to inform them that Hae Ryeon’s father has decided to change the Korean carrier and the new gang he supports will attack Gicheul.

Junmoo immediately tries to get to Gicheul and calls him on the way, but he does not pick him up. He calls Chief Seo instead to tell him about the attack, but it is too late.
Gicheul tries to hide Eui Jeong in his room as the gang members swarm into his office.

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