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A Good Day to be a Dog Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained:
A Good Day to be a Dog Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained:

A Good Day To be A Dog Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Hae Na prove her innocence? Does Seo Won like Hae Na ?

Good day to be a dog. Episode 2 left us hanging and imagining how Hae Na could explain to Jin Seo what she was doing in her student Yul’s room early in the morning. In this episode, we face another twist: Seo Won is Yul’s uncle. Hae Na, cursed to be a dog when someone kisses her, has to kiss the same person as the dog; otherwise, she will forever remain a dog. With Seo Won as her first kiss, she has her work cut out for herself.

A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 3 Recap: Will Hae Na prove her innocence?

Good day to be a dog Episode 3 opens up with Hae Na celebrating her birthday in the school with her colleagues with her favourite cake in the hand of Seo Won. This happy occasion takes a horrid turn when her colleagues treat her like a dog.

She soon woke up from her nightmare to another nightmare of being in the room of her student. She decides to get dressed but gets caught by Seo Won, Yul’s Uncle, on her way out.
Yul and Hae Na both fall under the scrutiny of Seo Won. Hae Na started with some truth to save herself, mentioning Yul’s visit to the police station. She hoped it would distract the man enough for him not to ask further questions, but it didn’t.

They made an excuse, saying that she was out drinking, so after she had helped Yul, she finally collapsed, and Yul, not knowing what to do with his passed-out teacher, bought her home.

He made an excuse, saying that he must have slept on the couch but sleepwalked to his room at night.
This explanation satisfied Seo Won enough not to pursue the matter anymore. He walked Hae Na out, but on their way out, they were spotted by Miss Yoon, who had come there to look at Seo Won.

When Hae Na’s sister learned about it, they freaked out, thinking the kid would use it against her like her sister had to pay her ex-boyfriend to keep him quiet.

Yul, in his house, was trying to convince Seo Won to get a dog, which wasn’t very successful, but it affected him as he took pictures of Bonggi pet school on his way to the school.
Hae Na’s sister dropped her off at the school with a keychain dog for Seo Won, hoping it would make him immune to dogs. Mr. Lee saw the keychain and remarked on its similarity with Hae Na.

On the other hand, Miss Yoon is insecure about seeing Seo Won with Hea Na the day before and tries to get close to Seo Won by sharing secrets with him. She shared the secrets about her buttocks that appalled Seo Won enough that he refused to talk to her further.

Misfortune strikes Seo Won yet again when the Vice-principal decides to bring his dog to school. Seo Won was so surprised to see the dog that he couldn’t even enter the staffroom. Hae Na tried to help him by saying that she has some allergy to dog hair, so it would be helpful if he could be put in a cage, but the Vice Principal refused. Still stuck at the door, Seo Won made some excuse about his phone to get away from the dog but got handed additional tasks of retrieving the dog’s supplies from the car.

The day gets worse for Seo Won as he is asked to feed the dog. He tries to avoid getting caught by the dog by entering another door. That didn’t work out because he rushed forward when the dog heard the sound of food. To save Seo Won, Hae Na pushed him out of the staffroom. Later, she pretended she was in a hurry and had mistakenly gone to him.

Haen tries to talk to Yul to make sure he isn’t going to tell anyone her secret. He assures her that it won’t happen but starts treating her like a dog, which bothers Hae Na.
Seo Won, desperate not to face the dog, asks Mr. Lee to drop his stuff on his table in return for his favourite cake.

While Mr. Lee does help him out at that point, he creates more trouble for Seo Won when he Sets the dog out towards Seo Won. Hae Na comes in just in time and throws the dog a toy to distract it.

Seo Won avoids the staffroom altogether; thus, he cannot take a break. Miss Cheon informs Hae Na that the dog has returned to nap. Hae Na looks for Seo Won and deliberately says this as loudly as possible outside his class so that he knows the staffroom is safe.

After a staff meeting, Miss Yoon confronts Hae Na about seeing her with Seo Won on Saturday morning. Initially worried about her secret curse, Hae Na is relieved when she understands what Miss Yoon means. She denies all relation with Seo Won, saying it’s simply due to circumstances and nothing personal or serious.

Hae Na gets to know that the dog is back. Knowing Seo Won will be in the staffroom, she rushes to save him. But as fates have it, Seo Won is finally left face-to-face with the dog before Hae Na can reach him. Also, two other colleagues come in before Hae Na when he gets on the table to save himself.

Unable to explain his reason for being on the table, he is left dumbfounded, that is, until Hae Na comes in to save him. She swooped in to pick up the dog and made an excuse for Seo Won. She mentioned it must have been the leaking sprinkler above his desk that he is up there to fix.

The others comment that it might have been bizarre if Seo Won was scared of dogs, but Hae Na defends him, saying there is nothing weird with that.

A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 3 Ending Explained: Does Seo Won like Hae Na?

Seo Won watches Hae Na play with the dog with a smile, and we get an idea that he might like Hae Na. How he remembered all the times she was enjoying herself makes us think he might have feelings for her.

Mr Lee orchestrates another meeting between Hae Na and Seo Won When he reminds Seo Won to get him the cake from the shop where Hae Won was. Hae Won, unable to eat chocolate so close to turning, was tortured by the cake. Seo Won bought all the cakes to make the choice easier for her.

On the way to the bus stop, Seo Won thanked Hae Na for her help throughout the day. He thanks Hae Na for not mistreating him for his embarrassing fear. She points out that she was more embarrassed to make her feel better.
Just before Hae Na went away, he gave her the cakes as a token of thanks that Hae Na teased him for. Hae Na, in return, gives him the keychain, calling it a vaccine against the fear of dogs.

Mr Lee and Seo Won sit in a forest before a camper. Seo Won asks why he lives out here in the wild. Mr lee says that he feels closer to home out in nature. They also talk about the pretty old tea cups, but Mr Lee needs to say how old. He avoids the question by saying a cheesy pick-up line.

All of this yet again makes up question the true identity of Mr Lee. This suspicion is further grounded when we see his underground lair full of antiques. His memory of a woman from the past with the same scarf has some deeper meaning.

The teachers get invited to the wedding of their colleagues’ friend who lives far away. Even though Miss Yoon opts out, they all plan on going on a bus. They talk about how apparent their “secret” dating was.
Hae Na and Mr lee were initially selected to get the gifts, but Seo Won replaces him to get them. On the trip to the market, they searched different shops and finally decided to buy a matching set of sleepwear from a store manager who thought them to be a couple.

Hae Na mentions she gets sick on buses; therefore, Seo Won offers to drive her. Miss Yoon, who overhears the conversation, tries to break it by dragging Mr Lee into a carpooling.

While Hae Na agreed on that day, the next day, Miss Cheon took Hae Na’s place with Mr Lee Mis Yoon while Seo Won took Hae Na. Miss Yoon is determined to stop Seo Won, and Hae Na goes out to look for them, but Seo Won, seeing her come from afar, opens an umbrella to hide himself and Hae Na.

The preview of Episode 4 shows a greater exploration of their past.

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