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Ron Kamonohashi's Forbidden Deductions Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained
Ron Kamonohashi's Forbidden Deductions Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: How is Spitz planning to investigate Ron? 

In the last episode, it was shown how Ron Kamonohashi’s detective licence was revoked by BLUE. After a hiatus of five years, he’s making a comeback, but in a sneaky way. It’s all thanks to the naive detective Toto, who seems like the star, but Ron is the one pulling the strings. He’s the mastermind behind Toto’s detective work. 

The news of him getting back to his work reaches the BLUE. All the faculty members assemble for a meeting where it is decided that an investigation will be conducted in secrecy on him to check if the news is liable or not. 

Ron Kamonihashi’s Forbidden Deductions Episode 3 Recap: How do Toto and Ron end up in the Scarlet Annex?

The episode begins with one of the faculty members who is the tracking instructor at BLUE, Spitz Feier, taking charge of the investigation.

Ron calls Toto out of the blue, saying it’s an emergency. What is the emergency? 

He cannot proceed with the grocery payment as they do not allow tabs.

After shopping, they get a ticket to a raffle that the grocery shop is currently having. 

Ron wins the spin game and gets a ticket to a hot spring vacation—a couple ticket, though. 

Since nothing could be done about the “couple ticket,” they decided to take it. 

Ron and Toto are given a ride to a place called Scarlet Springs. The driver narrates to them the famous legend behind the name of the place. After dropping them off at the venue, the driver wastes no time and leaves immediately. 

Sounds fishy, right?

What they see in front is a building in its worst condition. It looked as if a typhoon had been over it. 

Soon, two people welcome them to the Scarlet Annex. Spitz, disguised as the manager, welcomes them in a unique way as a welcoming gesture. 

Ron and Toto are not the only ones; the annex has the other three groups staying. The two of them go to the hot springs right away. 

Spitz immediately recognises Ron as Ron, despite the fact that Ron is using an alias. 

While relaxing in a hot bath, Ron tells the true story behind the name of the Scarlet River, which is diametrically opposed to the official version.

Toto then inquires about the tattoo on Ron’s neck, which he describes as more of a scar. He had severe wounds all over his body, but only one of them left a scar. It appears to be the number 6, which corresponds to his birth date. 

Dinner is served to them what is it that Ron has especially ordered? Omurice, topped with brown sugar syrup. Ron looks around the dining area and finds that one member out of the five is missing. A couple, a young lady, and those two are there. 

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions Episode 3 Ending Explained: how is Spitz planning to investigate Ron?

After dining, they take a hot water bath again, and this time something happens. Amamiya senpai comes in. 

What is the big deal about it? Well, there is no issue with her coming in, but the problem lies in her coming in, butt naked, inside the men’s bath where Ron and Toto were enjoying the bath.  And of course, she was drunk. 

Talk about first-hand embarrassment. And we already know that our lovely Amamia Senpai has a teeny weeny crush on Ron, aka Kamo san.

While she is still suffering from the little show she had put on, the couple starts arguing in the background. Amamia leaves for her bed. The couple solves their problem. 

He advises his wife to take a hot spring bath, and she leaves for it immediately. On the other side, we see Spitz keeping track of the time. 

It’s 2 p.m., and the four guests play Game of Life. When the time strikes 2.17 p.m. Spitz has a smirk on his face. It seems fishy again. 

Right when they call it a night, a woman runs out of the bath screaming. Amamia is back to her senses, all sobered up. She asks her what has happened, to which she replies that she found a body in the hot spring. 

Ron and Toto jump into action immediately. The body is that of Sachiko, the wife of that man. The way they found it was floating, the scarlet colour of the water—everything was exactly like that of the legend. 

Amamia assumes the time of death. Ron also closes in towards the body, promising her that he will avenge her death. 

Toto starts questioning the staff and the guests. In the meantime, Spitz walks in and says that he can give testimony as he was on watch.

He says that before the deceased woman left, there was one person who returned to the room. Can you guess who that person is?

Its Detective Amamiya.

Everyone starts pointing at Amamiya after connecting the dots. However, Toto and Ron are confident that Amamiya is innocent. Ron says that she is not the culprit, though her alibi says otherwise. He analyses the situation and concludes that Amamia has been falsely accused. There is no way she can murder Sachiko. 

And Spitz gets an absolutely perfect opportunity to prove that Kamo is Ron and is actively solving cases. 

This episode has left the audience on a cliffhanger, leaving them in anticipation of who the murderer can be. Is the entire thing a pre-planned murder or not? Is BLUE pulling the strings? Will Spitz reveal Kamo’s true identity? 

Stay tuned for the next episode, which will undoubtedly be thrilling. 


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