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Evilive Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained
Evilive Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained

Evilive Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained: Is Ye-Ji cheating on Do Young? Who is the mysterious man who kills Ye-Ji?

Evilive Episode 1 was the calm before the storm. Han Dong-Soo is seen as a hardworking, good man caring for his family. Han Dong Soo was in a financial crisis because of his suspension of three years. While the reason for his suspension is still a mystery, if the way his colleagues treat him is anything to go by, he was probably the victim of abuse of power.

In this situation, our lawyer meets Seo Do-Young, the second in command of a criminal organization. He offers Dong Soo a job that he isn’t comfortable taking yet due to his financial situation, but he relents. This leads to him going down the rabbit hole of the criminal world.

Evilive Episode 2 Recap: Is Ye-Ji Cheating on Do Young?

Evilive Episode 2 opens with Do-Young’s memory of the drunk driving incident. In Do Young’s memory, he was too disoriented for him just to be merely drunk. Dong Soo meets up with Seo-Kyo, the waiter at Ye-Ji’s bar who had initially bought the case for Dong Soo. He refuses to speak much about the bar hostess, saying she was too secretive.

He did provide them with her schedule. The bar hostess would always come in at 3 p.m. by car and would leave again by car. She hated to travel from her house and back because she lived in a secluded place.

Dong Soo follows Do-young’s girlfriend, park Je-Yi, for days but could not find anything suspicious. She had only once gone out with the assemblyman of Shinnam but, too, turned out to be a gathering of politicians and real estate developers who wanted to start construction on a particular piece of land.

For 10 days, Dong Soo follows Je-Yi but finds nothing of this imaginary boyfriend. He confesses to Do-Young that he thinks that there is no man that she is cheating him with, which instantly infuriates Do-Young.

Dong Soo is confused by his anger and asks why he is angry when he should be happy. Do-Young gets offended by this and slams Dong Soo against the wall with the table, telling him he should earn his money’s worth.

Beom Jae and Dong Soo meet up, and he tells him that Do-Young’s Attitude towards his girlfriend is too odd. It’s not like he cares about her; it is more like he is obsessed with this imaginary man she is having an affair with.

Beom Jae says that while his arrest was expected, what was weird was that Do-Young had only drunk a few glasses before he got drunk. Two gang members come to visit Do Young in the jail. One of them had tattoos up to his neck. Do-Young’s attitude only showed thinly veiled aggression, especially at the sight of a new watch that the guy with the tattoos was wearing.

Beom Jae’s suspicion about Do Young’s arrest instigates Dong Soo to further research his arrest. He meets up with his former colleague to discuss some things about Do-Young. He said his case was particularly odd. Under normal circumstances, a person will not get such a heavy sentence. It could have been reduced to 3 months by the Moon law firm, but instead, he got 8 months.

Moreover, in these cases, the gang would come forward to pay the fine and get the offender out on patrol, but that didn’t happen. When he asked about Do Young’s girlfriend, his friend said he was not involved with any woman; instead, the leader had a problem with women and was still living with a very young woman.

His colleague runs away at the sight of his superior, which leaves Dong Soo alone while facing his former employer. We know there was indeed an incident at his previous job, due to which Dong Soo still feels he was taken advantage of.

Dong Soo finally starts to understand the situation. He informs his brother that Ye-Yi might not even be his girlfriend. Do Young is interested in her for some other reason.

They set up spy cameras around the house with only two days left. Beom Jae turns off all the security cameras of the house from his office and meets his brother, who is waiting outside the house. They both sneak into the house and set up cameras, even in Ye-Ji’s bedroom.

Beom Jae wanders off into the house despite Dong Soo’s warnings. They come across a locked door. When they opened the door, they were shocked halfway to death seeing a man there. Realizing that the man was unconscious and on life support, they left him alone.

But Dong Soo realizes the true identity of Ye-Ji and the older man. Ye-Ji was the woman who was with the leader of the Yeseong gang. The man, thus, was the leader who was barely alive. With the leader invalidated, the gang had a noticeable power vacuum.

Dong Joo’s involvement with Do Young does not go unnoticed by the gang as the one with the tattoos comes to threaten him and ask him about his involvement with Do Young. He gets out of the situation, but things finally become clear. It was essentially a power struggle within the gang, and he was commissioned to find proof of who wanted to kill Do Young.

Dong Soo and his brother go to Ye-Ji’s house to get the cameras but fail because the cleaning lady unexpectedly arrives that day. Dong Soo stayed in the car, waiting for the cleaning lady to sleep while his brother tailed Ye-Ji. The cleaning lady had slept in the house and thus did not leave.

Frustrated with waiting, he tells his brother over the call that he will go in alone, but at that moment, Ye-Ji leaves the club to return home. Seeing their prospects of getting back the cameras dwindling, Dong Soo decides to give up, but right then, Ye-Ji again leaves to go to the bar.

Knowing she would require a driver on her way back, Dong Soo volunteers while he asks his brother to take care of the cameras. Trying to use the situation, Dong Soo asks to use the bathroom after dropping off Ye-Ji. He waits for her to leave before sneaking upstairs to her room to get the camera, but on his way back, he gets caught. He makes an excuse, saying that the bathroom downstairs didn’t have toilet paper.

He informs Beom Jae that he got the tape from her bedroom but that he should get the rest later. The video had prof of what Do Young was looking for.
We also know that he and his wife have been trying IVF for the last few years but were unsuccessful, and his wife wants to give up.

Evilive Episode 2 Ending Explained: Who is the mysterious man that kills Ye-Ji?

Do-Young kills Ye-Ji

On his way to deliver the tape to Do Young Beom, Jae starts to get tailed by some gang members. He gets a call from Seon-Kyo informing him that the gang members were asking questions about him, which led to him noticing that he was getting tailed.

He attempts to escape the people pursuing him by entering a fish market. He manages to get away from them but is late for the meeting with Do Young.

He gives him two pen drives, one with the information he was looking for and the other with some additional information. He admits that he was angry at Do Young for lying to him, but he still delivered what was asked of him as a promise.

He leaves Do Young alone to see the video. Dong Soo looks for his brother the whole day. Finally, His flickering network signal reminded him of Ye-ji’s house, where there was no signal, and that he had asked Jae Beom to get the rest of the cameras.

Meanwhile, Do Young watches the video that shows Ye-Ji with the man with the tattoos discussing that they need to kill Do Young in prison because they had drugged him. Later that evening, he faces an assassination attempt. While he fights off three guys, he does get stabbed at the end.

Dong Soo looks for Beom Jae at Ye-Ji’s house and finds him trapped in the room with the old man. He had been locked in there while hiding from the cleaning lady.
While they were trying to sneak out, they heard Ye-Ji say on call that Do-Young was killed, which caused concern for them.

But as they almost leave, they see a shadowy figure approach. They decide to go back and hide under the bed, and the scene from the first episode plays out. But this time, we know who it is

It is revealed to us that Do Young is the one who attacks her.
Dong Soo and Beom Jae try to hide from the attacker but get discovered, only to see Do Young staring at them.

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