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Does Twilight finish his mission in Spy x Family? Does Operation Strix succeed?
Does Twilight finish his mission in Spy x Family? Does Operation Strix succeed?

Does Twilight finish his mission in Spy x Family? Does Operation Strix succeed?

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In anime and manga, few characters have captured the collective imagination, like Loid Forger, known as Twilight, in the hit series Spy x Family. As this modern-day spy takes centre stage, the world wonders: Does Twilight finish his mission in Spy x Family? Does Operation Strix succeed?

Intrigue, humour and suspense blend seamlessly as we follow Twilight’s pursuit of his mission.

Tasked with shadowing Donovan Desmond, the chairperson of the National Unity Party in Ostania, the stakes are high.

Desmond is believed to be the architect of a sinister plan threatening to destabilize the fragile peace between Westalis and Ostania.

However, Desmond remains shadowy, emerging only to attend his son’s school events.

As Operation Strix progresses, Twilight navigates the intricacies, from maintaining his covert identity to preserving the fabric of the artificial family he has woven.

Yet, in this web of spying and intrigue, the mission concerns more than geopolitical manoeuvring. Unforeseen complications arise, unexpected allies emerge and the boundaries between family and spying blur.

The central question remains: Does Twilight finish his mission in Spy x Family? Does Operation Strix succeed?

The answer lies in the twists and turns of a narrative that delves into the complex interplay of international intrigue, secret missions and, unexpectedly, the enduring themes of parenthood and familial bonds.

What is Twilight’s Mission?

Twilight’s mission, codenamed “Operation Strix,” is a covert assignment in the anime and manga series Spy x Family. The overarching objective of Operation Strix is to prevent the National Unity Party from provoking a war between the rival nations of Westalis and Ostania.

The National Unity Party is believed to be orchestrating efforts to undermine the fragile truce between these two nations, and it is crucial to stop them from achieving their nefarious goals.

At the heart of this mission is the need to monitor Donovan Desmond, a highly influential political extremist and the chairperson of the National Unity Party in Ostania. Desmond is suspected of being the mastermind behind the plot to disrupt the peace efforts between Westalis and Ostania.

However, Desmond is an elusive figure known for attending only his son Damian’s school functions. To get closer to Desmond and gather crucial intelligence, Loid Forger, the main character and a skilled spy, must create a fake identity, enrol a fabricated child at Damian’s school, and navigate a complex web of intrigue.

Throughout the series, the story revolves around Loid’s endeavours to complete the various tasks and sub-missions associated with Operation Strix, all with the ultimate goal of preventing a catastrophic war between Westalis and Ostania.

These missions lead to unexpected twists and turns, introducing fascinating characters and intricate plot developments as Loid strives to fulfil his covert mission while keeping his true identity hidden from those around him.

Does Twilight finish his mission in Spy x Family? Does Operation Strix succeed?

Does Twilight finish his mission in Spy x Family? Does Operation Strix succeed?
Does Twilight finish his mission in Spy x Family? Does Operation Strix succeed?

As explained by Epic Dope, Twilight’s mission is ongoing, but he has already completed two parts of Operation Strix: he acquired a fake child and enrolled her at Damian Desmond’s school. He found a wife who would accompany him to Eden Academy’s family interview.

Every mission has multiple sub-missions to help an agent reach their ultimate goal. The first step was to establish a fake identity. Easy peasy! Agent Twilight easily slips into the essence of psychiatrist Loid Forger.

The second step is a bit more complicated: Loid has to adopt a child and get admission into Eden Academy. This prestigious school lets in only the most innovative and elite candidates.

This is where Anya comes in. When Loid visits the orphanage to search for a fake child, he can make his own, and he spots the cute 5-year-old pink-haired Anya.

Now, Anya, as we know, is no ordinary child. She is a telepath, a mind-reader, with an obsession with spies. She has already been in and out of several facilities and foster homes because of her telepathic quirks. But when she realizes that Loid is a real spy, she decides he would be her ideal father.

With difficulty, Anya passed the admissions exam. The following admission round requires that both parents of the pupil must be present for a family interview at the school.

Loid has no female friends or colleagues. This is where Loid encounters his first genuine hurdle. Franky Franklin, a man who works for Loid’s spy organization (WISE), tries to help Loid by dressing as a woman, but he doesn’t fool anyone.

While Loid and Anya are at the boutique getting new clothes, they bump into Yor, a secret assassin who has torn her dress during a recent mission.

Yor is the one who approaches Loid and asks him to be her pretend boyfriend for an upcoming party. Loid strikes a bargain and agrees on the condition that she accompanies him to the school interview.

Loid also fulfils other missions along the way, like saving Anya from kidnapping and retrieving 78 art pieces that were stolen from Westalis. While Loid is fighting the bad guys in a sophisticated move, he snags a giant diamond ring, which he later uses to propose to Yor.

Although Yor and Loid are using each other, neither knows what the other is up to. Both assassin and spy lead their double lives, thinking they are undercover. But Anya, who knows everything because of her telepathic abilities, is on her own mission to keep this fake family together.

What is Loid’s True Mission?

Loid’s true mission in Spy x Family extends beyond his covert spying work. While Operation Strix is the immediate task he’s undertaking, another mission becomes increasingly central to the storyline: Parenthood.

Despite being a skilled and calm spy, Loid faces the daunting challenge of parenthood. This is a mission like no other he’s encountered in his espionage career.

Throughout the series, it becomes evident that Loid has had a difficult childhood, growing up as a war orphan and facing darkness and trauma. He may not yet fully comprehend the extent of his own emotional wounds.

However, Loid’s relationship with Anya, the telepath he adopts as his daughter, begins to change him. Throughout the story, Loid learns to experience genuine emotions, even finding moments of laughter.

He becomes protective of Anya and exhibits typical parental behaviour, such as worrying about her academic performance and becoming frustrated when she interferes with his work.

The mission of parenthood is complicated for Loid, primarily because he’s been trained to be emotionally distant and patient in his life as a spy. Navigating the emotional intricacies of family life poses a unique set of challenges for him.

While Loid’s primary mission might be to thwart the National Unity Party and prevent a war between Westalis and Ostania, his journey as a parent is just as critical.

This dual mission adds a layer of complexity to his character and the story, emphasizing that even for a skilled spy, being a loving and supportive parent can be a challenging mission in itself.

As the story progresses, readers will likely witness Loid’s growth as a father and how he balances his dual life as a spy and a parent. His ability to adapt to the challenges of parenthood and continue to excel in Operation Strix is a central theme in Spy x Family. It keeps readers engaged in the evolving narrative.

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