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Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained
Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained: Did Nam Soon reunite with her family? Does Ryu Shi-Oh have super powers?

In Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 3, we see Nam Soon on her way to meet her mother, but when she hears the distress calls of people being stuck in the fire, she rushes off to help them. On the other hand, her mother, too, was trying her best to reach her, going as far as to clean off the traffic on the road. As mother and daughter follow their instincts to help people, they meet in front of the building. Due to an explosion inside the building, Nam Soon gets thrown out. Thankfully, her mother was there to catch her.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 4 Recap: Did Nam Soon reunite with her family?

Episode 4 of Strong Girl Nam Soon makes for a very emotional reunion of Nam Soon with her family. Her mother easily caught her when she was thrown out of the building.

Nam Soon and her mother revel in the fact that they instantly recognize each other. Geum Ju insisted on treating her like a baby as, in her mind, her daughter was still 6 years old. Nam Soon gives in to her mother’s coddling.

Nam Soon fondly remembers her Mongolian parents. Seeing how much her daughter loves them, Geum Ju decided to help them with all her money as a thank you. Yet her gift idea of retail buildings seems a little absurd in the open lands of Mongolia.

Geum Ju’s love for her daughter is apparent as she tries to prevent her from swearing. She vows to help anyone who has helped her daughter. Nam Soon thinks about the homeless couple who had taken her in when she had no one.

The couple in dire need of money was saved almost by a miracle as Geum Ju appears to give them 200 million cash each as thanks and an unlimited stay at her hotel. She promised to make all of their problems disappear one by one.
Nam Soon, on the other hand, meets her whole family individually, starting with her grandmother, who warmly welcomes her actual daughter.

Hee Sik explains how the mask functions to his colleagues at the precinct. The mask’s material dissolves in the water later; the water evaporates and leaves behind the powder drug. Geum Ju calls him at this time to thank him for bringing her daughter back. She offers to come to his house to pick up the luggage.

While Hee Sik is distracted, the chief of DIU decides to taste the drug to check, which causes Hee Sik to panic. Even though he has rinsed his mouth just after, he admits that he might have swallowed some.

Nam Soon meets her dad, who realizes he is right about his feelings about the lady. They also had a tearful reunion where they apologised for past mistakes. Nam In, Nam Soon’s twin, instantly connects with his older sister.

Hwa Ja, now exposed, runs away with as much money as she can pick up. She is now wanted as a fraud.
In the precinct, the DIU team tried tracking the drug dealers by following the cryptocurrency exchange. However, the process requires too much work, and they alone need help. The officers from the cyber security bureau were unavailable, which led to DIU and the officers at the precinct teaming up.

Nam Soon’s grandmother, Joong Gan, takes her son to a traditional Chinese herbal doctor to fix his weakness. The sons in the family are usually born weak; therefore, it was not unusual for him to be that weak. Nam Soon’s grandma sees the doctor as a good prospect for her son and doesn’t disclose the reason for his weakness. But he is very spoilt as he insists on being carried even at the ripe age of 40.

Joong Gan butchers a whole cow and crushes its bones to make bone broth to celebrate her granddaughter’s return.
Nam Soon shares a meal with her family. They try to remind her of her past by making her favourite dishes. She says she does not remember anything but tries hard to fit in if only to return the love she has been given.

While Geum Ju was practising golf, she received a message from Opulentia, the company to which she gave money to investigate drugs in South Korea, informing her that Doogo was the leading drug producer in Korea.

Ryu Shi-Oh, the owner of Doogo, held a meeting with its investors and shareholders to discuss the future of Doogo. His vision is to establish Doogo as the biggest logistics centre by the following year. He also plans to recruit over 3000 new delivery agents and first-time women for this. Shi-Oh later reveals his interest in women making deliveries was due to Nam Soon.

Although he didn’t know who it was, the sight of Nam Soon stopping the flight made him understand that women can also be strong.
The police officers were getting worn out by the arduous work of tracking cryptocurrency, and the chief was finally starting to feel the effects of the drugs.

Hwa Ja, who had been untraceable till now, is shown to be in a shady bar waiting for one of her thugs. She asked for a fake ID since she is now a wanted criminal. She takes up the identity of the deceased Ahn Eun Ji. While looking for a job, she found an advertisement in Doogo for female delivery agents.

By the end of the day, the chief was completely under the effects of the drug. The officers at the precinct are appalled at the chief’s actions. Nam Soon’s call for a meal leaves Hee Sik’s heart pounding.

The vagrant couple are now wealthy and are enjoying a luxurious life. Nam Soon visits them and supports Hyun Soo’s acting dream. Nam Soon again causes problems on the set as she calls out the primary lead for being less talented and uglier than Hyun Soo while getting paid more. She questions the capitalistic system of life.

Hee Sik’s mother calls to inform him that he will be coming home.
The distribution of drugs doesn’t stop as a mask is delivered to the jail.
Geum Ju arrives at Hee Sik’s house. She offers to pay him, but he refuses the money. Geum Ju insists on helping him in any way, so he mentions the case he was working on.

Hee Sik tries to give the money back to Geum Ju when his mother arrives and misunderstands them, thinking that Geum Ju is his sugar mama. Geum Ju clears up the situation but leaves without the money.
Geum Ju forwards her information on Doogo to Hee Sik to help him in his case. Meanwhile, the prisoner who was given the mask dies.

Hee Sik looks into Doogo’s site and finds something suspicious about the unique masks they are selling. To investigate this further, he decides to go undercover.

Nam Soon undergoes a complete transformation before she goes to meet Hee Sik. Her mother questions her about it being a date, which she denies. Her new look strikes Hee Sik at their meeting. When she learns about his plans, she decides to join him as well, saying his name means benevolent in Mongolian, and thus, she hopes to do good deeds while staying with him.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 4 Ending Explained: Does Ryu Shi-Oh have superpowers?

Nam Soon and Hee Sik go undercover
Nam Soon and Hee Sik go undercover.

Hwa Ja had joined Doogo as a delivery woman. Nam Soon, who had joined the recruits as a part of the undercover operation, scares Hwa Ja.

The DIU were able to track down the wallet used by the prisoner to buy the mask but failed to pin down the person who took the money out. The chief, on the other hand, starts to get thirstier. This concerns the other officers as they suspect it to be the effects of the drug.

Nam Soon shows off her strength even though it worries Hee Sik that she openly shows off her powers. Nam Soon brushes it off and gets distracted by the sight of the woman who had scammed her out of the money.

The scammer tells her that the laws for scamming foreigners in South Korea are flexible. Thus, she would get out without a problem. This again makes her look down upon the capitalistic society. She takes her revenge by throwing away the woman’s bag.

Nam Soon and Hee Sik sneak in later at night to look for the drugs in the building.
The preview of episode 5 brings in a lot of questions. The next episode can be expected to be very action-packed, with Nam Soon deciding to take action himself and the police coming up with something odd about Shi-Oh. Only when he faces off with Nam Soon do we realize he has superpowers, too. The reveal of Shi-Oh’s powers is enough to drive us to the edge.

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