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Strong Woman Nam Soon Episode 3
Strong Woman Nam Soon Episode 3 via- Netflix

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained. Will Nam Soon’s father recognize her ? Did Nam Soon meet her mother?

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In episode 2 of  Strong Girl Nam Soon, Nam Soon finally arrives in Korea. Her arrival in Korea is as eventful as her days. She gets people out of trouble and gets into trouble at almost every turn, from stopping a plane from crashing to building Gers for her new friends. She had a very eventful stay.

 The ending of episode 2 suggests the first contact of Nam Soon with her past life as she goes to her father’s studio to get her passport picture taken. Her father again proves his commitment to his children as he instantly knows something is different about this lady.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 3 Recap: Will Nam Soon’s father recognize her? 

Episode 3 of Strong Girl Nam Soon opens with Nam Soon approaching her father’s studio to get her picture taken. Her father, who was going to close the studio, is instantly struck by this girl’s similarity to his daughter and decides to open the studio for her. 

While he was doing this, Nam Soon received a call from inspector Kang Hee-Sik, informing her that the person who had scammed her had been caught. Realizing that she does not need to get her pictures taken, she leaves the studio. Even though her father wanted to stop her, he reacted a little too late, and Nam Soon had left by the time he called after her.

In the precinct, while Nam Soon was debating whether to press charges against the scammer, a woman claiming to be the wife of  Nam Soon’s victims came in to press charges against her. She was determined to make her pay for her husband’s losses. 

Even though Hee Sik tried to defend her, Nam Soon eventually admitted her crime and decided to accept her charges, promising to press charges in return. Nam Soon leaves behind a very startled Hee Sik, who is eventually starting to understand her powers.

Hwang Geum Ju, Nam Soon’s mother, visits the Heritage Club, where she comes to meet our man in black, Ryu Sio-Oh. Geum Ju finds common ground with Sio-Oh, as they are both self-made people.

Hwa Ja, who was pretending to be Nam Soon, calls over her thug friends to plan something. Hwa Ja reveals to them that she has decided to stay as the family’s daughter and to ensure she does not get kicked out, she plans to kill the original Nam Soon.

Nam Soon’s grandmother, Gil Joong Gan, gets called to the precinct for flipping her neighbour’s car as a family tradition. While she does get to leave without a problem, we get to know a bit about her heroic days as the “Queen of Majang Dong”. She has single-handedly protected the small business owners of Majang Dong against gangsters who had come to take over the place three days after giving birth.

We get the cameo of the original “strong girl” couple as Min-Hyuk walks into the precinct in his distinctive style to look for his wife, Do Bong Soon. She had fought some thugs who wanted to sell dogs for underground fighting.

Joong Gan comes in to see what the commotion is about, only to find her relative, Bong Soon. Their acknowledgement of each other as relative clears up the question from the viewers about their relationship. 

guest appearance of Park Hyung Sik and Do Bong Soon
guest appearance of Park Hyung Sik and Do Bong Soon in Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 3 episode via Netflix

Nam Soon’s father, Kang Bong Go, visits her brother in a café. While they talk, Bong Go asks his son to predict something about Nam Soon using the trot cards he was playing with. He grudgingly complies, later declaring that Nam Soon is coming towards them.

Meanwhile, Nam Soon finds a job to pay off the medical charges of the man she had hurt. She quickly starts to cause problems due to her super strength, jumping from one role to another.

The drug division also faces issues as they get the report of the deceased woman due to drugs. Hee Sik recognizes the woman as the nurse on the flight. They are informed that the death was due to only trace amounts of drugs in her. Moreover, the drug was the same as that in the baby bottle. 

Hee Sik goes to the house of the diseased nurse to look for what had caused her death, only to find nothing out of the ordinary other than the fact that the apartment had no food. Hee Sik concludes that it was probably because the drug was making her reject all food. 

Hee Sik does find a mask that he had initially suspected in the pocket of the woman, which he picks up just in case. 

Nam Soon stirs up more trouble at the set, over food this time. She even bad-mouths the director over food, at the end going as far as dragging away the whole food truck. It all ends well for her as her display of strength gets her a higher-paying role on the set.

Hee Sik gets the report of the names of the missing people in Mongolia and is surprised to find Hwan Geum Joo’s character on the list. Realizing they must be related somehow, Hee Sik contacted Geum Joo. 

Geum-Joo started a fight against drugs by donating a whopping amount of money to the cause. She gets reports on Hwa Ja’s activities, yet her sympathy for her prevents her from cutting her out.

Nam Soon, yet again, causes more trouble as she goes to give the money she had earned from her acting gig to the person she had injured. She visits him in the hospital and mentions his “wife”, who had gone to the precinct. As it turns out, he was having an affair, and Nam Soon had just exposed him before his wife.

Hwa Ja, meanwhile, has gathered people to attack Nam Soon. They arrive at the park to an empty Ger. Determined to rile her up, they decide to break the house. The police receive this news, and Hee Sik leaves to address the problem. 

With her superpowers, Nam Soon could see this happening from afar and rushed in to stop them. They stood no chance against Nam Soon, who quickly took care of it. The bystanders, Hwa Ja and Hee Sik seeing this display of power, finally realized what they were dealing with.

Hee Sik offers to take Nam Soon to her house as the thugs break her ger while Nam Soon’s friends go their way. Nam Soon makes herself home in Hee Sik’s house with no hesitation. While Nam Soon takes a shower, Hee Sik calls her mom to inform her about Nam Soon.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 3 Ending Explained. Did Nam Soon meet her mother?

After a background check on Hee Sik, Geum-Ju decides she can trust him. She asks Hee Sik to allow her to speak to her daughter, but he refuses, saying Nam Soon is too tired and suggesting meeting the next day.  

 The next day, Nam Soon wears new clothes to visit her mother. When Nam Soon reaches the place, she realizes there is a fire nearby and decides to help the people there before meeting her mother. 

While Nam Soon is on the way to meet her mother, Hee Sik realizes something is wrong with the mask he picked up from the victim’s house. He rushes to the lab to get it tested. We see the mask melting due to the water droplet from Hee Sik’s hand.

Nam Soo’s mother was stuck in traffic due to the fire brigade trying to reach the spot. While her daughter worked to save the people stuck in the building, Geum Ju cleared up the traffic by physically pushing away the cars on the road. She also decides to follow the fire brigade that leads her to where her daughter is helping the people.

Geum Ju instantly recognizes her daughter and creates a makeshift alder using a railing to get to her daughter. The daughter and mother meeting each other makes for an emotional picture, but just before they reunite after such a long break, there is an explosion, and Nam Soon is pushed out. Geum Ju jumps after her to save her daughter.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 3 Review.

While we were all holding our breaths for the reunion of Nam Soon with her parents, we didn’t expect it to be quite so dramatic. Yet, it goes against the family style to be anything but dramatic. 

The fact that we met the original Strong Girl in this episode was enough to send most original fans into a frenzy. It also clarified the relation between the two characters, thus solving many of our questions. 

There is the matter of the new drug and how the characters will deal with this new problem. Since the identity of the man in black is revealed, we can expect him to step out of the shadows and interact with the characters in the upcoming episodes.

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