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A Good Day to be a Dog Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained: How will Hae Na break the curse? How will Hae Na explain her situation to Seo Won?
A Good Day to be a Dog Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained: How will Hae Na break the curse? How will Hae Na explain her situation to Seo Won?

A Good Day to be a Dog Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained: How will Hae Na break the curse? How will Hae Na explain her situation to Seo Won?

In episode 1 of a Good day to be a Dog we see Hae Na, who was under a generational curse to turn into a dog after someone kisses them, tries to break by getting Mr. Jin to get drunk enough to not comprehend a dog turning into a human. But Hae Na’s first attempt at breaking the curse turns out to be a massive failure. Mr Jin, as we get to know, is very scared of dogs.

A Good Day to be a Dog Episode 2 Recap: How will Hae Na break the curse?

Yet some good comes out of her first attempt as she gets to meet Mr Lee, who finds her very cute. In Episode 2 of A Good Day to be a Dog we see Hae Na’s sister arrive at this time to pick up her stuff and dog, Hae Na. Mr Jin calls Hae Na to check up on her, but her sister texts him instead, stating that she had to leave due to some emergency.

Hae Na’s sister is very pessimistic about her chances even though Hae Na herself seems to be pretty hopeful. On the other hand, Jin Seo Won is haunted by the fact that Hae Na might have seen him in a pathetic state.

Hae Na tries to get close to Seo Won by asking him to help her date Mr Lee. He simply asks her to go to the meeting he has with Mr Lee later that evening in his stead. Hae Na makes an excuse by saying she likes Mr Lee too much to be left alone with him.

The meeting happens to be an escape room, and as turns out, Hae Na was not the only unexpected guest. Miss Yoon had also joined them. In the escape room, they all try to solve the puzzles in their own way.

Hae Na finds hand prints leading up to the ceiling, but none of them are tall enough to reach it without help. In the end, Seo Won picks up Hae Na so that she can reach the ceiling. The key is stuck on a fake bloody hand that scares Hae Na enough that she hurts Seo Won.

Seo Won ultimately solve the escape room. After the game, Hae Na insists on a round of drinks, which Seo Won firmly rejects. His curt reply instigated Hae Na to snap at him for his cold attitude towards her.

While Seo Won does later come back to apologise to Hae Na, he is scared off by a dog. Hae Na also later regrets snapping at Seo Won; just then, he sees a picture sent by Mr Lee of the table with three glasses.

She expresses her resentment towards Seo Won for not joining her when she had requested. Realizing that another one of her attempts has gone to waste, she just gets up on the bus to leave and narrowly misses Seo Won, who had come to the station to meet her.

On talking with her friend, she realizes that his behaviour towards her was inspired by his fear of dogs and grows to resent Seo Won a little less.

On her way to school, Hae Na gets bullied by a group of students who are smoking in front of her school. She later gets saved by Seo Won while Choi Yul, her students, names all the students who were there, causing them to run away.

Hae Na was tired due to the constant turning, which seemed low. Seo Won, thinking it might be due to her being bullied in the morning, gets her tiramisu. They later spend a moment together in the park, which gives both of them a deeper perspective into each other’s personality and past. We learn that Seo Won was bullied as a child which led to him developing a fear of dogs.

The episode starts with a scene of Joeson’s period which again comes back when Mr Lee teaches history. He says that something had happened during 1592 that makes him want to go back to that time to change it. The fact that he camps at the same place where the flashback scene happened implies that he might know more than he lets on.

That night, Choi Yul gets caught by the students he had ratted out in the morning. Unable to call his parents, Yul calls Hae Na to the police station. The mother of the bully tries to accuse Yul and Hae Na, but Hae proves that her child smokes and threatens to press charges.

Hae Na later realizes that it is pretty close to midnight, and in her hurry to get away from Yul Choi ends up changing in front of him.

This transformation affects Yul deeply, but unable to leave his teacher, who is not a dog alone, he decides to take her to his home. Hae Na decides to try and escape, but her dog is far too small to support that. She thus gives up.

She decides she will stay away till 6 and then leave but unfortunately ends up sleeping in. She wakes up pretty late and naked in Yul’s bed. She dresses up but gets discovered by Choi Yul’s Uncle who happens to be Seo Won.

A Good Day to be a Dog Episode 2 Ending Explained: How will Hae Na explain her situation to Seo Won?

While telling Seo Won the truth is an obvious solution, things are hardly ever that easy. Moreover, being discovered while getting dressed in your student’s room is hardly something that can be explained away. Exactly how she will deal with this mess remains to be seen

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