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The Worst of Evil Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained:
The Worst of Evil Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained:

The Worst of Evil Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained: How will Junmoo save himself? Will Junmoo’s identity be revealed?

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As we have seen in the previous episode of The Worst of Evil, Junmoo offers to take up the blame for obstructing the police officer, but in return, he asks for a favour from Gicheul. If he does come back from this unscathed, he would be a partner in his “fishing” trips, which is essentially a code word for the drug deals he does. While we don’t know his plan, his bravado indicates Junmoo will save himself from the prosecution.

The Worst of Evil Episode 7 Recap: How will Junmoo save himself?

Junmoo goes to the police station to apparently turn himself in. While his attitude on the outside seems submissive, he secretly whispers things into Detective Hwang’s ears to instigate him. The detective, known for his short temper, quickly takes the bait and starts beating up Junmoo while he does nothing to defend himself against the onslaught.

However, before things get too severe, the chief prosecutor shows up on a “surprise” visit. The Chief prosecutor justifies his visit by talking about the death of Mr Cho, but instead of giving any information about the investigation, he threatens Detective Hwang with a case of assault.

Junmoo is allowed to go free, provided he does not press charges against Detective Hwang for assault. Chief Seo comes to pick up Junmoo from the police station, and on the way back, he talks to Chief Seo about his aspirations. He tries to form a bond with Chief Seo as outsiders in Gangnam.

He phrases the incidents to show that he only wants to get richer and tries to talk Chief Seo into taking his place as a part of the inner circle as well, indicating that he might have to attack one of the inner circle members to take their place.

The perfect candidate for this seems to be Jungbae, who was not only was the member who was highly suspicious of Junmoo but also questioned Gicheul’s decision to be close to Eui Jeong, a cop. This irritated Gicheul, and despite Jungbae’s reservations, Gicheul yet again visits Eui Jeong.

Junmoo, on the other hand, desperate to restart the trade, takes up Miss. Lee’s offer to give her a tour. He uses this opportunity to try to gain her trust back. However, he ends up being proven wrong as we get to know that while they were out, Miss. Lee’s bodyguard has procured the “Gangnam Crystal”.

As it turns out, the quality of the meth was too high to be produced anywhere but in China. Thus, Gicheul was essentially stashing away some of the produce meant for Japan and using it for his own business. Junmoo tries to fix the situation by promising to take responsibility for all future trade with Gicheul’s permission.

Jungbae, who grew increasingly suspicious about Junmoo, asks a private detective to do an in-depth background check on the relationship between Junmoo and Eui Jeong. The detective refused as he only worked for Gicheul, but this didn’t stop Jungbae’s efforts against Junmoo.

The information about the presence of meth in their clubs comes in handy to Junmoo, who uses it to set up Jungbae. He does so quite artfully. Jungbae gets put under custody but is not put into jail; instead, when the distributors are caught, they are paraded in front of Jungbae, who is allowed to sit with the officers.

This makes all the distributors think he had ratted them out while he wasn’t even asked any questions. To make matters worse, their druggie friend, who was a celebrity, was also brought under investigation. Through it all, Jungbae is allowed to walk away scot-free as a mere “witness”.

This raises the suspicion against Jungbae. We later learned that he had been stashing away some of the product to sell himself. This further breaks the trust of Gicheul in Jungbae, and he finally asks him to leave Gangnam forever.

Junmoo promises to a now-broken Gicheul to never let him down. He personally takes the responsibility to re-establish the trade with Miss. Lee. On the other hand, Junmoo’s manipulation finally pays off as Chief Seo assaults Jungbae to ensure he does not return.

Gicheul had decided to set up a special mass for Eui Jeong’s mother. This touches Eui Jeong’s heart and moves her to tears. While listening to her conversation with her mother’s friends, Gicheul realized the story about her moving to Wonju might be a lie. Gicheul asks the private investigator to reopen the investigation that Jungbae had requested on Junmoo.

The private investigator visits his insider at the police station, but he refuses to help him and tips off the Chief prosecutor about the investigation on Junmoo.

The investigator instead approaches the retired officer commission for information on Eui Jeong and realizes that not only has she never moved out of Seoul, but her husband is a police officer, Junmoo.

Fortunately, Junmoo catches him before he could report to Gicheul. During the fight between them, the investigator tries to escape from Junmoo by jumping from one roof to the other but gets caught in the wires and falls to his death.

Junmoo finds the barely alive man, but instead of helping him, upon coming across the documents with him, he chooses to let him die. Thus, for the first time, Junmoo is the reason for someone’s death.
Eui Jeong, who was thus far held by Gicheul, is allowed to leave because he got no reply from his investigator.

The Worst of Evil Episode 7 Ending Explained: Will Junmoo’s identity be revealed?

The Worst of Evil Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained: How will Junmoo save himself? Will Junmoo’s identity be revealed?
The Worst of Evil Episode 7 Ending Explained: Will Junmoo’s identity be revealed?

While whether Gicheul will investigate the death of the private investigator remains to be seen, Junmoo has, for now, evaded certain death. Moving forward, we can expect Gicheul to be wearier of both Junmoo and Eui Jeong unless Junmoo pulls another trick out of the hat. The other thing that remains to be seen is how the investigator’s death affects Junmoo.

The Worst of Evil Episode 7 review:

The episode was as action-packed as the ones before. If nothing, this series allows us to see the action star Ji Chang Wook once again. The fast-paced plot keeps us all on the edge of our seats, and the cliffhanger, yet again, leaves us wanting more and waiting for the following Wednesday.

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