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Worst of evil ep 6 recap and ending explained: Who is the mysterious Chinese guest ?
Worst of evil ep 6 recap and ending explained: Who is the mysterious Chinese guest ?

The Worst of Evil episode 6 recap and ending explained: Who is the mysterious guest from China?

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After the 5th episode, we were left confused as instead of Professor Yoon, we were introduced to a new and much younger character. With a new character in Junmoo’s hand and Gicheul on a date with Euijeong, we were left with as much anticipation as the characters themselves. While episode 6 of The Worst of Evil provided us with some reprieve, it also ended up making things for our beloved hero more intense.

The Worst of Evil Episode 6 Recap: Who is the Chinese guest?

While Junmoo takes the young guest to the hotel, Gicheul tries to rekindle his relationship with Euijeong by talking about the time they had spent together as children. Gicheul clearly expresses his intentions towards Euijeong by reminding her of the promise he made as a child to marry her once he is the “emperor”.

When Gicheul finally meets the Chinese guest, we finally come to know her identity as the daughter of the Chinese mafia leader who was producing the drugs with the help of Professor Yoon. Gicheul tries to compensate for the last mishap by saying that he would be paying more per kg of the product as well as buying the product directly from them instead of passing it on to the Japanese.

Miss. Lee, as we come to know as the name of the guest, scoffs at the offer and mentions that the Japanese are also coming, causing tension for Gicheul. This information surprises the police as they realise it is a three-way drug trade between the countries, and with Junmoo pressuring the police to bring this mission to a conclusion, they decide to use this opportunity to catch them all with solid evidence.

Things get more complicated as the lackeys of Mr. Cho, a drug dealer, come to the police station to inform them of their missing leader. Mr. Cho, as we have seen in the previous episode, was responsible for catching the distributor of the new type of meth called the “Gangnam Crystal”.

Their complaint is overheard by another officer who takes an interest in them. When further questioned about who they might suspect for their disappearance, they mention the Yankee; he was the one who was distributing the drugs, but the name given up by him on torture was apparently all lies.

They even confessed to having gone to his school to check on him but didn’t find him. When the detective comes to know the name of the school, he tries to dig in more. They were quite obliviously under the influence of drugs and couldn’t give any conclusive evidence.

Meanwhile, the Japanese invite Gicheul to the hotel for a meeting of all three of them together. Since only one of his bodyguards was allowed to go with him, Gicheul chooses Junmoo, further aggravating Jungbae, who thus far has been suspicious of Junmoo.

The detective from the Gangnam police station comes to Gicheul, knowing that he is from the same school as the Yankees and might be involved in the drug case. They, however, refuse to have any knowledge of the guy, which instigates the detective to tail Gicheul on his way to the hotel.

The police department gets ready to catch the three-drug lords together. The hotel is filled by police in civilian clothing, and Junmoo is given a microphone to carry into the meeting.

Worst of evil ep 6 recap and ending explained: Who is the mysterious Chinese guest ?
Worst of Evil Episode 6 recap and ending explained: Who is the mysterious Chinese guest?

Tensions rise again as Junmoo almost gets caught during a pat down but is saved from it by a fire alarm that is set off by the police department. Junmoo uses it as an excuse to get away from the guard and to hide the mic with his cigarettes. Yet all of this does him no good as he is sent off to another room.

Gicheul himself was not having an easy time dealing with the representative of the Japanese yakuza. While he took the blame for the falling through of the delivery due to a rat amongst his members, he implied that “Father”, the Japanese drug lord, might be under surveillance because of the death of Song Donghyuk, Gicheul’s previous Korean boss.

The Japanese representative asks Gicheul to prove that he is not being tailed by the police by asking him to stand in front of the hotel with his bag so that it would look like he is going to make a deal soon. This was all a hoax by the Japanese to get Gicheul away from Miss. Lee so that they could discuss the true deal. The Japanese wanted to change the handler in Korea; therefore, they needed Miss. Lee’s permission. She was promised a 15% rise, but she did not give a conclusive answer.

Soon, a frustrated Gicheul comes back, but before they can reach any conclusion, their meeting is interrupted by the detective who is tailing them. Junmoo takes a risk to stop the cop while asking the rest of them to leave. In order to save Junmoo, Officer Do Hyung instructs the officers who were in the hotel to catch the detective.

Even though the deal almost fell through, Junmoo’s willingness to risk his life for Gicheul impresses Miss. Lee, and she rethinks her decision to support the Japanese. Miss Lee’s decision to not instantly go along with the Japanese boss’s plan aggravates him, and he decides to stop allowing the supply into Japan with the excuse that there is already too much attention on them.

Junmoo realises that stopping trade might drag out his stay in the gang. He thus becomes determined to restart the trade and gain access to the inner circle of Gicheul.

The detective from Gangnam police station, enraged by his failure to catch Gicheul during his meeting, causes a huge mess in Gicheul’s office. Realizing he could use this as leverage, Junmoo volunteers to take responsibility for obstructing the police officer, even though it might apparently mean that he would spend the rest of his life in jail.

He convinces Gicheul to let him be a part of the drug trade if he manages to get out of the situation.

Worst of Evil Episode 6 Ending Explained: Will Junmoo again turn the tides in his favour?

Junmoo, rather than getting out of the situation, tries to make things more intense to get closer to Gicheul. His habit of constantly putting himself in danger for Gicheul not only earned him Gicheul’s trust but also Miss. Lee’s admiration. It is implied that he would exploit Miss. Lee’s preference for him to restart the drug trade.

Junmoo is left in a precarious situation not only due to his own predicament but also due to his wife’s increasing involvement in the case. From this episode we can understand that Junmoo has a plan on how to escape prosecution from the way he confidently decides to take up the blame. This might be his way of finally getting his foot into the drug business.

Worst of Evil Episode 6 Review:

From what I can understand, Junmoo is extremely frustrated with the slow-moving case and might take extreme measures to bring this case to a conclusion. The rising suspicion of Jungbae is a concern that he might have to take care of later. But the acting of not only the lead actors but also the supporting roles makes it quite nuanced even though overall the plot is quite fast-paced. The inclusion of BIBI in the role of Miss. Lee is kind of a pleasant surprise for all of us.


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