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Twinkling Watermelon Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained: Choi Se Kyung Is Back‽

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained

In the previous episode, we learned that Choi Se Kyung’s plan to go abroad was triggered prematurely. Due to some kind-hearted interference from Yoon Chung Ah, Choi Se Kyung ends up misunderstanding Ha Yi Chan. Ha Eun Gyeol comes to his father’s rescue.

This incident positively affects the growing closeness between the boys. By the end of the episode, Ha Eun Gyeol has some apprehensions of his own.

The preview for this episode showed Choi Se Kyung’s return from the US. How will it affect Ha Yi Chan and Yoon Chung Ah’s future and Ha Eun Gyeol’s past?

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 5 Recap: How Will His Realisations After the Almost-Accident Affect Ha Eun Gyeol?

The episode begins with a childhood memory of Eun Gyeol. He was calling for help, but his parents and brother were unable to hear him. He almost drowned when his father appeared and saved him.

It was then that he realised that his father lost his hearing during an accident. In the present, Eun Gyeol concludes that if he could prevent that accident, his father would not lose his hearing.

Eun Gyeol tells Yi Chan to stay in his sight and not disappear or stay away from him for a year. Unfortunately for him, Yi Chan thinks of it as a love confession and tells Eun Gyeol to stay away from him.

Se Gyeong leaves for the States with her mother. Her eyes search for someone in the crowd, yet she doesn’t find the person she’s looking for. Her biological father gazes sadly from behind a pillar.

At Yi Chan’s school, Eun Gyeol competes with Hyun Yul, the former bassist. The day Eun Gyeol was strumming the guitar in the band room, Hyeon Yul was in the room. The two made a deal that if Eun Gyeol could defeat him in a battle, the former members of The Love Memory Manipulators (henceforth, The Manipulators) would rejoin the band.

Eun Gyeol wins the battle. An unexpected problem arises—the returning musicians do not want Yi Chan as the frontman and ask him to audition for it in three days. Eun Gyeol agrees to teach him to sing and play the guitar in return for Yi Chan studying and going to college.

Chung Ah receives a letter from Se Kyung, who has safely reached New York. She writes that she had been waiting for Chung Ah at the airport. She also writes that the students at their high school would be happy that there was one less person to compete with. Se Kyung wonders whether anyone would be sad in her absence.

This makes Chung Ah think of Yi Chan, and she goes to the secondhand bookstore where she had encountered him. The door of the store opens, and she sees Yi Chan enter with a halo behind him. Only it is not Yi Chan but his son from the future, Eun Gyeol. Eun Gyeol brushes by his mother but does not recognise her.

On his way back to the guesthouse with Ma Ju, Eun Gyeol overhears some girls from Seowon Arts High School praising his skills and looks. Eun Gyeol feels flattered until he hears them talk about Se Kyung having moved abroad.

Finally, after all his efforts, Yi Chan decided to study again; the band has now been formed, and Ma Ju has managed to bag the slot for the final performance at the festival. Preconceiving his reactions, Eun Gyeol and Ma Ju decide that it is best not to tell Yi Chan about it.

Yi Chan is frustrated for not being able to play the guitar even after he did everything the way Eun Gyeol taught him. Eun Gyeol comforts him and tells him to talk to the guitar.

Eung Gyeol demonstrates how to channel one’s emotions through the strings the way his mentor once taught him. And he goes pensive for a moment because of the memories.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 5 Ending Explained: Choi Se Kyung Is Back‽

Despite all of Eun Gyeol’s efforts, Yi Chan gets wind of Se Kyung’s move to the States from his classmates. He heads to the band room and sings his heart out with a guitar. The boys hear him and are mesmerised. Yi Chan passes the audition.

But Se Kyung is back with a totally different personality. She chops off her hair, packs up some of her clothes and accessories, and heads to the flea market.

Eun Gyeol passes by a secondhand guitar store and encounters his old mentor’s younger self, whom he doesn’t recognise. He spies Se Kyung and gives chase.

Se Kyung does not recognise Eun Gyeol. That aside, he asks her why she was suddenly back after leaving when she was not supposed to return. She asks him how he knew that she wasn’t supposed to return. Eun Gyeol could not respond since he heard it from the Se Kyung of the future.

Eun Gyeol pesters Se Kyung about the reason for her return. He lets his frustrations out about her behaviour towards Yi Chan, and she reacts as if he is talking about someone else. Se Kyung plans to meet Yi Chan and apologise, but Eun Gyeol warns her against it.

Se Kyung discloses that she returned to die. Upon arriving in the US, she found out that her father had an extramarital affair. She predicted that her mother would start drinking again, which would lead to obsessing over her.

Fearing that she would become a puppet again, Se Kyung ran away and returned. But something very unexpected and interesting happened. So she was debating her decision. She warns him not to tell anyone that he saw her.

A sad and dejected Yi Chan heads over to the ice cream store for his part-time job. He bumps into Chung Ah, after which the manager tells him that she is the girl who dropped off the invitation for him.

Yi Chan confronts her. He saves Chung Ah from a car while she is running away from him. He is angry and screams at her for not stepping aside. She gets angry when he asks her whether she is deaf and storms off.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained
Still from Episode 5 of Twinkling Watermelon

The manager tells Yi Chang that Chung Ah cannot hear, and he regrets his behaviour. Chung Ah is crying at a telephone booth when it starts pouring. Worried, Yi Chan leaves with an umbrella and comes face-to-face with none other than Se Kyung at the storefront.

On his way to the ice cream store, Eun Gyeol recalls his father having mentioned that he met his mother at a sign language class after his accident. Eun Gyeol is in a dilemma about preventing Yi Chan’s accident. He comes across a drenched Chung Ah and hands over his umbrella.

With the words on the umbrella—when life gives you lemons, make lemonade—in mind, Chung Ah heads back to the ice cream store. Both Eun Gyeol and Chung Ah freeze seeing Yi Chan and Se Kyung.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 5 Final Thoughts

Eun Gyeol really loves Yi Chan—not in the way the latter thinks. And it is not even his fault. Anyone who is not aware of their relationship would think so. Eun Gyeol’s ambiguous words are sure to bring some moments of laughter in the later episodes.

Ha Yi Chan met Yoon Chung Ah after his accident at a sign language class. But their younger selves have met each other. Is Eun Gyeol’s presence changing the course of events?

There was countless evidence that the Se Kyung who returned was not the Se Kyung who went abroad. So who is she? We have a theory. What if she is Se Kyung’s daughter?

She said that her mother might start drinking again. Meaning that, at some point in time, her mother had stopped drinking. When Eun Gyeol first met the older Se Kyung, in episode 2, she was disposing of bottles of liquor.

Her father was in the US. The older Se Kyung, in the future, moved to her current home with only her daughter; her husband was absent. This was shown after the time-lapse following Eun Gyeol’s family leaving the neighbourhood.

There were some rumours about Seol In Ah playing a double role in this drama, though we could not find traces of that piece of information.

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